Adjectives for Kitchen

Adjectives For Kitchen

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing kitchen, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a kitchen can paint an incredibly vivid picture and evoke feelings of warmth, comfort, or even claustrophobia. Describing a kitchen as small or tiny might hint at a cozy, intimate space, perfect for whispers over tea. Conversely, a large or big kitchen suggests an area bustling with activity, where meals are prepared with laughter and where everyone gathers around. Own adds a personal touch, indicating not just any space, but one's special nook, filled with memories and personal touches. While little infuses the image with charm and simplicity, hinting at the essentials done right. For a more comprehensive exploration of how different adjectives flavor your description of this heart of the home, proceed to the full list below.
smallThe cottage had a small kitchen
largeThe large kitchen had a beautiful island in the center.
ownThe house comes equipped with its own kitchen
littleThe little kitchen was full of delicious smells.
tinyThe tiny kitchen was barely big enough to fit a stove and a sink.
bigWe cooked in the big kitchen this morning.
backThe back kitchen was a bustling place of activity.
oldThe old kitchen was filled with the scent of freshly baked bread.
warmThe warm kitchen welcomed us with its inviting aroma.
modernI love the modern kitchen with its stainless-steel appliances and granite countertops.
commonThe common kitchen is where people can cook and eat together.
openThe open kitchen allowed guests to watch as their food was prepared.
communalThe communal kitchen was a great place to meet new people and share meals.
equippedThe apartment comes with an equipped kitchen
separateThe two apartments share a separate kitchen
cleanThe clean kitchen sparkled and gleamed.
fullThe apartment has a full kitchen with a stove, oven, refrigerator, and microwave.
centralThe central kitchen provides meals for all the schools in the district.
spaciousThe house had a spacious kitchen
hugeMy new apartment has a huge kitchen and two bathrooms.
mainThe main kitchen was spacious and well-lit.
royalThe royal kitchen was a hub of activity, with servants scurrying about, preparing the king's elaborate feast.
emptyThe empty kitchen echoed with the sound of her footsteps.
hotThe hot kitchen was filled with the smell of delicious food.
brightThe bright kitchen was filled with the smell of freshly baked bread.
outdoorThe outdoor kitchen was stocked with everything we needed to make a delicious meal.
kosherThe restaurant serves a variety of kosher dishes, all prepared in a kosher kitchen
soupI went to the soup kitchen to volunteer last weekend
fashionedThe small fashioned kitchen was easy to clean.
sunnyThe sunny kitchen welcomed them with its warmth.
narrowThe narrow kitchen had barely enough room for two people to cook at once.
adjoiningWe had adjoining kitchen and dining room.
detachedThe detached kitchen provided ample space for cooking and entertaining.
spotlessThe spotless kitchen gleamed in the sunlight.
cozyThe cozy kitchen had a rustic charm that made me feel at home.
niceI love the nice kitchen that has a lot of space.
shapedHer shaped kitchen has a big island in the middle.
coldThe cold kitchen was left to the new owner.
ordinaryThe dinner cooked in the ordinary kitchen was anything but ordinary.
neatThe neat kitchen gleamed with freshly cleaned counters.
tiledThe tiled kitchen floor was easy to clean.
darkenedTom grabbed a knife from the darkened kitchen
styleThe latest style kitchen employs various appliances and clever ideas to boost organization, productivity, and comfort.
outsideWe have set up an outside kitchen for the summer.
commercialThe commercial kitchen was large and well-equipped.
sizedThe fully-furnished apartment has a large fully-sized kitchen with plenty of counter space and a kitchen island.
enormousThe enormous kitchen had everything a chef could dream of.
comfortableI love to cook in my comfortable kitchen
electricWe cooked dinner in the electric kitchen
sharedI am looking for a flat with a shared kitchen
vastThe cottage had a vast kitchen with a large stone fireplace and a huge wooden table.
busyThe busy kitchen was a hive of activity as chefs prepared a feast for the guests.
lightedThe lighted kitchen was warm and inviting.
crampedThe cramped kitchen was barely large enough to turn around.
efficientThe efficient kitchen was equipped with all the latest appliances.
frontThe front kitchen sink overlooks the lake.
typicalThe typical kitchen has a refrigerator, stove, oven, and sink.
yellowI love the yellow kitchen it makes me feel happy.
makeshiftThe campers used a makeshift kitchen to cook their meals.
immaculateThe beautiful home featured an immaculate kitchen that was a joy to cook in.
houseThe house kitchen was a mess.
stockedThe house had a fully stocked kitchen with everything we needed.
roomyThe house has a spacious and bright roomy kitchen
crowdedThe crowded kitchen was filled with the sound of sizzling pots and pans.
cheerfulThe cheerful kitchen was filled with laughter and the smell of fresh-baked bread.
quietThe quiet kitchen was a welcome respite from the chaos of the day.
compactThe compact kitchen had everything you needed but not much room to maneuver.
innThe inn kitchen was filled with the tantalizing aromas of sizzling bacon and freshly baked bread.

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