Adjectives for Kilometers

Adjectives For Kilometers

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing kilometers, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'kilometers' invokes a sense of distance and space, where the right adjective can significantly alter the perceived magnitude or form. Describing areas in 'square kilometers' illustrates vastness, a choice perfect for discussing land or water bodies. 'Few kilometers' subtly conveys closeness, ideal for short distances, while 'several' or 'many kilometers' hint at longer journeys or larger expanses, engaging the reader's imagination about the distance. 'Cubic kilometers', though less common, opens a dimensional perspective, especially in scientific or environmental discourse. The choice of adjective can transform 'kilometers' from mere units to vivid imagery, making any narrative more engaging. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that complement 'kilometers' below to enhance your descriptive prowess.
squareThe area of the park is 10 square kilometers
fewThe house is located a few kilometers from here.
severalThe wildfire burned several kilometers of forest.
manyThe car traveled for many kilometers along the winding road.
cubicThe volume of the ocean is measured in cubic kilometers
tonThe airline industry is forecast to grow by 4.7% in terms of revenue passenger kilometers and 5.3% in terms of revenue ton kilometers in 2022.
mereThe two towns were mere kilometers apart.
oneThe park is located one kilometers away from the city.
halfThe distance between the two towns is about 2.5 half kilometers
oddThe house is located approximately nine odd kilometers away from the city center.
lowestThis is the car with lowest kilometers on the market.
vehicleThe total number of vehicle kilometers traveled in the city last year was 10 billion.
tonneThe truck was carrying a tonne kilometers of cargo.
scantThere were scant kilometers left to cover.
fiveI ran five kilometers yesterday.
hundredThe car traveled more than one hundred kilometers during the road trip.
metricThe round-trip from Earth to the moon is about 768,800 metric kilometers
unlimitedThe rental car came with unlimited kilometers
thousandThe distance between the two cities is about two thousand kilometers
millionThe Earth is approximately 150 million kilometers from the sun.
dustyThe old pickup truck rumbled through dusty kilometers
sixThe distance between the two cities is six kilometers
seatThe airline recorded 8 million seat kilometers in June, a 10% increase from the previous year.
circuitWe will travel nearly two hundred circuit kilometers in the next three days.
zeroThe starting point of the race was at zero kilometers
squaredThe country has an area of 3,000 squared kilometers
uppermostThe uppermost kilometers of the atmosphere contain several layers.
swampThe swamps extended for many swamp kilometers

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