Adjectives for Ken

Adjectives For Ken

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ken, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives connected with the noun 'ken' reveals a rich tapestry of nuance and context. Using 'human ken,' we tap into the vastness of human understanding, while 'mortal ken' suggests the limits imposed by our mortality. 'Old ken' carries a sense of wisdom that comes with age, whereas 'immediate ken' points to knowledge that is present and readily available. The dimension of size is introduced with 'little ken,' hinting at a confined scope of understanding, and 'public ken' opens the door to what is universally known or should be. Each adjective not only modifies the noun but shades it with deeper meaning, inviting readers to delve into the complexities of knowledge and perception. Discover the full array of adjectives that illuminate the different facets of 'ken' below.
humanIt is beyond the scope of human ken
mortalThe secret was beyond any mortal ken
oldThe old ken was a wise and respected elder.
immediate'Immediate ken' is a phrase that means something that is immediately obvious or apparent.
littleLittle ken they the terrors of the night.
publicHer actions were in the public ken
poorHe had poor ken of the situation, so he made many mistakes.
youngYoung ken is eager to learn.
commonThe idea was beyond their common ken
presentI have no present ken of such matters.
ordinaryIts ordinary ken could not grasp so strange an occurrence.
okinawaOkinawa ken is the southernmost prefecture of Japan.
propheticThe ancient oracle had a prophetic ken that foretold the future of the kingdom.
saintlyThe saintly ken had a deep understanding of the scriptures.
intellectual"She possessed an intellectual ken that allowed her to grasp complex concepts with ease."
mentalHer mental ken was sufficient to fathom the complexity of the situation.
normalThe results lie outside of my normal ken
fukuokaFukuoka ken wa Nihon no kyushu chiiki ni aru ken desu.
shimaneShimane ken is a prefecture in the Chugoku region of Japan.
narrowIn matters of life, his narrow ken made him see only what he wanted to.
dearDear ken I hope you are doing well.
scientificThe scientist used his scientific ken to unravel the mystery.
farthestBeyond my farthest ken the universe unfolded in its enigmatic majesty.
chunChun ken was a brave warrior who fought for his people.
unwoundedHer unwounded ken saw his treacherous design.
clearestHer clearest ken was that the darkness would never truly end.
piousThe pious ken have no reason to fear death.
nepNep ken is a very nice person.
upperThe meaning of the symbol was beyond my upper ken
limitedThe student's limited ken hindered their progress in the advanced studies.
broadHe had a broad ken of the world, having traveled extensively.
utmostThe utmost ken of human understanding is so vast that it defies comprehension.
usualThis was not within the usual ken of the man with the pipe.
yamanashiYamanashi ken no senaka ni wa Fuji-san ga takaku tachiagatte iru.
eagerOur eager ken seeks unmet wisdom on this arduous path.
lesserThe lesser ken of the common folk was unable to fathom the complexities of the celestial sphere.
clearerWith the storm breaking overnight, the peaks stood out with clearer ken
vulgarHer vulgar ken shocked even the seasoned sailors.
excellentThe detective's excellent ken allowed him to solve the case quickly.
officialShe is the official ken who signed the document.
universalThe universal ken is a concept that refers to the sum of all human knowledge.
deadI'm dead ken on that, but I'll double-check before we go.
oitaOita ken is a prefecture in Japan.
yamagataYamagata ken is a prefecture in Japan located in the Tohoku region.
akitaThe Akita ken is a large, powerful dog breed from Japan.
keenHe had a keen ken of the situation.
miyagiMiyagi ken is a prefecture in Japan.
perceptualThe artist's latest work challenges our perceptual ken of the ordinary.
gifuGifu ken is a prefecture in the Chubu region of Japan.
yoneshimaYoneshima ken a Japanese singer and actor, was born on August 12, 1927.
earthlyHer beauty was beyond earthly ken
wakayamaWakayama ken is a prefecture in Japan.
scarceThe ancient artifact was of scarce ken its origins lost to the annals of time.
historicThe historic ken of martial arts was passed down through generations.
easternThe eastern ken was all dark and silent.
holyHis holy ken can discern the absolute mysteries of the universe.
remotestShe had the remotest ken of the reason behind his behavior.
easyThe report is easy ken and he presented it well.
philosophicThe sage pondered deeply, his philosophic ken guiding his every thought.
sagaHe was a legendary warrior who fought in many battles and became a saga ken

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