Adjectives for Joint

Adjectives For Joint

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing joint, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe a 'joint' can illuminate its type, location, and function, casting light on the nuances of human anatomy and mechanical constructions. Phrases like 'temporomandibular joint' specify a particular body part involved in jaw movement, whereas 'distal' and 'proximal' offer precise information about a joint's position relative to the center of the body or limb. Words like 'first' and 'second' can denote order or hierarchy within a sequence, crucial for clear communication in medical and technical contexts. The careful use of adjectives like these enhances comprehension and specificity. Discover the full range of descriptive adjectives for 'joint' and the intricate meanings they convey in our comprehensive list below.
temporomandibularThe temporomandibular joint is a synovial joint that connects the mandible to the temporal bone.
firstI bent my first joint at the age of 18.
interphalangealThe interphalangeal joint is the joint between the two bones of the finger or toe.
distalThe distal joint refers to the farthest end of a finger or toe.
proximalThe proximal joint of the thumb is the joint closest to the body.
secondThe second joint in my finger is sore.
metacarpophalangealThe metacarpophalangeal joint is the joint where the fingers meet the palm.
sacroiliacThe sacroiliac joint is a strong band of ligaments that connects the sacrum to the ilium.
subtalarThe subtalar joint is a complex synovial joint that connects the calcaneus and talus bones.
acromioclavicularThe acromioclavicular joint is the connection between the clavicle and the acromion process of the scapula.
universalThe universal joint allows the driveshaft to connect to the rear axle of the car.
thirdThe pain in my third joint is unbearable.
lastThe last joint of my little finger is sore.
affectedThe pain in my affected joint has been getting worse.
singleThe runner's single joint was visible through his thin shirt.
rightThe right joint of the pipe is leaking.
phalangealThe phalangeal joint is a type of synovial joint that connects the bones of the fingers and toes.
leftI had a sharp pain in my left joint
weldedThe welded joint connects the two metal pieces securely.
synovialThe synovial joint is the most common type of joint in the human body.
rivetedThe riveted joint held the metal sheets firmly together.
terminalThe terminal joint also known as the DIP joint, is located at the tip of the finger or toe.
patellofemoralThe patellofemoral joint is the joint between the kneecap and the thighbone.
basalThe basal joint of the thumb is also known as the carpometacarpal joint.
tarsalShe had a painful tarsal joint in her foot.
socketThe socket joint allowed the pipe to rotate freely.
iliacThe iliac joint is formed by the articulation of the ilium, the sacrum, and the pubic bone.
normalThe doctor examined the patient's normal joint
middleFlexing the middle joint of his finger, he signaled me to follow.
mortarThe mortar joint was crumbling and needed to be repaired.
involvedThe doctor examined the patient's involved joint
painfulI have a painful joint in my knee.
talonavicularThe talonavicular joint is a synovial joint between the talus and the navicular bones in the foot.
upperThe doctor checked the upper joint of the leg for any signs of injury.
ulnarThe ulnar joint is the elbow joint between the ulna and humerus.
inflamedHer inflamed joint was painful and swollen.
movable"The movable joint in the jawbone allows us to speak and chew."
topThe top joint of my thumb is sore.
verticalThe vertical joint between the two panels was sealed with a bead of silicone.
falseThe false joint in the bone made it difficult to heal.
fourthThe fourth joint on my finger is swollen and painful.
fifthThe fifth joint from the end of the tail was missing.
clavicularThe clavicular joint connects the clavicle to the sternum.
horizontalThe horizontal joint between the two pieces of wood was barely visible.
adjacentThe adjacent joint is inflamed and painful.
midtarsalThe midtarsal joint is the articulation between the talus and the calcaneus.
mandibularThe evaluation model of mandibular joint is used to predict pain intensity.
stiffThe stiff joint made it difficult for her to walk.
hipThe hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint that connects the femur to the pelvis.
longitudinalThe longitudinal joint in this sample is very pronounced and filled with material of a different type and appearance, but matching the background.
doubleI'm so flexible that I have double joints.
adhesiveThe adhesive joint is strong enough to hold the two pieces together.
artificialThe patient had an artificial joint implanted in his knee.
injuredThe injured joint was causing him a lot of pain.
inferiorThe inferior joint was a common feature of hominid ancestors.
hockThe horse injured its hock joint during the race.
flexibleThe dancer's flexible joints allowed him to execute intricate movements with precision.
typicalThere is a typical joint in the base of the thumb that permits a range of movement.
antennalThe antennal joint is the point of attachment between two segments of an insect's antenna.
occipitalThe occipital joint connects the skull to the spine.
atlantoaxialThe atlantoaxial joint is the articulation between the atlas and the axis vertebrae.
1stI sprained my 1st joint playing basketball.
lumbosacralThe lumbosacral joint is formed by the articulation of the fifth lumbar vertebra with the sacrum.
stifleThe stifle joint also known as the knee, is a complex structure that allows for flexion and extension of the leg.
intervertebralThe intervertebral joint is a complex structure that allows for a wide range of motion between the vertebrae.
superiorThe two bones are connected at the superior joint
diseasedShe was unable to walk due to her diseased joint
penultimateThe penultimate joint of the thumb is called the metacarpophalangeal joint.
midcarpalThe midcarpal joint also known as the wrist joint, is formed by the articulation of the distal ends of the radius and ulna with the proximal ends of the carpal bones.
arthriticThe arthritic joint was painful and swollen.
posteriorThe posterior joint was injected with 5 mL of contrast for fluoroscopic visualization.
tarsometatarsalThe tarsometatarsal joint is the joint between the tarsals and metatarsals of the foot.
unstableThe unstable joint caused her great pain.
carpalThe carpal joint is the joint between the forearm and the hand.
septicThe patient was diagnosed with a septic joint after experiencing swelling, pain, and fever in the affected joint.
watertightThe plumber used a sealant to create a watertight joint in the pipe.

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