Adjectives for Junction

Adjectives For Junction

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing junction, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'junction' when paired with adjectives, unveils a complex tapestry of meanings, each enriching our understanding in distinct ways. Descriptors like 'base' suggest a foundational aspect, implying its critical role in a broader structure. 'Important' elevates the noun, asserting its significance within a particular context, whether in pathways or connections. 'Tight' might refer to a compact convergence, imbuing a sense of precision and sometimes pressure. Meanwhile, 'enamel' could lead to a specialized discussion on materials or coatings, indicating a surface-level modification. 'Myoneural' and 'esophagogastric' propel us into the realms of biology and medicine, highlighting the junctions within bodily systems. Each adjective paints a different shade of meaning, inviting a deeper exploration into their combined narratives. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'junction' below.
baseThe base junction is the boundary between the base and collector regions of a bipolar transistor.
importantThe important junction connected the two major highways.
tightThe tight junctions between the cells of the epithelium form a barrier that prevents the passage of solutes between the cells.
enamelThe enamel junction is the boundary between the enamel and the dentin of a tooth.
myoneuralThe myoneural junction is the synapse between a motor neuron and a muscle fiber.
esophagogastricThe esophagogastric junction is the point where the esophagus meets the stomach.
ureteropelvicThe ureteropelvic junction is the point where the ureter connects to the renal pelvis.
coldThe cold junction is located in an ice bath to maintain a constant temperature.
epidermalThe epidermal junction is the boundary between the epidermis and the dermis.
liquidIn an electrochemical cell, a liquid junction is the boundary at which two electrolyte solutions meet.
cementoenamelThere is some apical periodontitis and thickening of the cervical periodontal space below the cementoenamel junction
biasedThe biased junction theorem states that when a characteristic curve is plotted in a semi-log graph, the linear region represents the forward bias region and the exponential region represents the reverse bias region.
hotThe hot junction of the thermocouple was inserted into the furnace.
neuromuscularThe neuromuscular junction is where motor neurons connect with muscles.
ureterovesicalThe ureterovesical junction is the site where the ureter joins the urinary bladder.
tripleThe junction in which three lines or surfaces intersect is a triple junction
emitterThe emitter junction is the point of contact between the emitter and the base of a bipolar transistor.
mucocutaneousThe mucocutaneous junction is the boundary between the skin and the mucous membrane.
dentinoenamelThe dentinoenamel junction is the boundary between the enamel and the dentin of a tooth.
lumbosacralAn MRI revealed a herniated invertebral disc at the lumbosacral junction
corticomedullaryThe corticomedullary junction is the boundary between the cortex and medulla of the kidney.
musculotendinousThe musculotendinous junction is the area where muscle meets tendon.
costochondralThe costochondral junction is the point where the ribs meet the sternum.
mucogingivalThe mucogingival junction is the border between the attached gingiva and the alveolar mucosa.
singleThe performance of the single junction organic solar cell can be improved by carefully selecting the materials used in its construction.
atrioventricularThe electrical impulse from the SA node travels to the atrioventricular junction before entering the ventricles.
abruptThe abrupt junction between the two materials created an electrical resistance.
dermoepidermalThe dermoepidermal junction is a thin layer of tissue found between the epidermis and dermis of the skin.
synapticThe synaptic junction is the point of contact between two neurons.
wayThere is a roundabout at the Y-shape way junction
saphenofemoralThe saphenofemoral junction is the point at which the great saphenous vein joins the femoral vein.
craniocervicalThe craniocervical junction is the point where the skull and the spine meet.
ileocecalThe ileocecal junction where the ileum meets the cecum, is the point where the small intestine joins the large intestine.
rectosigmoidThe rectosigmoid junction is the point where the rectum meets the sigmoid colon.
cervicothoracicTrauma to the cervicothoracic junction is common in high-energy collisions.
duodenojejunalAt duodenojejunal junction the hepatopancreatic ampulla opens.
dermalThe dermal junction is the boundary between the epidermis and the dermis.
oesophagealThe oesophageal junction is the point where the oesophagus meets the stomach.
craniovertebralAfter performing a CT scan, the radiologist confirmed that the patient's craniovertebral junction was misaligned.
corneoscleralThe corneoscleral junction is the boundary between the cornea and the sclera.
signedThe signed junction is a type of semiconductor diode that is formed by the contact between a p-type and n-type semiconductor.
cervicomedullaryThe cervicomedullary junction is the anatomical boundary between the medulla oblongata and the spinal cord.
gastroesophagealThe gastroesophageal junction is where the esophagus meets the stomach.
pontomedullaryThe pontomedullary junction is the boundary between the pons and the medulla oblongata in the brainstem.
dentogingivalThe progression of periodontal disease is characterized by apical migration of the dentogingival junction
myotendinousThe myotendinous junction is located where the muscles meet the tendons.
medullaryThe medullary junction is a region of the brain that plays a role in controlling blood pressure and heart rate.
grownThe grown junction of the two pieces of wood was nearly invisible.
uretericThe ureteric junction is the point at which the ureter connects to the renal pelvis.
gastroduodenalThe gastroduodenal junction is the point where the stomach meets the duodenum.
scleralThe white of the eye, known as the sclera, meets the clear cornea at the scleral junction
intercellularThe intercellular junction is a specialized structure that connects adjacent cells in a tissue.
cornealThe corneal junction is located at the point where the cornea meets the sclera.
doubleThe double junction potential between the reference and the sample half-cells is a significant source of error in electrochemical measurements.
busySeveral cars stopped in the middle of the busy junction
amelodentinalThe amelodentinal junction the interface between enamel and dentin, plays a crucial role in tooth development and integrity.
gradedA graded junction is a type of semiconductor heterojunction in which the doping concentration changes gradually across the junction interface.
metallurgicalThe varying composition profile in the metallurgical junction is analyzed with numerical modelling using a cellular automaton model.
pharyngoesophagealA diverticulum of the pharyngoesophageal junction is a surgical complication of tracheoesophageal fistula repair.
muscleThe muscle is anchored to the bone at the site of the muscle junction
dentinalThe dentinal junction is the boundary between the dentin and enamel of a tooth.
substrateThe presence of a heterojunction, which is a junction between two semiconductors with different bandgaps, at the substrate junction can reduce the saturation current of the pn junction diode.
occipitalThe occipital junction is the junction between the occipital bone and the temporal bone.
gastricThe gastric junction is the point where the esophagus meets the stomach.
sinotubularThe sinotubular junction is known for its diverse roles and importance in regulating heart activity.
diffusedThe diffused junction is the boundary between two regions of the semiconductor with different dopant concentrations.
sclerocornealThe sclerocorneal junction the narrow border between the outer sclera (white portion) and inner cornea (clear portion), is vital for maintaining the eye's structural integrity.
muscularThe muscular junction is the site where a motor neuron connects to a muscle fiber.

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