Adjectives for Italian

Adjectives For Italian

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing italian, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the spectrum of adjectives paired with the noun Italian reveals a fascinating depth of nuance and specificity. From the quaint allure of a little Italian trattoria to the vibrant energy of young Italian filmmakers, each combination paints a unique picture. Delving into the original Italian recipes, or the fusion found in anglo-Italian cuisine, showcases the rich cultural exchange and innovation. Meanwhile, the distinction between modern Italian design and standard Italian teachings highlights the dynamic evolution and steadfast traditions of Italy. For those keen to explore these rich descriptive landscapes further, a comprehensive list awaits below, inviting you to discover the perfect adjective to complement your 'Italian.'
littleThe little italian restaurant served delicious pasta.
youngThe young italian man spoke with passion and enthusiasm.
originalThe original italian dish is full of flavor.
modernI love modern italian art.
goodThe pizza was very good italian
frenchI ordered a french italian sandwich from the cafe.
earlyThe early italian Renaissance was a period of significant cultural and artistic change.
handsomeThe handsome italian held the door open for me.
averageThe average italian consumes about 27 kilograms of pasta per year.
beautifulThe beautiful italian coastline is a sight to behold.
trueThe true italian pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven.
poorThe poor italian family struggled to make ends meet.
nativeThe native italian speaker was very fluent in English.
englishThis is an english italian example.
austroI love the austro italian culture.
britishThe British italian composer was known for his unique style.
fairThe fair italian girl walked through the streets with an elegant gait.
southernThe southern italian city of Naples is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious food.
typicalTypical italian food is made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.
rapidHe spoke in rapid italian
famousThe famous italian tenor sang a beautiful aria.
proI'm pro italian all the way.
wilyThe wily italian outsmarted his opponents with ease.
excellentThe pasta dish I am trying tonight is excellent italian
northernI love the flavors of northern italian dishes.
swarthyHe was a swarthy italian with a big mustache, and a flashy smile.
learnedI recently learned italian and I'm very excited to start putting it into practice!
tallThe tall italian stood out among the crowd.
southThe south italian food is delicious.
spanishI love to eat Spanish italian food.
halfMy friend is half italian and half Irish.
peculiarlyThe barman, with his peculiarly italian accent, poured the wine and told us his life story.
subtleThe subtle italian seasoning added a depth of flavor to the dish.
celebratedThe celebrated italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti died in 2007.
craftyThe crafty italian chef created a masterpiece with the simplest ingredients.
contemporaryThe contemporary italian novel is a vibrant and diverse genre.
patrioticThe patriotic italian waved the flag with pride.
turkoThe turko italian agreement was signed in 1928.
eminentThe eminent italian scientist made a groundbreaking discovery.
richThe rich italian family lived in a luxurious mansion.
intelligent"How do you do?" the intelligent italian inquired.
grecoThe Greek island of Corfu is known for its beautiful beaches and its delicious greco italian cuisine.
cleverThe clever italian outsmarted his opponents with ease.
northThe North italian cuisine is rich in flavors and aromas.
volubleThe voluble italian told an extensive story in animated fashion.
wealthyThe wealthy italian businessman has a fleet of luxury cars.
polishThe polish italian sauce was delicious.
eyedThe eyed italian looked at me with suspicion.
softThe warm sunlight streamed through the soft italian air.
choiceI had a choice italian meal last night.
brilliantThe brilliant italian chef prepared a delicious meal.
passionateThe passionate italian chef cooked a delicious meal.
illustriousHe was an illustrious italian philosopher.
elderlyThe elderly italian woman cooked a delicious meal.
turkishOrder a turkish italian salad with chicken.

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