Adjectives for Labels

Adjectives For Labels

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing labels, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Adjectives paired with the noun 'labels' provide a rich palette of nuance, directly impacting the context and perception of the term. 'Such labels' might imply familiarity or reference, whereas 'different labels' suggest diversity and variety. The usage of 'diagnostic labels' veers into the technical, pinpointing precision and utility. 'Major labels' often carry a sense of significance and influence, particularly in industries like music. 'Verbal labels', on the other hand, touch upon the realm of communication and description. 'Various labels' indicates a broad spectrum, embracing multiplicity. Each adjective molds the perception of 'labels' in subtly different ways, showcasing the power of adjectives in language. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'labels' and explore their distinctive nuances below.
suchThe students were not defined by such labels as "jock" or "nerd".
differentPeople from different labels gathered in the hall.
diagnosticThe article presents the multifaceted nature of diagnostic labels through an analysis of their historical trajectory.
majorThe band has signed with one of the major labels
verbalThe verbal labels are often used in psychology.
variousHe has been called by various labels including the 'Vagabond' and 'The American hobo'.
privateWe help with the creation of private labels
independentIndependent labels are record companies that operate outside the mainstream music industry.
ethnicThe letter a was added to ethnic labels which only had one.
negativeAvoid using negative labels to describe people or things.
specificThe documents include specific labels for each type of information.
fluorescentThe fluorescent labels on the cells glowed brightly under the microscope.
adhesiveThe adhesive labels were stuck firmly to the box.
convenientThe table has convenient labels for different categories of data.
printedThe packages had printed labels with the company's logo.
traditionalThe company has been using traditional labels for years.
mereThose are mere labels not true reflections of who we are.
standardThe standard labels were printed on the box.
gummedThe gummed labels were applied to the envelopes with care.
ideologicalThe media often uses ideological labels to categorize politicians.
followingThe following labels are required for the document.
redThe jars had red labels
conventional"Conventional labels" are now widely questioned.
psychiatricThe patient was diagnosed with a cluster of psychiatric labels
racialRacial labels should be used with caution.
axisThe axis labels were clear and informative.
derogatoryCertain derogatory labels should be avoided in public discourse.
correspondingThe corresponding labels were attached to the specimens.
alternativeWe are going to use 'alternative labels' to identify the participants.
falseThose false labels on the products were misleading.
correctAll the boxes on the shelf have correct labels
informativeThe cereal boxes on the shelf all had informative labels
coloredThe files were organized with colored labels
smallerThe smaller labels were printed in a different font.
stickyI used the sticky labels to label my books.
arbitraryArbitrary labels are used to categorize data without any inherent meaning.
distinctThe suitcases had distinct labels
familiarShe was putting familiar labels on jars.
uniqueEach product had unique labels to distinguish them from the others.
checkPlease check labels for more details.
codedThe coded labels were difficult to decipher.

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