Adjectives for Jacket

Adjectives For Jacket

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing jacket, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a jacket can significantly alter the image it conveys. A white jacket might exude purity and sophistication, whereas a black jacket suggests power and mystery. Opting for a blue jacket can communicate calmness and reliability. The length is also crucial; a short jacket brings a casual, edgy vibe, while an old jacket can tell stories of past adventures or timeless style. With red, expect all eyes on you, thanks to its bold and energetic hue. Each adjective unlocks a distinct facet of the jacket, transforming it from a mere piece of clothing into a statement about the wearer. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives below to perfectly articulate the essence of your jacket.
whiteThe doctor in the white jacket examined the patient.
blackHe was wearing a long, black jacket with a hood.
blueI saw him wearing a blue jacket
shortI need to buy a new short jacket for my upcoming trip.
redThe man wearing the red jacket bought a newspaper.
oldMy old jacket is hanging in the closet.
greenHe wore a dark green jacket with a hood.
brownThe man in the brown jacket ran down the street.
yellowThe yellow jacket hovered near the spilled lemonade.
darkHe was wearing a dark jacket and jeans.
straitThe patient was placed in a strait jacket to prevent self-harm.
lightShe grabbed her light jacket and dashed out the door.
grayThe man in the gray jacket walked down the street.
outerThe outer jacket is made of a waterproof material.
heavyHe put on his heavy jacket and went outside.
peaThe sailor wore a pea jacket to protect himself from the cold.
uniformI have a new uniform jacket
flakThe soldier wore a flak jacket to protect himself from enemy fire.
looseShe put on a loose jacket because she was cold.
fittingI need a fitting jacket
paddedI put on my padded jacket to keep warm in the cold weather.
greyThe man wore a grey jacket
quiltedShe put on her quilted jacket before heading out into the cold.
warmI need to wear a warm jacket when I go outside in the winter.
breastedShe was wearing a double-breasted jacket.
dustThe book had an azure dust jacket with silver lettering.
thickHe wore a thick jacket to protect himself from the cold.
thinI wore a thin jacket to the park.
coloredThe boy was wearing a bright colored jacket
tightThe engineer struggled to put on the tight jacket
linedShe wore a lined jacket to protect herself from the cold.
sleevelessI wore a sleeveless jacket to the beach yesterday.
scarletI saw a man in a scarlet jacket walking down the street.
brightThe man in the bright jacket stood out in the crowd.
embroideredShe wore an embroidered jacket that had been passed down for generations.
pinkThe girl in the pink jacket was walking down the street.
stripedThe man wore a striped jacket
openThe man was wearing an open jacket
downShe put on her down jacket because she was cold.
sleevedHe wore a cotton-sleeved jacket made with a special material resistant to stains and wrinkles.
wetI hung my wet jacket on the back of the chair.
raggedThe ragged jacket hung forlornly in the back of the closet.
lightweightI grabbed my lightweight jacket before heading out the door.
lengthI put on my length jacket to protect myself from the cold.
shootingThe hunter put on his shooting jacket before heading out into the woods.
wornI looked at the worn jacket hanging on the chair.
roundHe wore a round jacket to the party.
plasticThe electrical wire had a thick plastic jacket
colouredThe young man wearing a green coloured jacket looked very stylish.
tatteredThe homeless man sat on the park bench, his tattered jacket barely keeping him warm.
protectiveThe protective jacket shielded him from the harsh elements.
waterproofHe grabbed his waterproof jacket and headed out into the rain.
dirtyHe wore a dirty jacket to the party.
leatherHe wore a leather jacket to protect himself from the cold.
tornI can't wear this torn jacket anymore.
shabbyThe homeless man shivered in his shabby jacket
purpleThe man with the purple jacket walked down the street.
roughThe rough jacket kept him warm during the cold.
expensiveShe took off her expensive jacket and hung it on the back of the chair.
styleShe wore a stylish style jacket
niceThat is a nice jacket you have on.
fringedShe wore a black fringed jacket with silver studs.
hoodedThe hooded jacket kept me warm on my walk in the park.
smartI wore a smart jacket to the party.
fustianHe wore a fustian jacket and a pair of sturdy boots.
tanThe man in the tan jacket ran down the street.
tailoredI bought a tailored jacket last week that fits me perfectly.
braidedShe wore a braided jacket that shimmered in the sunlight.
rumpledHe wore a rumpled jacket and faded jeans.
paleThe man in the pale jacket walked quickly down the street.
bulkyHe wore a bulky jacket to protect himself from the cold.
softThe soft jacket kept her warm in the cold weather.
beigeThe man wore a beige jacket
coarseHe wore a coarse jacket for the hike.
cutI wore my new cut jacket for the first time yesterday.
buttonedHe was wearing a buttoned jacket and a tie.
porcelainThe porcelain jacket was meticulously crafted, providing an exquisite and durable finish.
skinThe biker put on his worn-out skin jacket before he rode off into the night.
plainHe wore a plain jacket and grey trousers.
threadbareThe old man's threadbare jacket barely kept him warm on the cold winter night.

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