Adjectives for Item

Adjectives For Item

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing item, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an 'item' can dramatically alter the perception of its significance, order, or uniqueness. An 'important item' conveys a sense of priority and value, whereas a 'first item' indicates the beginning or starting point in a list or series. Describing something as a 'single item' emphasizes its exclusivity or limitation, while a 'last item' signals a conclusion or an end. The term 'particular item' suggests specificity and importance, and 'next item' implies anticipation or progression. Each adjective unlocks a new layer of meaning and importance, shaping how we understand and value items in different contexts. Discover more adjectives that redefine 'item' and explore the nuances they bring below.
importantThe most important item on the checklist was the passport.
firstThe first item was a gift from my grandmother.
singleI purchased a single item from the store.
lastI can't believe I forgot the last item on my grocery list.
particularThey were looking for a particular item in the attic.
nextWrite a sentence that includes the words next item Leela will read the next item on the list.
secondGrab the second item
lexicalThe lexical item 'supercallifragilisticexpialidocious' is a particularly long word.
majorThe major item on the agenda was the vote on the new budget.
largestThe largest item in the box was a teddy bear.
specificThe vendor needs to provide a specific item in order to complete the shipment.
separateThe items can be placed under the same menu or as a separate item
thirdI need the third item on the list.
mainThe main item on the agenda was the budget.
individualEach individual item in the list must be separated by a comma.
expensiveThe expensive item was beyond my budget.
finalThe final item on the list was a rare stamp.
interestingThe interesting item was on display at the museum.
principalThe principal item on the agenda was the budget.
popularThe popular item has been sold out for a week.
additionalThe library had an additional item for me to check out.
essentialThe first aid kit is an essential item for any hiker.
significantThe significant item was a family heirloom that had been passed down through generations.
chiefThe chief item on the agenda was the discussion of the company's budget.
fourthThe fourth item in the list was a book.
standardThe standard item was purchased for the project.
previousPlease refer to the previous item for further details.
latterThe latter item was a book.
valuableThe valuable item was safely stored in the vault.
keyThe key item to the treasure lies within the ancient tomb.
biggestThe biggest item in the store was a giant stuffed bear.
minorThe minor item was overlooked during the inspection.
correspondingThe corresponding item was found in the database.
choiceThe store offered a wide range of choice items.
topThe top item on the list was a must-have.
extraordinaryThe extraordinary item led to a significant increase in the company's profits.
smallestThe smallest item in the box was a tiny screw.
usefulMy water bottle is a useful item for staying hydrated during my hike.
fifthThe fifth item on the list was a banana.
rareThe rare item was hidden in a secret chamber.
costlyThe diamond ring was a costly item
correctPlease select the correct item
relevantRegarding the relevant item I'd like to request further clarification.
uniqueThis unique item is a must-have for any collector.
lineHe went over the line items in the budget.
unusualThe unusual item was a small, golden key.
favoriteMy favorite item is a book, because it can take me to another world.
linguisticThere are many linguistic items in the English language.
defectiveI returned the defective item to the store for a refund.
indispensableThe indispensable item was the only thing that could save them.
leastThe least item on the list was the most important.
elementaryThe elementary item was lost in the shuffle.
libraryJohn went to the library to return his library item

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