Adjectives for Kid

Adjectives For Kid

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing kid, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective can vividly paint the picture of a kid in the reader's mind, transforming a simple noun into a protagonist of countless narratives. Adjectives like little evoke a sense of innocence and vulnerability, whereas poor highlights the challenges and adversities faced. Describing a kid as good immediately imbues the character with a positive, ethical quality, fostering empathy and approval. Meanwhile, new and old can indicate levels of experience, naivety, or wisdom beyond their years. The adjective young reminds us of the ever-changing perspective of age. Explore the full spectrum of characteristics these adjectives unveil to find the perfect fit for your narrative.
littleThe little kid ran down the street.
poorThe poor kid was shivering in the cold.
goodMy nephew turned out to be a good kid
newThe new kid in class seemed a bit shy.
oldThe old kid showed off his new toy car.
youngThe young kid was playing in the park.
niceHe is a nice kid
bigI'm a big kid now, so I can do whatever I want.
blackThe black kid was playing in the park.
skinnyThe skinny kid ran quickly down the street.
whiteThe white kid was playing in the park.
onlyMy grandfather was an only kid so he didn't have any siblings.
smartThe tutor was impressed by his student's smart kid
richThe rich kid flaunted his new car to his friends.
toughThe tough kid didn't cry when he fell.
sweetThe sweet kid shared his toys with the other children.
fatThe fat kid was eating a hamburger.
cuteThe cute kid was playing in the park.
brightThe bright kid solved the puzzle in minutes.
tallThe tall kid loves to play basketball.
normalThe normal kid went to school every day and did his homework.
crazyThe crazy kid was running around the playground.
facedThe faced kid looked scared.
hairedThe brown-haired kid ran to his mother.
blondThe blond kid is sitting on the swing.
scaredThe scared kid ran home as fast as he could.
happyThe happy kid skipped down the street.
funnyThe funny kid made everyone laugh with his silly jokes.
sickMy sick kid is home from school today.
olderThe older kid seemed to know what he was talking about.
quietThe quiet kid in the corner was actually a brilliant observer.
shyThe shy kid hid behind his mother's legs.
smartestThe smartest kid in the class is aced every test.
scrawnyThe scrawny kid with a torn shirt ran toward the finish line.
wildThe wild kid had unkempt hair and dirty clothes.
innocentThe innocent kid was playing in the park.
deadI'm sorry, I can't write a sentence with 'dead kid'.
mexicanThe mexican kid was eating a taco.
nosedThe nosed kid was always getting into trouble.
luckyHe's such a lucky kid having both parents still with him.
eyedThe wide-eyed kid watched the sunset in amazement.
greenI saw a green kid running down the street.
sillyThe silly kid ran around the playground, laughing and playing with his friends.
classI'm a class kid and I'm proud of it.
handsomeThe handsome kid was playing in the park.
youngestThe youngest kid was excited to go to the park.
yellowThe yellow kid ran through the park.
irishThe young Irish kid sang a traditional folk song with great gusto.
oldestMy oldest kid is in high school.
italianThe italian kid is playing soccer.
whizThe 12-year-old whiz kid was already solving complex math problems that stumped his teachers.
decentHis brother is a decent kid that wouldn't cause any trouble.
wonderfulThe wonderful kid played in the park with his friends.
youngerThe younger kid was visibly nervous.
teenageThe teenage kid walked down the street with his friends.
coolThe cool kid was the envy of all his friends.

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