Adjectives for Kernel

Adjectives For Kernel

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing kernel, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'kernel' can significantly change its meaning and emphasize different aspects, whether in computer science, statistics, or culinary contexts. For example, a 'new kernel' suggests recent developments or updates, possibly in software. A 'gaussian kernel' dives into the realm of statistical techniques with specific applications in machine learning. Descriptors like 'very' and 'small' highlight the size or significance, influencing the reader's perception of its importance or functionality. Meanwhile, 'hard' and 'sweet' could describe the physical characteristics of a corn kernel, altering our sensory expectations. Each adjective brings its own nuance, painting a vivid picture of the type of kernel being discussed. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'kernel' and the subtleties they convey.
newThe new kernel is running smoothly.
gaussianThe gaussian kernel is a smoothing function used in image processing.
veryThe very kernel of the issue is the lack of communication.
smallThe small kernel was roasted and ground.
hardThe hard kernel was difficult to crack.
sweetThe sweet kernel of the corn was delicious.
wholeI prefer my popcorn with whole kernel and lots of butter.
singleThe single kernel of wheat lay dormant in the soil.
historicalThe historical kernel of the conflict can be traced back to centuries-old ethnic tensions.
realThe real kernel running under the hypervisor, is a privileged one.
rationalThe function has a positive rational kernel
innerDespite its complexity, the inner kernel of the code worked surprisingly well.
originalThe original kernel was damaged beyond repair.
whiteThe white kernels of the corn were plump and juicy.
timeThe time kernel manages the scheduling of tasks in a computer system.
trueTrue kernel is the innermost part of the cereal grain and contains the germ and endosperm.
driedThe dried kernel was perfect for making popcorn.
centralThe central kernel of the idea is its simplicity.
solidThe solid kernel of the stone was unaffected by the elements.
linearThe linear kernel is a simple kernel that computes the dot product between two vectors.
essentialThe essential kernel of a sentence is its subject and verb.
innermostHe is the innermost kernel of the revolutionary movement.
standardThe standard kernel is the most common type of kernel used in most operating systems.
currentThe system's current kernel is version 5.4.0-66-generic.
bitterThe bitter kernel left a sour taste in his mouth.
soundThe sound kernel of the reactor was designed to withstand extreme temperatures.
basicThe basic kernel of the operating system is responsible for managing the hardware resources.
symmetricThe symmetric kernel function is used in many machine learning applications.
tinyThe tiny kernel was carefully planted in the fertile soil.
integralThe integral kernel of the Fredholm equation is given by K(x, y).
simpleThis is a simple kernel
edibleThe edible kernel of this nut has a rich, buttery flavor.
oilyThe oily kernel of the avocado is rich in vitamins and minerals.
windowsThe windows kernel is the core of the Windows operating system.
monolithicThe monolithic kernel is an early model of an operating system that does not have a modular structure.
spiritualWithin the depths of our being lies a spiritual kernel an essence of purpose and connection.
dimensionalThe dimensional kernel of the matrix is 3.
richThe rich kernel of the grain provides essential nutrients.
traumaticShe suffered from a traumatic kernel
preciousThe precious kernel held secrets that could change the world.
dryThe dry kernel was used to make popcorn.
stableIn principle, any stable kernel can be used to perform the Integral Transform Technique (ITT)
appropriateA Linux administrator can select the appropriate kernel for their system's needs from a repository of available kernels.
preemptiveThe preemptive kernel allows the system to respond to events in a timely manner.
matureThe mature kernel was ready to be harvested.
irreducibleThe irreducible kernel of a group is the smallest normal subgroup that contains all the simple subgroups of the group.
bitThe bit kernel is responsible for managing the hardware resources of a computer.
freshThe chef used fresh kernel to make a delicious dish.
latestThe latest kernel has been updated with the latest security patches.
singularThe singular kernel is a special case of the general kernel.
exponentialThe exponential kernel is a type of kernel function that is used in machine learning and statistics.
bareThe bare kernel of the corn was hard to chew.
correspondingThe corresponding kernel is
underlyingThe underlying kernel of the system determines the overall functionality.
modifiedThe modified kernel was used to boot the system.
polynomialThe polynomial kernel outperforms the linear kernel.
brownThe brown kernel of corn was roasted to perfection.
ripeThe ripe kernel was ready to be harvested.
pureThe pure kernel is the heart of the operating system.
genericThe generic kernel is a lightweight and efficient kernel that is designed for use in embedded systems.
computationalThe computational kernel is the core of the computer system.
minimalThe tiny computer features a minimal kernel for efficient resource utilization.
separableThe separable kernel allows the model to be trained on a subset of the data.
substantialThe committee submitted a substantial kernel of the revised report.
goldenThe golden kernel gleamed in the sunlight as it was harvested.
semanticThe semantic kernel of a sentence is its meaning.
likeThe popcorn was like kernels of sunshine popping in my mouth.

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