Adjectives for Keyboard

Adjectives For Keyboard

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing keyboard, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a keyboard can highlight its unique features, functionality, or type. A standard keyboard implies the traditional layout that most users are familiar with, while an electronic keyboard hints at more advanced, possibly musical, capabilities. The term terminal might bring to mind a keyboard used in professional computing environments, specialized and perhaps not for everyday use. Mentioning an alphanumeric keyboard emphasizes the inclusion of both letters and numbers, essential for typing and data entry. A key keyboard focuses on the individual buttons, their responsiveness, or maybe their customizability. Lastly, a full keyboard suggests a layout with all necessary keys, possibly including numeric pads and function keys, ensuring no shortcuts are needed for the user. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to see how each uniquely describes the diverse world of keyboards.
standardI prefer a standard keyboard with tactile feedback.
electronicThe pianist played a complex piece on the electronic keyboard
terminalThe worn-out terminal keyboard needed replacing.
alphanumericThe alphanumeric keyboard is commonly found on electronic devices and consists of numbers and letters.
keyThe key keyboard was a great invention.
fullI used the full keyboard to type this sentence.
smallCan you give me a further discount If I purchase several items via your small keyboard?
virtualI used the virtual keyboard to type this sentence.
specialI'm typing this with a special keyboard
electricI used to play the electric keyboard in my high school band.
screenThe screen keyboard appeared after tapping on the text field.
entireThe dog jumped over the entire keyboard
conventionalThe conventional keyboard has been around for decades.
wirelessI use a wireless keyboard for convenience.
likeThe computer has a like keyboard for extra control.
numericI use the numeric keyboard to enter numbers quickly and efficiently.
styleThe style keyboard allows for a personalized typing experience.
mainThe main keyboard has a variety of keys.
singleI prefer a simple single keyboard with no unnecessary features.
wholeThe whole keyboard was covered in crumbs and dust.
enhancedThe new enhanced keyboard features a wider range of customizable options.
regularI type on a regular keyboard every day.
extendedThe extended keyboard gives you access to many symbols and special characters.
onscreenThe onscreen keyboard appeared on the screen, allowing me to type text.
typicalThe typical keyboard has an alphanumeric section, a space bar, and various other keys.
traditionalI prefer to type on a traditional keyboard
ergonomicThe ergonomic keyboard provides a comfortable typing experience.
normalThe laptop had a normal keyboard
portableThe portable keyboard was easy to use and transport.
nonThe non keyboard input was not recognized.
externalI plugged in an external keyboard to type more comfortably.
simpleThe simple keyboard is easy to use.
manualThe manual keyboard is a great way to type.
separateI prefer using a separate keyboard with my tablet.
detachableA detachable keyboard allows for convenient usage of a laptop or tablet in various situations.
doubleI accidentally spilled coffee on my double keyboard
ordinaryThe ordinary keyboard was covered in dust and crumbs.
softI need to use the soft keyboard to enter text on my tablet.
sizedI prefer a full-sized keyboard for typing long documents.
originalHe was playing his new song on the original keyboard
musicalHe gently depressed the keys of the age-old musical keyboard
typeI am typing with a type keyboard
tinyThe tiny keyboard made typing an arduous task.
englishThis is an example sentence written on an english keyboard
upperThe upper keyboard contains the numbers and function keys.
octaveThe octave keyboard is a widely used musical instrument.
miniatureWith the miniature keyboard he began to type away.
universalThe universal keyboard allows users to type in any language.
alternativeThe alternative keyboard allows for a more efficient typing experience.
remoteI prefer using a remote keyboard to control my computer from across the room.
sensitiveI try to type carefully, but I often make mistakes on the sensitive keyboard
digitalThe digital keyboard provided a convenient way to enter text.
silentThe silent keyboard allows you to type without making any noise.
flatThe flat keyboard was easy to type on.
logicalThe logical keyboard provides a more efficient way of typing.
optionalThe optional keyboard accessory is now available for purchase.
numericalThe numerical keyboard is a section of a computer keyboard that contains the numbers and mathematical symbols.
laptopI have a new laptop keyboard
imaginaryI accidentally spilled coffee on my imaginary keyboard
familiarI quickly typed on the familiar keyboard my fingers dancing across the keys.
modifiedMy modified keyboard allows me to type much faster.
notePlease note keyboard controls are not supported on mobile or tablet devices.
detachedI prefer using a detached keyboard
chromaticThe chromatic keyboard has twelve keys in each octave.
overlayThe overlay keyboard allows you to type in multiple languages.
windowsThe windows keyboard is a popular choice for many users.
mechanicalThe mechanical keyboard provided a satisfying typing experience.
pianoforteThe child prodigy played a difficult piece on the pianoforte keyboard
integralThe computer's integral keyboard made it easy to type even in low-light conditions.

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