Adjectives for Kids

Adjectives For Kids

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing kids, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Describing kids with adjectives such as other, little, many, young, and older reveals a beautiful spectrum of nuances in our perceptions and narratives about children. For instance, little kids often conjures images of innocence and exploration, while older kids might suggest a budding independence. The adjective many reflects the chaos and joy of group dynamics, whereas young highlights the freshness and potential of early life stages. Each adjective we choose paints a unique portrait of youth, colorfully illustrating their individual stories and collective experiences. Dive into the full array of descriptive words to unveil the rich tapestry of childhood through language.
otherShe remembers other kids laughing at her when she fell.
littleThe little kids were running around the playground.
manyMany kids played happily in the park this morning.
youngThe young kids played in the park all day.
mostMost kids are interested in cartoons.
olderThe older kids were playing basketball in the park.
whiteWhite kids know where they stand in life.
blackThe black kids were playing in the park.
youngerYounger kids had a great time playing in the park.
moreI wish I had more kids
highThe high kids were having a blast at the party.
richThe rich kids flaunted their wealth.
bigThe big kids helped the little kids carry their heavy backpacks.
niceThe nice kids were playing in the park.
classThe class kids were all very excited about the field trip.
smartThe smart kids finished their homework early.
brightThe bright kids in the class solved the puzzle quickly.
giftedThe gifted kids solved the puzzle in record time.
biggerThe bigger kids picked on the smaller ones.
sickThe sick kids stayed home from school.
coolThe cool kids were hanging out at the skate park.
cityThe city kids were amazed by the wide-open spaces of the countryside.
mexicanThis statue is in Mexico, and it is a popular spot for mexican kids to play.
smallerThe smaller kids were playing in the sandbox.
healthyHealthy kids lead happy lives.
ageThe age kids can play the game is ten or above.
troubledThe social worker worked tirelessly to help the troubled kids turn their lives around.
wonderfulIt's a joy to parent these wonderful kids
happyThe happy kids played in the park.
gay"Gay kids" are just as valid as any other kids.
cuteThe cute kids were playing in the park.
hungryThe hungry kids ate everything in sight.
coloredI saw some colored kids playing in the park.
latchkeyThe latchkey kids were responsible for taking care of themselves after school.
elementaryThe elementary kids were excited to play on the playground.
enoughThe teacher had enough kids in her class to form two groups.
suburbanThe wealthy suburban kids were always the first to get access to the new games.
homelessThere are many homeless kids in the world today.
juniorThe junior kids are having a fun picnic in the park.
noisyAfter a long day at school, the noisy kids were playing all over the house.
handicappedThere are many opportunities for handicapped kids to participate in sports and other activities.
eyedThe wide-eyed kids stared in awe at the shimmering stars.
irishThe irish kids played in the park.
grandThe grand kids were excited to see their grandparents.
underprivilegedThe organization provides educational support to underprivileged kids
youngestThe youngest kids played in the sandbox.
disabledDisabled kids can learn and grow just like other children, but they may need extra support and resources.
riskThe program is designed to help risk kids stay in school.
nosedThe nosed kids were playing in the park.
skinnyThe skinny kids ran around the playground.
fewerThere were fewer kids at the park today than yesterday.
autisticAutistic kids are all unique.

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