Adjectives for Japan

Adjectives For Japan

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing japan, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring Japan through the lens of adjectives reveals a multi-faceted country steeped in contrasts. Describing Japan as 'modern' paints a picture of its cutting-edge technology and skyscrapers, while 'postwar' brings to mind its remarkable recovery and growth. 'Contemporary' Japan is a blend of current cultural trends and traditional roots, showing how the country navigates the present. Meanwhile, 'northern' highlights the unique landscapes and climate of areas like Hokkaido, contrasting with 'central' Japan, the heartland of culture and politics. The term 'old' evokes the rich history and traditions that Japan is known for. Each adjective unravels a layer of Japan's identity, inviting deeper exploration into its essence. Delve into the full palette of adjectives to discover more about Japan.
modernModern japan is a vibrant and bustling nation, with a unique blend of traditional and contemporary culture.
postwarPostwar japan saw rapid economic growth and technological advancement.
contemporaryContemporary japan has a vibrant arts and culture scene.
northernNorthern japan is known for its beautiful scenery and delicious food.
oldThe ancient beauty of old japan still captivates the hearts of many.
centralI took a trip to central japan last month.
newI saw a man with a new japan flag.
southernI visited southern japan last summer.
westernThe western japan region is known for its stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage.
ancientAncient japan was a time of great cultural and technological advancement.
prewarPrewar japan was known for having an emperor system with a head of government who reports to the emperor and an elected representative assembly called the Diet which is elected by popular vote in Japan.
centuryThe passport system was first introduced in Japan in the early 19th century japan
earlyEarly japan was a time of great cultural and political change.
ruralRural japan is dotted with charming villages and serene landscapes.
feudalIn feudal japan the emperor was a figurehead, and the real power was held by the shogun.
medievalSamurai warriors clashed in the mountains of medieval japan
easternThe earthquake was centered in eastern japan
imperialImperial japan was a powerful military empire that ruled much of Asia during the early 20th century.
traditionalTraditional japan boasted a rich and vibrant culture, characterized by its unique architecture, traditional tea ceremony, and exquisite art forms.
southwesternSouthwestern japan is known for its beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring.
northeasternThe northeastern japan is famous for its cherry blossoms.
industrialIndustrial japan is a major economic powerhouse.
occupiedMy grandmother had a beautiful Occupied japan vase.
wartimeWartime japan was a time of great hardship for the people.
corporateCorporate japan is a term that refers to the large companies that dominate the Japanese economy.
southwestSouthwest japan is known for its bustling cities, historic temples, and stunning natural landscapes.
democraticDemocratic japan has been a major force for peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.
urbanThe bustling streets of urban japan are a sight to behold.
premodernPremodern japan was a period of great cultural and economic development.
rokThe rok japan examined the results.
westI went on a trip to west japan last summer.
independentIndependent japan has a rich history and culture.
nativeHe is a native japan
resurgentResurgent Japan's economy was on the rise, buoyed by strong exports and a resurgence in domestic spending.
militaristMilitarist japan aggressively expanded its empire in the early 20th century.
prehistoricPrehistoric japan was a period of time that lasted from the Paleolithic era to the Yayoi period.
modemModem japan was a symbol of Japan's rapid economic growth and technological advancement.
peacefulPeaceful Japan's serene temples and tranquil gardens offer respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
unifiedThe Tokugawa shogunate unified japan in the early 17th century.
metropolitanMetropolitan japan is a densely populated area that includes the cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.
imperialistImperialist japan invaded Manchuria in 1931.
aggressiveAggressive japan invaded China and Korea during World War II.
mediaevalMediaeval japan was a time of great cultural and political change.
victoriousVictorious japan stood tall among the ashes of war.
philippinePhilippine japan is a strong ally even if there are longstanding territorial disputes.
eastEast japan is a beautiful region with many natural wonders.
distantIn a distant japan ancient history danced with modern wonders.
nineteenthIn the early nineteenth japan the Edo period was a time of relative peace
preindustrialPreindustrial japan was a time of great innovation and cultural development.
offThe fishermen set off japan to seek herring.
subtropicalSubtropical japan experiences a hot and humid climate.

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