Adjectives for Kings

Adjectives For Kings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing kings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Describing 'kings' with adjectives like ancient, English, early, French, and Persian unveils a rich tapestry of history, nationality, and time. Each adjective illuminates a distinct facet of monarchy, from the revered ancient kings who founded civilizations to the former kings who reflect a bygone era of transition and change. The choice of adjective not only sets the scene but also hints at stories of power, culture, and heritage that are as diverse as the kingdoms these rulers once led. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives and discover the unique essence each brings to the narrative of kings.
ancientThe ancient kings were known for their wisdom and justice.
englishThe english kings were often at war with each other.
earlyThe early kings of Egypt were often buried in pyramids.
frenchThe French kings were known for their power and influence.
persianThe monuments in the complex are attributed to the Persian kings Darius the Great and Xerxes the Great.
formerThe former kings were forced to live in exile.
assyrianThe Assyrian kings were known for their military prowess and their extensive empire.
egyptianEgyptian kings ruled for centuries over a vast and powerful empire.
pettyWe can't call on the aid of petty kings
christianThe christian kings of Europe fought many wars of religion in the 16th and 17th centuries.
scottishThe scottish kings fought bravely against the English.
successiveSuccessive kings ruled with great wisdom and compassion.
earlierThe reign of the earlier kings extended over periods of two hundred years.
foreignThe foreign kings generously donated to the local temple.
spanishThe spanish kings have been a powerful force in European history.
powerfulPowerful kings ruled over vast empires.
merovingianThe Merovingian kings were the first dynasty of Frankish kings who ruled from the 5th to the 8th centuries
irishThe Irish kings were known for their bravery and their love of battle.
germanGerman kings were elected by the electors of the Holy Roman Empire.
danishThe Danish kings ruled the Danish people for centuries.
nativeThe native kings ruled wisely and justly.
deadThe dead kings were buried in an elaborate tomb.
philosopherThe philosopher kings were wise and just rulers.
frankishThe Frankish kings were known for their military prowess and their ability to unite the tribes of Gaul.
britishThe British kings have a long and storied history.
greatestThe greatest kings are those who rule with wisdom and compassion.
saxonThe Saxon kings ruled over England for over 400 years.
macedonianThe Macedonian kings such as Alexander the Great, were known for their military prowess.
indianThe indian kings were in a fierce battle.
medievalMedieval kings often relied on powerful nobles to maintain their control.
rivalThe rival kings fought for control of the kingdom.
mightyThe mighty kings ruled their kingdoms with wisdom and justice.
greekThere are many Greek kings in Athens.
earthlyThe earthly kings of old never wielded such power.
europeanThe european kings fought many battles.
futureThe future kings of England will be crowned in Westminster Abbey.
gothicThe gothic kings were known for their fierce warriors and elaborate jewelry.
spartanSpartan kings were powerful but had to follow the rules of the state.
hellenisticThe Hellenistic kings ruled over vast empires that spanned across the Middle East and North Africa.
moorishThe Moorish kings ruled over the Iberian Peninsula for centuries.
babylonianBabylonian kings ruled over a vast territory that included much of the Middle East.
barbarianThe barbarian kings ravaged the countryside, pillaging and burning villages.
divineThe ancient Egyptians believed in divine kings who were considered to be incarnations of the god Horus.
romanMany roman kings reigned until the collapse of the Roman Empire.
seaThe sea kings ruled the vast ocean with their iron fists.
muslimMany Muslim kings ruled over India during the medieval period.
capetianThe Capetian kings ruled France for over 800 years.
wickedWicked kings ruled over the land with an iron fist.
weakThe weak kings allowed the country to fall into chaos.
africanThe African kings ruled over vast and prosperous empires.
angevinRichard I, of the Angevin kings of England was also known as Richard the Lionheart.
famousMany famous kings have visited this city.
earliestThe earliest kings of Egypt were buried in Abydos.
norwegianThe Norwegian kings have a long and storied history.
hereditaryThe hereditary kings of many nations have long since passed into history.
subsequentHenry VIII's subsequent kings all met an untimely demise.
northernThe northern kings were mighty warriors.
sageThe sage kings ruled wisely and benevolently.
captiveThe captive kings were held in a dungeon beneath the castle.
etruscanThe etruscan kings were wealthy and powerful.
lancastrianThe Lancastrian kings came to power in 1399.
burmeseAfter the Second Anglo-Burmese War many Burmese kings lost their land and were exiled.
easternThe eastern kings were defeated in the battle.
parthianThe Parthian kings ruled over a vast empire that stretched from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf.
syrianThe Syrian kings were known for their wealth and power.
seleucidThe Seleucid kings who ruled over a vast empire in the Middle East, were known for their patronage of the arts and sciences.
swedishThe Swedish kings have a long and fascinating history.
legendaryThe legendary kings of old are spoken of in tales and songs.
tributaryThe tributary kings were responsible for collecting taxes from their subjects and providing military support to the emperor.

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