Adjectives for King

Adjectives For King

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing king, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun 'king' unveils a rich tapestry of narratives and contexts. A 'new king' often heralds a shift in power or ideology, symbolizing hope or uncertainty. The 'young king' might evoke tales of naivety, vigor, or a kingdom on the cusp of change. In contrast, a 'great king' carries a legacy of wisdom, conquest, and respect. The 'French king' plunges us into the heart of European history, while the 'first king' might reference founding myths or emergence from chaos. An 'old king' could suggest a reign touched by time, wisdom, or the inevitable transition of power. Each adjective layers the noun with texture, inviting readers to delve deeper into the stories behind the words. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that define and distinguish 'king' below.
newThe new king was crowned yesterday.
youngThe young king ruled with wisdom beyond his years.
greatThe great king ruled his people with wisdom and justice.
frenchThe french king was very powerful.
firstThe first king of the United Kingdom was George VI.
oldThe old king laughed heartily at the jester's jokes.
lateThe late king had left a treasure chest in his attic.
englishThe english king ruled for many years.
presentThe present king is the most powerful man in the country.
persianThe Persian king was a powerful ruler who controlled a vast empire.
proclaimedRichard III was proclaimed king in 1483 at the age of 30.
futurePrince George is third in line to the throne and will be the future king
deadThe dead king ruled with an iron fist.
trueThe true king will return to his rightful throne.
powerfulThe powerful king ruled his kingdom with wisdom and strength.
spanishThe Spanish king is a constitutional monarch.
christianThe christian king was popular with his people.
formerThe former king attended the ceremony in a private capacity.
mightyThe mighty king ruled his kingdom with a just and fair hand.
poorThe poor king was left with nothing.
danishThe danish king was very famous.
wiseThe wise king known for his wisdom and compassion, ruled the kingdom with an iron fist.
assyrianThe Assyrian king sought vengeance upon his enemies.
egyptianThe egyptian king ruled over a vast empire.
rightfulThe rightful king was finally crowned after years of exile.
swedishThe Swedish king visited the United States last year.
scottishMacbeth was a scottish king
prussianThe Prussian king Frederick the Great was a great military strategist.
ancientThe ancient king ruled with an iron fist.
nobleThe noble king ruled with grace and wisdom.
philosopherPlato's philosopher king is a wise and just ruler who governs in accordance with reason.
greatestThe greatest king of all time was Alexander the Great.
weakThe weak king was unable to control his unruly subjects.
earthlyThe earthly king had been overthrown.
divine"Divine king" is a concept in which a ruler is considered to be a god or a representative of a god on Earth.
uncrownedThough he never wore a crown, he was the uncrowned king of his hometown.
idealThe ideal king is wise, just, and courageous.
famousKing Arthur was a famous king in British legend.
wickedThe wicked king ruled with an iron fist.
legitimateThe legitimate king returned to his throne after being exiled for many years.
legendaryThe legendary king Arthur, ruled over the land of Camelot.
deceasedThe deceased king left behind many unsolved mysteries.
spartanLeonidas was one of the most famous spartan king
heavenlyThe heavenly king smiled benevolently at his subjects.
unfortunateThe unfortunate king was deposed and exiled from his kingdom.
polishThe Polish king invited foreign architects to design the city.
crownedThe young prince was crowned king after his father's untimely death.
gothicBeneath the crumbling castle's towering spires dwelt the enigmatic gothic king
agedThe aged king now weak and feeble, handed the reins of power to his son.
babylonianThe Babylonian king was known for his wealth and power.
graciousThe gracious king bestowed a favor upon the loyal subject.
captiveThe captive king was held in a dark and lonely dungeon.
macedonianDuring his reign, the Macedonian king expanded his kingdom and created one of the largest empires in history.
moorishThe Moorish king was a powerful ruler who controlled a vast empire.
absoluteThe victorious general was crowned the absolute king of the newly conquered territory.
soleThe founder of the shogi tradition, Muramoto, is thought to have been the sole king
piousThe pious king spent his days in prayer and contemplation.
constitutionalThe constitutional king does not have any real power.
unhappyThe unhappy king sat alone on his throne.
exiledThe exiled king returned to his kingdom after many years.
gloriousThe glorious king ruled with wisdom and compassion.
fourthThe fourth king of the United Kingdom was George III.
greekThe Greek king fought bravely against the Persians.
anointedDavid was anointed king by the prophet Samuel.
righteousThe righteous king ruled with wisdom and justice.
frankishThe Frankish king Pepin the short was the father of Charlemagne.
davidicJesus is the promised Davidic king
victoriousThe victorious king returned to his palace with much fanfare.
halfThe half king shuffled the deck with his long, thin fingers.
titularThe titular king held a grand feast in honour of his victory.
portugueseThe portuguese king liked the food.

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