Adjectives for Justice

Adjectives For Justice

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing justice, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'justice' carries with it a weight of fairness and morality, but when paired with adjectives, its interpretation can vastly change. For example, 'social justice' emphasizes equality and equity within society, touching on political and philosophical debates. 'Chief justice', however, refers to a judicial officer who represents the highest authority in legal hierarchies. Meanwhile, 'criminal justice' focuses on the system dealing with crime prevention and punishment. Terms like 'distributive justice' discuss the fair allocation of goods in society, and 'full justice' suggests a comprehensive sense of fairness. 'Divine justice', on the other hand, introduces a spiritual or religious dimension, referring to righteousness as dictated by a higher power. Each adjective unlocks a new facet of justice, highlighting the complexity of achieving true fairness. Explore the full range of adjectives that reveal the nuanced layers of justice.
socialWe must prioritize social justice in our communities.
chiefThe chief justice delivered a powerful statement to the nation.
criminalThe criminal justice system is designed to punish criminals and protect society.
distributiveDistributive justice requires an equitable distribution of societal benefits and burdens across all members of a society.
fullThe lawyer argued that his client had not received full justice
divineDivine justice caught up with the corrupt official, resulting in his downfall.
naturalThe principles of natural justice must be upheld in all legal proceedings.
equalEqual justice under the law is a fundamental right for all citizens.
economicEconomic justice ensures fair economic and social conditions for all individuals and communities.
poeticThe cruel perpetrator ultimately met his poetic justice facing the consequences of his actions.
restorativeRestorative justice seeks to repair the harm caused by a crime by focusing on the victim, the offender, and the community.
retributiveThe retributive justice system seeks to punish criminals for their wrongdoing and deter future offenses.
racialWe must strive for racial justice in all aspects of society.
strictThe strict justice system left no room for mercy.
juvenileThe focus of juvenile justice is on rehabilitation and reintegration.
associateClarence Thomas, associate justice of the Supreme Court, is a controversial figure.
internationalThe international justice system aims to hold accountable those responsible for war crimes and other serious violations of international law.
proceduralProcedural justice upholds the fairness and impartiality of the legal process.
environmentalEnvironmental justice ensures the fair distribution of environmental benefits and burdens in communities.
perfectThe judge's perfect justice ensured that all parties were treated fairly.
civilThe civil justice system is designed to resolve disputes between individuals and organizations.
ampleThe administration oversaw ample justice in the realm.
impartialImpartial justice upholds the principle of equality before the law.
simpleThe accused deserves simple justice
legalThe legal justice system should be fair and impartial to all.
eternalEternal justice may be slow to come, but it will come.
trueTrue justice is not a swift sword but a steady compass.
absoluteAbsolute justice demands that all parties be treated equally.
substantialThe court ruled that the plaintiff had received substantial justice in the lower court proceedings.
roughRough justice saw the criminal behind bars for his heinous crime.
abstractAbstract justice is a concept that refers to the idea of justice that is not based on specific laws or rules, but rather on general principles of fairness and morality.
universalUniversal justice demands that all people be treated fairly and with respect, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or background.
formerThe former justice is now a distinguished professor at the university.
correctiveCorrective justice aims to rehabilitate offenders and prevent future crimes.
exactThe court ruled that the exact justice had been served in the case.
scantThe scant justice he received was a bitter pill to swallow.
handedThe judge handed justice to the defendant with a fair sentence.
commutativeCommutative justice emphasizes that the fundamental rights of individuals should be protected equally under the law, and that all individuals should be held equally accountable for their actions.
globalWe need global justice to ensure that everyone, no matter where they live, has access to basic human rights.
poeticalThe thief's arrest was a stroke of poetical justice as he had stolen from the very person who had once helped him.
royalThe king administered royal justice to the people in his kingdom
sternThe judge delivered stern justice to the criminal.
learnedThe trial was a painful process, but we learned justice eventually prevails.
administrativeThe administrative justice system provides individuals with the opportunity to challenge decisions made by government agencies.
supremeThe supreme justice's decision was final and irrevocable.
organizationalThe company's commitment to organizational justice ensures that all employees are treated fairly and respectfully.
ultimateThe ultimate justice could not be served without punishing the wicked.
speedyThe speedy justice put the criminals behind bars quickly.
infiniteInfinite justice knows no bounds, seeking retribution with a relentless hand.
punitiveThe judge imposed punitive justice focusing less on rehabilitation and more on punishment.
substantiveWhile procedural justice focuses on the fairness of the process, substantive justice emphasizes the fairness of the outcome.
revolutionaryThis transformative legislation will usher in a new era of revolutionary justice
transitionalTransitional justice involves acknowledging past human rights abuses and seeking reconciliation and accountability for victims.
swiftThe swift justice he brought to the corrupt politicians was applauded by all.
tardyEven though it was tardy justice at least the criminal was finally held accountable for his actions.
idealIdeal justice is blind and fair.

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