Adjectives for Keyboards

Adjectives For Keyboards

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing keyboards, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe keyboards can significantly impact the perceived quality and functionality of these indispensable tools. Whether it's the most innovative design, an electronic masterpiece, or a model boasting many unique features, each adjective unveils a different facet of the keyboard's character. From different layouts catering to various typing needs to the reliability of a standard model or the customized feel of a special edition, the adjectives tell a story. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with keyboards and discover the nuanced descriptions that bring them to life.
mostMost keyboards have a QWERTY layout.
electronicStudents practiced playing their electronic keyboards in music class.
manyThere are many keyboards in the office.
differentDifferent keyboards may have different layouts and key combinations.
standardWe use standard keyboards to input text and commands into computers.
specialResearch is ongoing to find better ways to use special keyboards for people with disabilities.
ergonomicErgonomic keyboards can reduce wrist strain and improve typing comfort.
severalThe music teacher brought several keyboards to class.
alternativeThe use of alternative keyboards has become increasingly popular.
electricThe music was played with electric keyboards
alphanumericAlphanumeric keyboards include both letters and numbers on their keys.
wirelessThe wireless keyboards are very convenient to use.
conventionalThe company has decided to stick with conventional keyboards for now.
modernModern keyboards have made typing much easier and more efficient.
virtualI used virtual keyboards to type on my phone.
portableDuring their trip, the musicians brought along portable keyboards to continue practicing.
multipleI have multiple keyboards in my office.
olderThe older keyboards were sturdy and reliable.
keyI prefer typing on key keyboards
newerI prefer the newer keyboards with the ergonomic design.
fullThe software is compatible with full keyboards
screenWe use screen keyboards to type on our phones and tablets.
styleThe latest style keyboards have ergonomic designs.
terminalThe old computers had big and noisy terminal keyboards
manualThe programmer preferred to use manual keyboards
compatibleThe compatible keyboards are easy to use.
separateShe prefers keyboards that have separate keyboards for gaming.
digitalThe digital keyboards are an essential component of modern computers.
alphabeticI use the alphabetic keyboards to type on my computer.
likeThe sounds were like keyboards
enhancedThe ergonomic design of enhanced keyboards helps reduce fatigue during extended typing sessions.
extendedThe extended keyboards offers many more function keys.
detachableThe laptops have detachable keyboards that can be used as tablets.
numericNumeric keyboards allow for efficient data entry and calculations.
traditionalI prefer using traditional keyboards over touchscreens.
softWe use soft keyboards on our phones for texting.
musicalThe musical keyboards produced beautiful melodies.
sizeThe size keyboards are too small for my fingers.
additionalI need to get some additional keyboards for my new computer.
tinyThe tiny keyboards on the new laptops are not easy to type on.
mechanicalThe crisp clicks of mechanical keyboards filled the room with a satisfying rhythm.
typePat can type keyboards quickly but Sarah can not.
alternateMy computer has two alternate keyboards for various languages.
externalI prefer using external keyboards because they are more comfortable.
specializedSpecialized keyboards were used for the data entry terminals.
brailleBraille keyboards are specially designed for the visually impaired to type and interact with computers.
sizedThe desk has two sized keyboards
smallerThe new phone has smaller keyboards that are more difficult to type on.
sensitiveThe sensitive keyboards registered the faintest touch.
doubleThe musician played the double keyboards with great skill.
miniatureThe ergonomic miniature keyboards are comfortable to use even for extended periods.
inexpensiveOne of the great things about computers is that you get a lot of choices, like inexpensive keyboards
lineThe musician effortlessly played a beautiful tune on his line keyboards
adjustableThe adjustable keyboards allow for different users to use the same computer comfortably.
expensiveThose expensive keyboards have some really nice features
silentThe silent keyboards allowed for a more peaceful work environment.
purposeThe purpose keyboards are designed to make typing more efficient and comfortable.
handedThe handed keyboards will be used by the students.
earliestMany people believe the earliest keyboards were designed by Christopher Latham Sholes.
modifiedThe programmer used modified keyboards to type in multiple languages.
flatThe laptop has flat keyboards
calledThe music was played on instruments called keyboards
programmableProgrammable keyboards allow users to customize the layout and functionality of their keys.
remoteThe remote keyboards allowed me to work from anywhere.
chromaticThe pianist played beautiful music on the chromatic keyboards
adaptiveThe adaptive keyboards offer a personalized and efficient typing experience.
cheapThe cheap keyboards have uncomfortable keys.

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