Adjectives for Karma

Adjectives For Karma

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing karma, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Karma, a concept deeply rooted in various cultures and beliefs, carries profound significance when paired with descriptive adjectives. The distinction between 'good' and 'bad' karma not only reflects one's actions but also their moral implications and potential consequences. Furthermore, 'past' karma introduces the element of time, hinting at the longstanding effects of our decisions. Delving into 'negative' or 'evil' karma might uncover a darker side, emphasizing the importance of intention behind actions. Conversely, 'own' karma emphasizes personal responsibility and the intimate connection between cause and effect in one's life. Each adjective nuances karma with intricate shades of meaning, inviting a deeper exploration of one's ethical landscape. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with karma below, and unveil the layers of meaning each brings.
badIf you do bad things, you will eventually suffer from bad karma
goodDoing good deeds brings good karma
pastI believe in past karma and I try to live my life accordingly.
negativeMy negative karma haunted me and brought me nothing but bad luck.
ownEveryone must face their own karma
evilHer evil karma will catch up with her.
previousI believe in previous karma which is the idea that our current life is influenced by our past actions
individualEach individual karma is different and depends on the person's actions, thoughts, and intentions.
positiveMy positive karma will attract all good things to me.
collectiveOur collective karma will determine our future.
personalThe student's personal karma was a blessing that can also be a curse.
heavyThe weight of his heavy karma was crushing him to the ground.
virtuousHer virtuous karma led her to a life of happiness and fulfillment.
meritoriousShe escaped a life of poverty through her meritorious karma
futureBe mindful of your actions, for they will bear future karma
residualThe residual karma of her past actions haunted her present life.
freshShe was excited to start a new day with fresh karma
instantA speeding driver faced instant karma when they slammed into a tree moments after passing a police car.
mentalYour mental karma is catching up to you.
sinfulHer sinful karma weighed heavily upon her soul.
pureJustice prevailed with pure karma
obscuringThe veil of obscuring karma can make it difficult to see the beauty within.
unwholesomeThe continued accumulation of unwholesome karma led to their inevitable downfall.
powerfulHer powerful karma has caught up to her.
deludingThe deluding karma of the sentient being is like an illusion, and thus it is called the deluding karma
prarabdhaThe fruits of a person's past actions, or prarabdha karma determine their current life circumstances.
niskamaNiskama karma the principle of selfless action, encourages detaching from outcomes and focusing on the act itself.
terribleHer terrible karma caught up with her, leaving her with a broken heart and shattered dreams.
wholesomeGood deeds bring wholesome karma
sanskritSanskrit karma is the theory of action and reaction.
nonvirtuousHis nonvirtuous karma — the karmic deeds he had done in the past — prevented him from entering the kingdom of heaven.
demeritoriousThe accumulation of demeritorious karma can lead to negative consequences in both this life and future lives.
unresolvedHe had unresolved karma in his past life.
manifestThe tumultuous events of his life were considered manifest karma for his past transgressions.
unmanifestUnmanifest karma is the potential for future actions, which are not yet in existence.
respectiveEveryone has to face their respective karma
adverseHis behavior during his previous life had incurred adverse karma
nityaNitya karma is a Sanskrit term that refers to the daily religious practices and rituals performed by Hindus.
buddhistBuddhist karma is the belief that the actions of an individual in this life will determine their fate in the next.
ripeHe had been waiting for months for this ripe karma to deliver justice.
beginninglessThe constant flow of existence that is beginningless karma
auspiciousBy embracing a path of mindfulness and compassion, she had accumulated auspicious karma
cosmicThe cosmos has a way of balancing itself out, through what is known as 'cosmic karma'.
gunaThey were too young to understand the guna karma of those actions.
vocalThe vocal karma of the comedian was evident in the hearty laughter of the audience.
impureHis impure karma led to several years of misfortune.
destructiveThe destructive karma she had accumulated throughout her life finally caught up with her, leading to a tragic end.
beneficialPracticing yoga and meditation can generate beneficial karma
weightyThe consequences of her actions carried the weighty karma of a thousand regrets.
planetaryThe planetary karma of our actions is coming back to us in the form of climate change.
niskdmaThere is a niskdma karma on this being.
lifeLife karma is the sum of your actions and intentions in this life.
vedicThe concept of vedic karma holds that our current life is influenced by our past actions, encouraging righteous conduct and the acceptance of consequences.
proximateProximate karma suggests that there is a direct relationship between an action and its consequences.
retributiveThe cycle of retributive karma will inevitably lead to justice.
favorableHer actions accrued favorable karma leading to a life filled with joy and contentment.
unfinishedHe left this world with a lot of unfinished karma

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