Adjectives for Lab

Adjectives For Lab

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lab, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a lab can significantly impact the perception of its size, ownership, age, color, or purpose. A new lab signifies cutting-edge facilities, while a small lab may suggest a more intimate, focused research environment. Owning a black lab could indicate specific experiments or aesthetics, whereas a staffed lab highlights its operational readiness and human resources. Each adjective brings its own nuances, painting a vivid picture of the lab's attributes. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives to explore the diverse characteristics that can define various labs.
staffedWe have a fully staffed lab with experienced personnel.
ownThe scientist has his own lab
newWe are excited to announce the opening of our new lab
blackMy black lab loves to play fetch.
libThe lib lab is open for business.
smallThe small lab was filled with beakers and test tubes.
forensicThe investigation was carried out by the forensic lab
medicalThe medical lab conducted tests to determine the patient's diagnosis.
yellowI love my yellow lab
mainThe main lab is responsible for conducting experiments and testing hypotheses.
localI took my blood sample to the local lab for testing.
privateThe private lab had the latest equipment.
clinicalThe clinical lab is responsible for testing and analyzing bodily fluids to diagnose and monitor various diseases.
mobileThe mobile lab was well-equipped for conducting research in the field.
secretThe secret lab was hidden deep within the mountain.
wetThe wet lab was busy with students working on their experiments.
centralThe samples were sent to the central lab for analysis.
independentThe research was conducted in an independent lab
bigThe big lab had all the latest equipment.
specialThe research was conducted in a special lab dedicated to the study of rare diseases.
experimentalThe researchers conducted their experiments in an experimental lab
commercialThe results produced by this commercial lab are of questionable reliability.
preThe pre lab is designed to prepare students for the experiment.
cardiacThe patient was taken to the cardiac lab for further evaluation.
virtualStudents can now conduct experiments in a virtual lab
professionalResearchers carried out experiments in a professional lab
dentalThe dental lab crafted a realistic-looking crown for the patient.
entireThe entire lab was filled with the sound of whirring centrifuges.
hourWe spent many hours in our science hour lab
usabilityThe new design was tested in our usability lab
hotThe hot lab is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments.
onlineI used the online lab to complete my experiment.
openToday, I'll be working in the open lab
industrialScientists are working in the industrial lab to develop new products.
makeshiftHe conducted experiments in a makeshift lab
miniThe students conducted experiments in the mini lab
undergroundWe have already finished building the underground lab
previousThe previous lab was more difficult than this one.
marineThe students were excited to visit the new marine lab
rayThe ray lab is a research laboratory that focuses on the study of light.
nuclearThe nuclear lab was a fascinating place, filled with the latest equipment and staffed by brilliant scientists.
analyticalThe analytical lab conducted extensive tests on the samples.
scientificThe student conducted experiments in the scientific lab
diagnosticThe diagnostic lab had the latest technology and procedures.
goldenThe golden lab looked up at me with its big brown eyes.
corporateI worked in a corporate lab for many years.
typicalThe typical lab is a well-equipped space for scientific research.
portableThe portable lab was used to conduct experiments in the field.
equippedThe students worked diligently in the well-equipped lab.
digitalThe students worked in the digital lab on their science projects.
clandestineAn investigation by law enforcement uncovered a clandestine lab manufacturing drugs in the basement of a suburban home.
artI enrolled in an art lab course this semester.
multimediaThe multimedia lab is equipped with the latest computers and software.
molecularResearchers at the molecular lab made a breakthrough in gene therapy.
photographicI hurried to the photographic lab to collect the prints.
biologicalThe research team worked diligently in the biological lab analyzing the latest data.
emptyThe empty lab was filled with the sound of silence.
dryRNA was quantified in a dry lab
organicI enjoy working in the organic lab
nearbyLet's go to the nearby lab and do some experiments.
medI went to the med lab to get my blood drawn.
jointResearchers at the two universities have formed a joint lab to study the effects of climate change on coral reefs.
photoI developed my photos at the photo lab
pharmaceuticalThe pharmaceutical lab was developing new drugs to treat a rare disease.
postPlease review the post lab handout before the next class.
testingWe sent our product to the testing lab for rigorous evaluation.
soundThe student was working in the sound lab on her project.

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