Adjectives for Kick

Adjectives For Kick

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing kick, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a kick can vividly enhance your sentence and convey the exact action or emotion you aim to depict. A free kick offers a sense of liberation and opportunity, whereas a good kick emphasizes quality and effectiveness. The swiftness of a swift kick can highlight speed and abruptness, while a big kick implies strength and impact. A front kick, on the other hand, specifies direction and technique, contrasting subtly with a little kick that might denote gentleness or lack of force. Each adjective opens a new shade of meaning, enriching your narrative. Discover more adjectives and the unique nuances they add to the noun kick below.
freeThe free kick sailed over the crossbar.
goodThe goalie had a good kick
swiftThe horse gave its rider a swift kick
bigThe big kick sent the soccer ball flying into the goal.
littleThe boy kicked the ball with a little kick
realThis party has a real kick to it!
lastHe scored the game-winning goal with the last kick
highThe martial artist performed a high kick sending his opponent flying.
viciousThe vicious kick knocked the man to the ground.
hardThe hard kick sent the ball flying over the fence.
sharpThe soccer player delivered a sharp kick to the ball.
powerfulThe boxer unleashed a powerful kick that sent his opponent reeling.
quickThe quick kick stunned the assailant.
finalHe gave the final kick sending the ball straight into the net and claiming victory for his team.
roundhouseThe fighter delivered a stunning roundhouse kick to his opponent's jaw.
violentThe violent kick sent the soccer ball soaring through the air.
tremendousThe coffee had a tremendous kick to it.
extraThis coffee has an extra kick that will keep you going all day!
vigorousThe player connected with a vigorous kick
strongThe boxer delivered a strong kick to his opponent's midsection.
savageThe savage kick left him writhing in pain.
mightyThe mighty kick propelled the ball into the back of the net.
biggestThe biggest kick came when I showed him the photo.
dropThe wrestler drop kicked his opponent in the face.
rightThe power of his right kick shattered the board in two.
directThe player scored the goal directly from the direct kick
indirectThe referee awarded an indirect kick to the attacking team after the goalkeeper handled the ball outside the penalty area.
slightThe horse gave a slight kick to the barn door.
roundThe fighter performed a swift round kick sending his opponent crashing to the mat.
gentleThe gentle kick from behind startled her.
solidThe boxer delivered a solid kick to his opponent's jaw.
topHe gave his top kick a beautiful rise.
onsideThe onside kick was recovered by the receiving team.
suddenThe quarterback's sudden kick sailed through the air and into the end zone.
atrialThe atrial kick is the initial phase of ventricular filling.
heartyI enjoyed the hearty kick of the chili.
severeThe horse delivered a severe kick to the rider's leg.
initialThe initial kick of the horse surprised the rider.
occasionalThe occasional kick of the soccer ball echoed through the stadium.
terrificThe player scored a terrific kick to win the game.
inductiveThe inductive kick caused a surge of electricity in the circuit.
leftThe player performed a powerful left kick to score the goal.
brutalHis opponent sent him reeling into the ropes with a brutal kick
backwardShe executed a powerful backward kick
heavyThe heavy kick landed with a thud, sending the opponent crashing to the mat.
convulsiveThe convulsive kick of the horse sent the rider tumbling to the ground.
muleBuck lost his balance and found himself on the receiving end of a mule kick
doubleThe drummer performed a thunderous double kick on the bass drum.
biggerThat car has a bigger kick than I expected.
hugeThe bull Elephant gave the pride of lions a huge kick
heftyThe moose delivered a hefty kick to the bear.
lightThe light kick sent the ball rolling across the field.
furiousPeter let out a furious kick towards the ball, missing the target entirely.
straightThe player charges up a straight kick and shoots the ball with immense power.
yardThe football player prepared for the yard kick
penaltyThe referee awarded a penalty kick to the home team after the defender fouled the striker in the box.
cornerThe defender cleared the ball away shortly before the corner kick was taken.
instepThe martial artist executed a powerful instep kick sending his opponent flying.
rearHe hit him with a rear kick
fakeThe fake kick caught the defender off guard and allowed the attacker to score.
spinningShe executed a powerful spinning kick that sent her opponent flying.
scissorShe performed an impressive scissor kick during the martial arts demonstration.
kneeThe knee kick was a powerful move that could knock out an opponent.
terribleThe terrible kick sent the ball flying over the goalpost.
fierceThe goalkeeper made a fierce kick to clear the ball.
contemptuousHe gave the rude dog a contemptuous kick
niceThe soccer player made a nice kick
forwardThe forward kick is a powerful technique used in martial arts.
soundThe concert sound kick made me deaf.
crescentThe crescent kick was a powerful move that sent the opponent flying.
scissorsThe nimble acrobat performed a gravity-defying scissors kick
playfulThe young kitten's playful kick sent the ball rolling across the floor.
finishingWith a powerful finishing kick the striker sent the ball soaring into the net.
slyHer sly kick sent the ball rocketing over the net.
beatThe beat kick is a swimming technique that involves kicking your legs up and down in a continuous motion.
smartWith a smart kick he managed to break the wooden plank.

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