Adjectives for Killer

Adjectives For Killer

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing killer, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'killer' can drastically alter the narrative or emphasis of a sentence, lending it either an air of mystery, horror, or cold precision. Describing a 'natural killer’ suggests an inherent, perhaps unstoppable force of nature. A 'real killer' may bring to mind authenticity or a shocking reality, while 'giant killer' evokes imagery of overcoming insurmountable odds. The term 'serial killer' plunges the reader into the chilling world of crime. 'Blooded killer' has an almost ancestral, primordial connotation, emphasizing the action's brutality. A 'professional killer', on the other hand, implies a chilling efficiency and detachment. Explore the full spectrum of nuances each adjective reveals when paired with 'killer' in the sentences below.
naturalThe natural killer cell is a type of cytotoxic lymphocyte that plays a role in the innate immune system.
realThe real killer had carefully planned his escape.
giantThe tiny Chihuahua was an unlikely giant killer but he bravely faced off against the much larger Great Dane.
bloodedThe blooded killer left a trail of bodies in his wake.
professionalThe professional killer waited patiently for his target to appear.
hiredThe hired killer waited patiently in the shadows for his target to emerge.
silentHigh blood pressure, often called the "silent killer", can damage blood vessels and organs.
majorHeart disease is a major killer of people in the United States.
weedThe weed killer was causing the plants to die.
potentialThe stranger seemed like a potential killer
ruthlessThe ruthless killer struck again, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake
biggestHeart disease is the biggest killer in the world, taking the lives of 17 million people each year.
activatedThe activated killer stalked the unsuspecting victim.
leadingHeart disease is the leading killer of adults in the United States.
actualThe police have no leads on the actual killer yet.
coldThe cold killer was lurking in the shadows, his eyes scanning the crowd for his next victim.
manThe man killer was finally brought to justice.
trainedThe trained killer was relentless in his pursuit of vengeance.
allegedThe alleged killer was apprehended by the police.
femaleThe female killer stalked her victim for weeks before finally striking.
indianThe indian killer was never caught.
crazedThe crazed killer stalked his victim in the shadows.
painThe pain killer helped him relieve his headaches.
effectiveThe effective killer quietly lurked in the shadows.
unknownThe unknown killer struck again, leaving behind a trail of fear and confusion.
bigThe big killer bee escaped from the hive.
suspectedThe police are looking for the suspected killer
brutalThe brutal killer was apprehended by the police after a lengthy investigation.
deadlyThe deadly killer was finally apprehended by the police.
efficientThe efficient killer struck again, leaving no trace behind.
dangerousThe dangerous killer lurked in the shadows, his eyes glinting with malice.
humaneThe humane killer quickly ended the animal's suffering.
timeThis game is a total time killer
famousThe famous killer was apprehended by the police after a long chase.
coldbloodedThe coldblooded killer showed no remorse as he was escorted to death row.
derangedThe deranged killer stalked his victims with a cold, ruthless precision.
largestHeart disease is the largest killer in the world.
mysteriousThe mysterious killer left no trace of their identity.
childThe child killer was finally apprehended by the police.
accidentalThe accidental killer was filled with remorse after taking an innocent life.
maleThe ruthless male killer escaped from prison.
theThe killer struck with a swift and deadly precision.
savageThe savage killer was apprehended by the police.
mercilessThe merciless killer lurked in the shadows, leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake.
pigThe pig killer was finally apprehended by the police.
copycatThe detectives tracked the copycat killer to a remote cabin in the woods.
pathologicalThe pathological killer had murdered thirteen people before he was finally apprehended.
selectiveThe selective killer only targeted specific victims.
potentThe venom of this snake is a potent killer
infamousThe infamous killer was finally brought to justice.
crazyThe crazy killer was on the loose.
ratMy grandfather keeps rat killer in the garage.
deerThe deer killer was never found.
dogThe dog killer was apprehended by the police.
topHeart disease is the top killer in the world.
bloodthirstyThe bloodthirsty killer stalked his prey with relentless determination.
sheepThe sinister sheep killer was never caught.
invisibleThe invisible killer lurked in the shadows, its deadly presence felt by all.

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