Adjectives for Jerusalem

Adjectives For Jerusalem

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing jerusalem, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives most commonly used with 'Jerusalem' unveils a rich tapestry of historical, spiritual, and cultural significances. Describing Jerusalem as 'new' evokes a sense of renewal and modernity, juxtaposing its 'ancient' and 'old' facets that highlight its deep historical roots. 'Heavenly' Jerusalem transcends physical geography, entering the realm of spiritual idealism and religious prophecy, while 'earthly' anchors it firmly in the here and now, with all its real-world complexities. The term 'holy' underscores Jerusalem's sacred status across multiple religions, imbuing the city with a sense of reverence and awe. Each adjective opens a new dimension, inviting you to explore the multifaceted identity of this iconic city. Below is a full list of adjectives that capture the essence of Jerusalem.
newThe New jerusalem will descend from heaven, a holy city adorned with precious jewels.
heavenlyThe heavenly jerusalem is a place of peace and harmony.
oldOld jerusalem is a historic city with many religious and cultural landmarks.
earthlyThe earthly jerusalem is a holy city for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
holyIn this uncertain world, may the light of holy jerusalem guide us all.
eastThe Old City is in East jerusalem which is claimed by both Israelis and Palestinians.
modernModern jerusalem showcases a vibrant fusion of ancient history and cutting-edge architecture.
celestialHeavenly beings worship the celestial jerusalem
spiritualOn the golden altar in heaven, the name of the new spiritual jerusalem which is the bride of the Lamb, shines brightly.
centuryCentury jerusalem is an exciting and unique place to visit.
presentPresent jerusalem is a modern bustling city, quite unlike its ancient counterpart.
trueThe True jerusalem is not a physical place but a spiritual one.
unitedThe united jerusalem was a symbol of peace and unity.
belovedThe beloved jerusalem is a city of peace and beauty.
futureThe future jerusalem will be a city of peace and prosperity.
westThe western part of Jerusalem is known as West jerusalem
literalThe literal jerusalem is a holy place.
easternEastern jerusalem is a contentious territory that is claimed by both Israel and Palestine.
westernWestern jerusalem is home to many historical and religious sites.
eternalI quietly sit, with my mind far away, enjoying the eternal jerusalem
biblicalThe biblical jerusalem was a city of great importance, both politically and religiously.
eschatologicalThe eschatological jerusalem is the heavenly city of God.
fairThe fair jerusalem is the joy of the whole earth.
gloriousFrom the glorious jerusalem to the desolate Babylon, the journey was long and arduous.
contemporaryContemporary jerusalem embodies the interplay of ancient history and modern life.
distantFrom distant jerusalem she traveled to the holy land.
nearThe city of Jericho is located near jerusalem
idealThe ideal jerusalem should be a place of peace, tolerance, and cooperation among people of all faiths.
terrestrialOn a terrestrial jerusalem under the glittering brass dome, sat a holy man.
zionZion jerusalem is a sacred city that holds deep religious significance for people of various faiths.
goldenThe golden jerusalem is the ultimate destination of all true pilgrims.
undividedThe undivided jerusalem is a symbol of peace and unity.
metropolitanMetropolitan jerusalem is the largest metropolitan region in Israel.
desolatePilgrims walked through the desolate jerusalem streets.
lovelyThe lovely jerusalem is a city of great importance to many religions.
heldThe Romans held jerusalem for centuries.
avivAviv jerusalem is a great place to visit.
sweetThe sweet jerusalem is a beautiful city.
filthyThe filthy jerusalem was a sight to behold.
mysticalI have heard many tales about the mystical jerusalem
postexilicSome postexilic jerusalem residents, such as the prophet Zechariah, were optimistic about the temple's completion and the return of God's glory upon it.
historicHistoric jerusalem is a place of great religious and cultural significance.
nearbyThe nearby jerusalem mountains are beautiful.
offThe road off jerusalem winds through mountains.
mildI ordered a mild jerusalem artichoke soup.
nearerThe pilgrims traveled nearer jerusalem
unhappyThe people of unhappy jerusalem wept.

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