Adjectives for International

Adjectives For International

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing international, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives commonly paired with the noun 'international' unveils a world rich in diversity and specificity. From 'new international agreements' that hope to forge stronger bonds between nations, to 'old international laws' that have stood the test of time. Each adjective, be it 'universal' signifying something applied worldwide, or 'geophysical' relating to the physical properties of the Earth, shapes our understanding differently. Even more intriguing are adjectives like 'kidney,' which when used in 'international kidney exchange' programs, highlight the unique contexts in which this noun operates. The precisions of these adjectives—'new', 'kidney', 'universal', 'old', 'geophysical', and 'second'—invite us to consider the multifaceted roles 'international' plays in various discourses. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the nuances they add to 'international' below.
newThe new international airport is expected to open next year.
kidneyKidney international is an international journal that publishes original research on the kidney.
universalThe universal international language of mathematics is used by scientists around the world.
oldI went to an old international restaurant.
geophysicalThe geophysical international community is studying climate change.
secondThe Second international was a worldwide organization of socialist and labor parties founded in 1889.
basedThe company has a based international team of experts.
forensicForensic international is a leading provider of forensic accounting and consulting services.
concreteThe concrete international school is a great place to learn.
thirdThe third international was a worldwide communist organization founded in 1919.
rotaryRotary international is a global humanitarian service organization that brings together business and professional leaders to provide community service.
fourthIn recent ice hockey news, the fourth international qualifier will be held entirely virtually to ensure athlete safety.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary international sought to create a new and more just world order.
nationalThe national international conference brought together experts from all over the world.
survivalSurvival international is a global human rights organization that supports tribal peoples' rights.
americanThe American international Group is a multinational insurance and financial services company.
permanentThe United Nations is a permanent international organization.
communistThe communist international was founded in 1919 in Moscow.
calledThe company's net income jumped 14.5% to $4.3 billion, the company called international growth, cost cutting and higher interest income.
socialistThe socialist international was founded in 1951.
amnestyAmnesty international is a global organization that fights for human rights.
entireThe entire international community was shocked by the recent events.
3rdThe 3rd international is the name of a chain of coffee shops.
newsweekNewsweek international is a weekly news magazine published by Newsweek Media Group.
crescentCrescent international is a thought-provoking and intelligent source of news and analysis of current affairs.
4thThe 4th international robotics conference will be held in Tokyo.
ruralThe rural international community is facing many challenges, including poverty, hunger, and disease.
magnaMagna international is a Canadian automotive supplier based in Aurora, Ontario.
proletarian"There is no proletarian international but national proletariats."
yellowShe wore a yellow international scarf.
2ndThe 2nd international lithography seminar is to be held in June.
referencesThe sociologist references international studies to support his theory.
creativeThe creative international team collaborated on a variety of projects.
independentThe independent international observer was adamant in his report about the unfairness of the elections.
wwfWWF international is a global environmental organization working to protect the world's wildlife and habitats.
domesticHer domestic international banking is separate from her international domestic banking.
regionalRegional international cooperation is essential for addressing global challenges.
structuralThe structural international character of the development of imperialism.
halfShe showed off her new half international passport.
environmentalEnvironmental international experts have also called for the increase in the use of renewable energy.
disabledHe has used his experience as a disabled international to his advantage.
famousThe famous international artist is known for their unique style.
conseilNous avons participé au conseil international pour discuter de la coopération économique.
angloThe Anglo international team recently closed on a new acquisition.
defunctWe parked at the defunct international airport.
farnboroughFarnborough international is an international trade exhibition and airshow held in Hampshire, England.
nonThe organization's membership is non international
canadianThe Canadian international student population has grown significantly in recent years.
interactiveInteractive international initiatives ignite global collaboration.
dominatedThe five biggest players dominated international steel production for decades.
globalGlobal international organizations are working together to address the issue of climate change.
vintageThe vintage international car show was a huge success.
bankruptThe bankrupt international firm filed for Chapter 11.
polymerPolymer international is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering the synthesis, characterization, and applications of polymers.
rivalThe rival international teams faced off in a thrilling match.
comparativeThe comparative international law approach to asylum law unnecessarily restricts asylum claims.
1stThe 1st international conference will be held in London next year.
feministThe feminist international has been promoting women's rights for over a century.
geneticRecent advances in genetic international have reinforced the importance of personalized medicine.
discoverHe was the first person to discover international travel.

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