Adjectives for Investment

Adjectives For Investment

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing investment, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the myriad of adjectives that can modify the noun 'investment' reveals the depth and specificity with which one can discuss financial activities. Words like 'foreign', 'direct', 'private', 'total', 'public', and 'initial' not only provide a clearer picture of the nature and scope of an investment but also highlight its origins, ownership, and stage of development. For instance, a 'foreign investment' refers to capital coming from abroad, whereas a 'private investment' indicates funds from non-governmental sources. These descriptive nuances enable a more precise conversation about financial strategies and outcomes. Dive deeper into the linguistic richness of finance with the full list of adjectives used with 'investment'.
foreign"Foreign investment's on the rise," he said.
direct"Direct investment" requires the purchase of physical assets in a foreign country.
privateMany private investment companies opt to back early-stage companies with the potential for high returns.
totalThis project has total investment of $50 million.
publicPublic investment can play a significant role in stimulating economic growth.
initialThe initial investment for the project is estimated to be around $1 million.
netThe net investment in fixed assets was estimated to be 25 billion dollars.
domesticDomestic investment in the country has increased significantly in the past few years.
grossGross investment in fixed capital measures the capital stock of produced assets.
termThe term investment is a type of investment that has a fixed maturity date.
substantialThe company announced a substantial investment in research and development.
heavyThe company has announced a heavy investment in the development of new technologies.
additionalThe company announced additional investment to expand its production facilities.
japaneseThe Japanese investment in the United States is expected to reach $10 billion by the end of the year.
realThe company has decided to use its cash on hand for real investment
industrialThe industrial investment is expected to create 1,000 jobs.
financialI am looking for a financial investment that will help me grow my savings.
productiveThe company's productive investment in research and development has led to the creation of several new products and services.
internationalInternational investment can help boost economic growth and development.
considerableRenovating our old country house has required a considerable investment
overseasWe are looking for overseas investment in our company.
profitableInvesting in real estate has proven to be a profitable investment over the long term.
inwardInward investment into the country has increased significantly in recent years.
greaterWe need greater investment in renewable energy sources.
significantThe company made a significant investment in research and development.
emotionalJohn had a great emotional investment in his work.
parentalThe parental investment in raising their offspring varies across species.
massiveThe project will require a massive investment of $1 billion.
averageThe average investment in the stock market is $10,000.
hugeThe company's huge investment in new technology is expected to pay off in the long run.
fixedThe growth of fixed investment has been a key driver of economic expansion.
safeInvesting in real estate is often considered a safe investment
soundThe purchase of the property was a sound investment
corporateThe company is planning to make a corporate investment of $1 billion in the next five years.
minimumThe minimum investment required for this project is $100,000.
annualI contributed an annual investment of 5% of my salary to a retirement account.
wiseThat land turned out to be a wise investment for them.
enormousThe government is considering an enormous investment in renewable energy.
lessThe project requires less investment than initially anticipated.
plannedOur planned investment in this project is expected to yield significant returns.
agriculturalAgricultural investments can help to improve food security and nutrition.
scaleOrganizations can scale investment in infrastructure and software, and bring new applications and services to market faster.
aggregateThe aggregate investment in the economy has been declining in recent years.
worthwhileInvesting in education is a worthwhile investment as it can lead to a brighter future.
permanentThe company made a permanent investment in new equipment.
outwardThe company is focusing on outward investment and overseas markets.
largestSmith Corp announced the largest investment in its history to expand production.
extraThe company's extra investment in research and development paid off handsomely.
overThe company's over investment in research and development led to a decline in profitability.
autonomousDue to the government's new policies, autonomous investment has increased significantly.
speculativeWe are working on a speculative investment in technology stocks.
riskyInvesting in cryptocurrency is considered a risky investment due to its volatility and lack of regulation.
modestI made a modest investment in the company last year.

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