Adjectives for Issues

Adjectives For Issues

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing issues, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'issues' is a landscape painted with a myriad of adjectives, each adding a distinct hue and depth. When prefixed with 'important,' it elevates the urgency, signaling matters that demand immediate attention. Associating 'social' or 'political' to 'issues' directs the spotlight toward community and governance dynamics, respectively, highlighting societal concerns or policy challenges. The adjective 'environmental' casts these 'issues' in a light of sustainability and conservation, underscoring the critical balance between human actions and the natural world. 'Major' amplifies the scale, denoting problems or challenges of significant impact. 'Ethical' issues, on the other hand, delve into the moral fiber of decisions and actions. Each adjective not only describes but also shapes the understanding of 'issues,' inviting a deeper dialogue. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'issues' to enrich your discourse.
importantAddressing important issues is a top priority for us.
socialThe government is working to address the many social issues that the country is facing.
politicalPolitical issues are complex and often have no easy answers.
environmentalEnvironmental issues are a major concern for many people.
majorThey alleged that Western Union failed to implement an effective anti-money laundering program and to take appropriate remedial action to address known major issues in their system.
ethicalThe company is facing ethical issues over its use of artificial intelligence.
keyThe meeting will address key issues
variousThere are various issues related to the project.
economicThe country is facing several economic issues
specificI would like to discuss some specific issues with you.
severalThere are several issues with the code.
legalHis legal issues have piled up over the years.
currentWe need to increase awareness about the current issues of climate change and global warming.
relatedThe author considers related issues such as the portrayal of women in the media.
criticalThe meeting focused on the critical issues facing the company.
controversialThe controversial issues were discussed at the meeting.
moralThe investigation of the local government unraveled a number of serious moral issues
complexWe should consider the complex issues surrounding this topic.
basicWe should address the basic issues first.
theoreticalLet us turn now to some of the more technical theoretical issues that arise in quantum gravity.
fundamentalWe need to address the fundamental issues first.
mainThe main issues are the price and the quality.
methodologicalWe must understand the methodological issues that surround research on human behavior.
technicalWe are experiencing technical issues with our website at the moment.
contemporaryOur guest speaker for the economics class will talk about contemporary issues in the global economy.
difficultResolving difficult issues requires collaboration and open-mindedness.
centralThe central issues of the debate were the economy and healthcare.
internationalThere are many international issues that need to be addressed.
practicalWe need to address the practical issues before moving forward with the project.
domesticThe government has been preoccupied with a range of domestic issues in recent months.
largerThe team had to focus on the larger issues at hand before they could proceed with any other work.
unresolvedThere were many unresolved issues that needed to be addressed in order to effectively move forward.
culturalThe company is facing cultural issues that are affecting its productivity.
relevantThe group discussed the most relevant issues to the project.
broaderI'd like to make a statement about the broader issues
seriousThe company is facing some serious issues
followingThe following issues arose during the meeting.
significantThis research has significant issues with data collection and analysis.
substantiveThe team is still discussing the substantive issues of the proposal.
crucialMembers of the council debated crucial issues affecting the entire city's future.
globalGlobal issues require global cooperation.
constitutionalThere were many constitutional issues raised during the debate.
philosophicalThe interpretation of quantum mechanics raises philosophical issues about the nature of reality and knowledge.
conceptualThe conceptual issues associated with the project are still being worked out.
sensitiveIt is important to approach sensitive issues with care and respect.
psychologicalHer psychological issues made it difficult for her to maintain healthy relationships.
vitalThe company's vital issues were discussed at the meeting.
strategicThe company faced a number of strategic issues including competition from new entrants and changing consumer preferences.
emotionalI've been dealing with some emotional issues lately, and I'm not sure what to do about them.
widerWe should think critically about these wider issues
contentiousThe contentious issues surrounding gun rights have been debated for decades.
outstandingThe merger still has some outstanding issues
developmentalMy child has been struggling with developmental issues and I'm worried about their progress.
broadThe commission's work is focused on two broad issues
organizationalWe could identify several organizational issues in our current procedures.
theologicalThe professor brought up some theological issues in class.
regionalThe conference brought together regional leaders to discuss regional issues like economic development and security.

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