Adjectives for Island

Adjectives For Island

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing island, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'island' conjures images of secluded paradises, each unique in its charm and size. The adjectives used with 'island' deeply affect these mental pictures. For instance, a 'small' or 'little' island might hint at an intimate escape, perfect for solitude or a romantic getaway. Contrastingly, a 'large' or 'whole' island evokes visions of extensive explorations and varied landscapes, possibly supporting a diverse ecosystem or a bustling community. 'Long' islands offer a sense of stretched beauty, coastlines extending beyond view, while the 'main' island suggests a central hub, perhaps of an archipelago, rich with culture and activities. Curious about more ways to describe islands? Peruse our full list below to explore the myriad of adjectives that paint these idyllic settings in richer detail.
smallThe azure waters lapped at the shores of the small island
littleThe little island was a paradise, with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.
wholeThey explored the whole island during their summer vacation.
largeThe tourists visited the large island by taking a ferry.
longLong island is a popular vacation destination.
mainThe main island of Japan is Honshu.
largestGreenland is the largest island in the world.
tinyThe tiny island was a haven for migratory birds.
entireThe entire island was engulfed in a thick fog.
beautifulThe beautiful island beckoned me to its sandy shores.
rockyThe ship sailed past the rocky island
remoteThe remote island was a sanctuary for the weary travelers.
uninhabitedA lone sailor wandered the deserted shores of the uninhabited island
nearbyThe nearby island was a popular tourist destination.
tropicalThe tropical island was a paradise with white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters.
northernThe northern island was a beautiful place to visit.
volcanicThe volcanic island emerged from the sea after a violent eruption.
rhodeRhode island is the smallest state in the United States.
greekThe greek island is a beautiful place to visit.
southernThe southern island is known for its beautiful beaches and lush vegetation.
caribbeanThe Caribbean island was a popular tourist destination.
nativeThe native island of the indigenous population was isolated from the mainland for centuries.
neighbouringThe neighbouring island is a popular tourist destination.
lonelyThe lonely island stood out from all the other islands.
lowThe low island was surrounded by a coral reef.
bigThe big island is the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago.
largerThe larger island was home to a variety of wildlife.
centralThe central island is home to the recently renovated museum.
distantThe pirate ship sailed to a distant island in search of treasure.
neighboringThe ship was sailing to the neighboring island
greenThe tiny boat sailed past the green island and into the open sea.
isolatedThe isolated island was a paradise for the castaways.
coralThe coral island was a beautiful sight to behold.
barrenThe barren island stood as a desolate reminder of the island's tumultuous past.
desolateThe desolate island loomed ominously in the distance, its shores shrouded in mist.
easternThe eastern island is a beautiful place to visit.
oppositeThe opposite island is located across the bay.
desertedI spent many years on a deserted island after my ship crashed.
smallerThe smaller island was closer to the mainland.
lovelyThe lovely island was a perfect place to relax and unwind.
narrowThey had to cross the narrow island to get to the mainland.
mountainousThe mountainous island loomed before us, its peaks reaching into the clouds.
woodedThe wooded island stood placidly in the middle of the shimmering lake.
artificialThe artificial island was built to protect the coastline from erosion.
latterThe latter island is less interesting than the former.
fertileThe fertile island was a lush, green paradise.
enchantedAs we approached the enchanted island a magical aura enveloped the air.
adjacentThe adjacent island was just a short boat ride away.
westThe west island is a great place to live.
shapedThe shaped island was a beautiful sight to behold.
sacredThe sacred island is a place of great spiritual significance.
principalThe principal island of the Galápagos archipelago is Isabela Island.
richThe rich island had a thriving economy and a high standard of living.
sandyWe walked along the sandy island shore.
japaneseThe Japanese island of Honshu is the largest island in Japan.
flatThe flat island lay in the middle of the vast ocean.
unknownThe unknown island emerged from the depths, an enigmatic enigma shrouded in mystery.
nearestThe nearest island was just a few miles away.
solitaryThe solitary island stood in the vast ocean, a symbol of both isolation and resilience.
southThe South island is the larger of the two main islands of New Zealand.
mediterraneanThe Mediterranean island of Cyprus is known for its stunning beaches and ancient ruins.
famousHawaii is a famous island
interThe inter island ferry makes several stops before reaching its destination.
dutchThe Dutch island of Curacao is a popular tourist destination.
northI'm going to travel to the North island of New Zealand.
danishIt is a danish island in the Baltic Sea.
southernmostThe southernmost island in the United States is Hawaii.
happyThe happy island was a place where everyone smiled.
inhabitedThe inhabited island was a peaceful paradise where the natives lived in harmony with nature.
northernmostThe Aleutian Islands are the northernmost island chain in North America.
mysteriousWe embarked on an adventure to the mysterious island
acreThe acre island is a beautiful place to visit.
imaginaryThe imaginary island floated in the middle of the vast ocean.
oceanicThe oceanic island was a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches and clear waters.
populatedThe populated island had a large population of over 100,000 people.
indonesianBali is a popular Indonesian island known for its stunning beaches, lush rice paddies, and vibrant culture.

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