Adjectives for Journal

Adjectives For Journal

Discover the most fitting adjectives for 'journal', including 'American', 'new', 'same', and 'quarterly'. Enhance your writing by choosing the perfect descriptive word to articulate your thoughts about any journal. Whether academic or personal, find the right adjective to describe your journal effectively.

americanI read the article in the American journal of Psychology.
newI was so excited to start my new journal
sameI read the same journal every day.
quarterlyThe quarterly journal included articles on a variety of topics.
monthlyI keep a monthly journal to track my thoughts and experiences.
officialThe director of the French radio publicly announced an official journal for radio history.
internationalThe international journal is a peer-reviewed publication that publishes original research articles in all areas of science, engineering, and medicine.
literary"The literary journal is full of interesting and thought-provoking articles."
medicalThe medical journal contained important research findings.
weeklyI keep track of my daily activities in a weekly journal
generalThe general journal is used to record all transactions chronologically.
britishThe British journal of Educational Studies published the article in 1953.
scientificThe scientific journal contained groundbreaking research on climate change.
courierI read the latest news on the Courier journal website.
dailyWriting in a daily journal can help you reflect on your experiences and thoughts.
professionalI submitted my research paper to a professional journal for review.
privateI keep my secrets safe in my private journal
scholarlyI read the scholarly journal article about the latest advances in artificial intelligence.
geographicalI found the geographical journal in the library.
personalI like to write in my personal journal every day.
historicalThe historical journal contained valuable insights into the events of the past.
leadingI read the leading journal for my research.
englishI enjoy reading the English journal every week.
academicThe academic journal published a groundbreaking study on the effects of climate change.
influentialThe influential journal published an article about the new findings.
canadianThe incident has been reported to the Canadian journal of Veterinary Research.
prestigiousThe prestigious journal Nature recently published an article on the study of climate change.
frenchThe French journal reported on the latest scientific advancements.
electronicResearchers published their findings in an electronic journal
originalThe original journal was published in 1992.
popularThe paper was published in a popular journal but its findings have not been replicated.
libraryThe library journal is a great resource for staying up-to-date on the latest library news.
technicalThe technical journal provides comprehensive information about the latest advancements in the field.
cleftNeate's 'An account of some remarkable antiquities found near Boraston in Buckinghamshire' appeared in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London on January 26th, 1727, as well as in the society's 'cleft journal'.
onlineThis online journal is a great way to keep track of my thoughts and ideas.
theoreticalThe theoretical journal published a groundbreaking article that challenged the existing paradigm.
clinicalI read the clinical journal to stay up-to-date on the latest medical research.
germanI read a fascinating article in the German journal of Psychology.
europeanThe European journal of Social Psychology is a peer-reviewed academic journal covering social psychology.
regularI keep a regular journal to document my thoughts and experiences.
independentThe independent journal reported on the latest developments in science and technology.
australianI read an interesting article in the Australian journal of Zoology.
indianI read an insightful article in the Indian journal of Science and Technology.
liberalI read a liberal journal every day to stay informed about current events.
annualI regularly read the annual journal of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
educationalThe graduate student's work was published in an educational journal
radicalThe radical journal published an article that criticized the government's economic policies.
unpublishedHe was sitting in his study, leafing through an unpublished journal
abstractTheir work has been presented at conferences, published in abstract journals, and described in the popular press.
conservativeThe conservative journal focuses on current political issues.
famousI submitted my paper to a famous journal and I'm still waiting to hear back.
feministI read an insightful essay about intersectionality in a feminist journal
russianI read an interesting article in the Russian journal the other day.
learnedThe learned journal provided valuable insights into the research topic.
obscureI found an obscure journal hidden in the attic.
psychosocialShe regularly publishes her research in peer-reviewed psychosocial journals.
columnThe company uses a column journal to record its transactions.
bimonthlyThe bimonthly journal featured articles on current events and social issues.
interdisciplinaryThe interdisciplinary journal publishes articles from a wide range of disciplines.
classicalShe submitted her research to a classical journal for publication.
detailedShe meticulously maintained a detailed journal of her daily experiences.
sovietThe soviet journal 'Kommunist' was published twice a month.
bilingualResearchers designed a bilingual journal for exchanging research and development information.
languageI keep a language journal to track my progress and reflect on my learning experience.
knownThe researcher published his findings in a known journal
southHe placed a south journal near the table.

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