Adjectives for Label

Adjectives For Label

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing label, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe a label can profoundly impact the perceived value and uniqueness of a brand or product. A new label suggests innovation and freshness, while an open label can imply transparency and trust. Using own label signifies exclusivity and personalization, contrasting with the familiarity and reliability of the same label. Additionally, a private label offers a sense of prestige and tailored choice, whereas a diagnostic label delivers precision and specificity. Each adjective unfolds a different narrative and audience expectation, highlighting the importance of thoughtful selection. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can enhance your understanding and application of the term 'label'.
newThe new label was put on the box.
openThe open label trial showed no significant difference between the two treatments.
ownWe can provide you with our own label skincare products.
sameThey had the same label of the same price.
privateThe company offers private label manufacturing services for a variety of products.
diagnosticThe patient was given a diagnostic label of depression.
offThe doctor prescribed the medication off label for my rare condition.
majorHe secured a contract with a major label
appropriatePlease attach an appropriate label to the document.
singleThis model is based on the single label dataset.
redThe red label on the bottle indicated that it was a limited edition.
convenientThis option provides a convenient label for the customer and should be used sparingly.
whiteThe software company provides white label solutions for businesses.
descriptiveThe descriptive label was applied to the project.
independentThe band signed with an independent label and released their debut album in 2003.
genericThe product came with a generic label
verbalThe verbal label of the noun phrase 'the big red dog' is 'big red'.
printedThe box had a printed label on it.
originalThere are two price labels for the apple: the original label and the discounted label.
doubleThe package had a double label
fluorescentThe fluorescent label emits light when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
ethnicThe ethnic label assigned to each speaker is based on self-identification.
correctPlease enter the correct label on the package.
uniqueThe new system has a unique label that helps us to identify it easily.
greenThat sale only applies to products with a green label
mereThe mere label on the product was enough to make me buy it.
variableThe variable label can be any string.
blueThe blue label on the bottle indicated that it was a premium wine.
properPlease provide a proper label for the desired output.
officialThe official label on the box says 'Caution: Flammable'.
adhesivePlease attach the adhesive label to the package.
gummedHe stuck the gummed label on the package.
psychiatricThe psychiatric label was given to the patient after a thorough evaluation.
correspondingThe corresponding label is attached to the document.
liberalThe liberal label has been applied to everything from political parties to educational institutions.
accurate"Avoid using always vague or inaccurate labels."
democraticThe democratic label has been used to describe a wide range of political systems.
communistThe article had the communist label
usefulThis book has a very useful label
optionalThis sentence has an optional label
misleadingThe product had a misleading label that caused customers to believe it contained more natural ingredients than it actually did.
distinctiveThe product has a distinctive label that sets it apart from the others.
falseThe false label was attached to the wrong product.
linguisticThe linguistic label is a descriptive term used to categorize a particular language or dialect.
suitableThe suitable label was chosen for the product.
basedThe based label is an important part of the data structure.
conservativeThe conservative label has been used to describe many different political ideologies and movements throughout history.
alternativeWe should think of an alternative label for this product.
boundI found the bound label in the box of books.
familiarThe familiar label brought back memories of childhood.
wrongThe product was returned due to wrong label
feministThe feminist label was proudly displayed on her car, announcing her unwavering commitment to gender equality.

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