Adjectives for Issue

Adjectives For Issue

Explore the most common adjectives for 'issue', such as special, important, first, and major. Enhance your language with perfectly matched adjectives to describe any issue accurately. Our comprehensive list provides examples and sentences for each adjective, ensuring your writing is both eloquent and precise. Dive into our resource for the perfect adjectives for 'issue'.

specialThe most recent special issue of the journal focused on the latest advances in artificial intelligence.
importantThat is an important issue facing the community.
firstThe first issue I need to address is the budget.
majorThe major issue that we are facing is the lack of resources.
centralThe central issue of this research is to explore the impact of AI on employment.
keyThe key issue is whether this policy is fair.
politicalThe political issue of climate change has been a topic of debate for many years.
realThe real issue is that we need to find a way to get more people vaccinated.
secondThe second issue is that the code is not well-documented.
mainIt was not a minor concern, it was the main issue
criticalWe must address this critical issue head-on so that we can move forward.
wholeThe whole issue was thoroughly discussed in the meeting.
particularThe particular issue that we are dealing with is the lack of funding.
controversialThe abortion debate is a controversial issue that has been discussed for decades.
crucialThe crucial issue needs to be addressed promptly
singleThe single issue motivating her campaign is healthcare reform.
nextI'll address that in the next issue
moralThe widespread availability of handguns in the United States is a moral issue
fundamentalHe stressed the fundamental issue of today's world was inequality.
basicWe could not make a clear connection due to basic issues.
complexThis is a very complex issue
entireThe entire issue was a misunderstanding.
finalWe are approaching the final issue and still have plenty to discuss.
specificShe asked for a contingency plan to deal with the specific issue of budget overruns.
thirdLet’s turn to the third issue the apps’ collection and sharing of user data.
seriousThe decrease in the number of nurses has emerged as a serious issue for the hospital.
successfulWe are pleased to announce the successful issue of new bonds.
bigClimate change is becoming a big issue that we need to address.
sensitiveThe sensitive issue of climate change is often avoided in political debates.
difficultHe explained that the difficult issue was deterring progress on the bill.
contentiousThe contentious issue of climate change has been hotly debated for decades.
significantThe company has been facing a significant issue with its software.
relatedThe related issue is very important to me.
recentThe recent issue was addressed in the latest update.
largerThe larger issue is that of the misuse of authority.
vitalThe vital issue of climate change must be addressed before it is too late.
constitutionalThe new law could potentially raise a constitutional issue in court.
legalThe company is facing a legal issue regarding its environmental practices.
ethicalThe ethical issue of genetic engineering is a controversial topic.
nuclearWe are very concerned about this nuclear issue
immediateWe need to resolve this immediate issue
interestingThe most interesting issue was the topic of discussion.
latestThe latest issue of the magazine is now available.
environmentalThe environmental issue of climate change is a major concern for many people.
latterMaking a bigger mess is the latter issue
happyMy happy issue ended up leading to an unexpected opportunity.
thornyThe thorny issue of climate change is a complex one that requires a global effort.
unresolvedThere were still some unresolved issues with the project.
ultimateHe felt he had reached the ultimate issue
broaderThe broader issue is the impact of social media on young people.
divisiveThe divisive issue of abortion rights has been a source of controversy for decades.
liveThe issue of climate change remains a live issue
theoreticalDue to the theoretical issue his research was not convincing.
complicatedThis complicated issue requires careful consideration and a delicate approach.
relevantStakeholders should be involved in the decision-making process when addressing relevant issue
deadThis is a dead issue and should not be brought up again.
minorThe minor issue was promptly resolved.
dominantThe dominant issue of the election was the economy.
fourthThe issue needs to be addressed by the relevant teams before the fourth issue arises.
emotionalThe emotional issue was too difficult for her to handle.
paramountThe paramount issue at hand is climate change.
palestinianThe Palestinian issue is a complex and long-standing conflict that has had a significant impact on the Middle East.
delicateThe delicate issue of climate change requires careful consideration.

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