Adjectives for Job

Adjectives For Job

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing job, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a job can significantly impact the perception of that role. A good job suggests satisfaction and competence, while a new job implies opportunities and beginnings. Describing it as your first job adds a sense of initiation and learning. On the other hand, a better job denotes improvement and advancement from a previous position. The term time job, whether full-time or part-time, indicates the extent of commitment required. Lastly, a particular job emphasizes specificity and uniqueness. Each adjective paints a different shade of experience and expectation, revealing the multifaceted nature of employment. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that pair with 'job' to explore the myriad ways we can describe our work.
newI am excited to start my new job next week.
firstI got my first job as a tutor at the local library.
betterI hope I can find a better job soon.
timeI applied for a part-time job at the cafe.
particularI am looking for a particular job that requires a high level of skill.
excellentYour work has been excellent job
bigThis is a big job
difficultThe difficult job quickly became my biggest passion.
realI'm looking for a real job not just a temporary one.
fineThank you for the fine job on the report.
badThey were always in need of a job, any job, but it was a bad job
bestThe best job is the one that makes you happy.
easyThe easy job was perfect for him.
presentI'm really enjoying my present job
regularI work a regular job to support myself.
specificI'd like to apply for the specific job I saw advertised on the website.
currentMy current job is challenging but rewarding.
poorThe students did a poor job on their final project.
steadyHe has a steady job that pays well and provides good benefits.
mainWhat is your main job?
hardhe was doing a hard job
thoroughThe team did a thorough job setting up the display.
toughThe CEO of a multi-national company has a tough job
wonderfulYou did a wonderful job on that project.
niceI admire your patience and the way you handled the difficult customer; nice job
payingI am looking for a paying job in the tech industry.
decentHe had a decent job as a teacher.
permanentI am seeking a permanent job in the field of computer science.
professionalShe is a qualified doctor working in a professional job
topShe did a top job on the project.
effectiveThe marketing team did an effective job of increasing brand awareness.
outstandingThe team did an outstanding job on the project.
temporaryJohn needed a temporary job to help pay the bills.
perfectI'm so grateful I found my perfect job
superbThe team did a superb job on the project.
dirtyHe had to do the dirty job of cleaning up the mess.
adequateShe did an adequate job of cleaning the house.
tediousHe had to do a tedious job to finish the project in time.
remarkableThe team did a remarkable job on the project.
interestingMy cousin has an interesting job at the local museum.
dangerousThe bomb disposal technician had a dangerous job
magnificentYour team did a magnificent job on that project!
splendidYou did a splendid job on the project!
tremendousThe team did a tremendous job on the project.
insideThe police suspected that the robbery was an inside job
secureI was offered a secure job with a good salary.
thanklessThe janitor's was a thankless job but he took pride in keeping the school clean.
paidShe needs to find a paid job
oddI need to find an odd job to make some extra money.
routineHer routine job did not fulfill her, so she quit to pursue her passion for writing.
clericalI'm looking for a clerical job in the city center.
suitableI am looking for a suitable job for my skills.
terrificToby did a terrific job on his project.
demandingHelen's demanding job required her to work long hours.
hardestThe hardest job is the one you never get done.
levelI am looking for a level job
skilledHe was a skilled job applicant with many years of experience.
biggestThat was the biggest job of my life.
lousyIt is a lousy job but it is honest work.
neatShe did a neat job on her science project.
idealMy ideal job would combine my love of writing with my passion for social justice.
menialThe teenager worked a menial job to help support his family.

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