Adjectives for Jobs

Adjectives For Jobs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing jobs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe jobs can significantly affect the perception of the opportunities they represent. A new job heralds fresh beginnings and untapped potential, while many jobs suggest abundance in the market, opening doors for choices and diversification. The term odd jobs brings to mind a variety of unconventional or occasional roles, highlighting flexibility and the unexpected. When we talk about time jobs, we often refer to those that are defined by their duration, such as part-time or full-time, indicating commitment levels. Seeking more jobs indicates a quest for greater opportunity or perhaps dissatisfaction with the current situation. Lastly, good jobs are universally sought after for their promise of satisfaction and stability. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked to jobs and the nuanced perspectives they offer.
newThe economic boom created many new jobs
manyAs a single mom with many jobs she is always busy.
oddThe odd jobs helped him survive during the recession.
timeMany time jobs don't offer health or life insurance unlike large companies.
moreThe new factory will create more jobs for the local community.
goodThese are all good jobs
payingThere are many paying jobs available in the technology sector.
differentThere are different jobs in the world
variousHis resume highlighted various jobs with notable experience.
skilledMany skilled jobs require specialized training.
betterThe improved economic climate led to better jobs being created.
collarWe lost many white collar jobs to automation and outsourcing.
mostMost jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent.
certainThere are certain jobs that are well suited for people who enjoy working with their hands.
menialShe has worked several menial jobs to make ends meet.
unskilledThere are many unskilled jobs available in the market.
levelThere are three level jobs in this company
specificHe has worked at specific jobs for a long time.
clericalShe applied for various clerical jobs but was rejected for all of them.
paidI am looking for three paid jobs
industrialIndustrial jobs require specialized skills and training
professionalProfessional jobs require a high level of education and training.
availableThere are many available jobs for people with disabilities.
regularI applied for many regular jobs before I got this one.
temporaryI'm looking for temporary jobs in the area.
fewerWith automation replacing manual tasks, there will be fewer jobs available in the future.
topThe top jobs in the world are those that offer high salaries, benefits, and career opportunities.
enoughThere were enough jobs to go around.
additionalThe company has hired additional jobs to meet the increased demand.
routineMany routine jobs will eventually be replaced by automation.
permanentPermanent jobs offer greater stability and potential for career growth.
managerialThe company has a lot of managerial jobs available for new graduates.
previousMy previous jobs have helped me develop a strong work ethic.
relatedShe applied for many related jobs but didn't get any response.
manualMany manual jobs require physical strength and endurance.
administrativeThere are several administrative jobs available in our company.
keyThe company has several key jobs to fill.
endThe new AI technology will end jobs in many industries.
technicalMany of today's technical jobs require a strong foundation in computer science.
federalFederal jobs offer many benefits and opportunities to employees.
difficultThe nurses are doing difficult jobs during the pandemic.
desirableThe company offered desirable jobs to the fast and enthusiastic candidates.
steadyPeople with steady jobs are more likely to have financial security.
maleConstruction and engineering are traditionally seen as male jobs
statusMany Americans rely on high-status jobs to achieve the American dream.
civilianHe worked various civilian jobs before enlisting in the army.
decentThe company has been praised for its commitment to providing decent jobs to its employees.
agriculturalAgricultural jobs are essential for feeding the world.
extraAfter taking on extra jobs he was finally able to pay off his debts.
urbanJane went to the city to seek and find new urban jobs
lucrativeI applied for many lucrative jobs but never got a response.
suitableThe organization will help you find suitable jobs that match your skills and interests.
responsiblePeople with responsible jobs often prefer formal attire.
outsideShe had to work two outside jobs to make ends meet.
secureMany people with secure jobs enjoy paid time-off and other benefits
dangerousPolice officers and firefighters have dangerous jobs
sectorThe growth in sector jobs has been remarkable.
specializedPeople with specialized jobs require specific training.
classI assigned class jobs to my students.

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