Adjectives for Labor

Adjectives For Labor

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing labor, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring adjectives associated with the word 'labor' reveals a deep insight into societal values and workforce dynamics. Words like hard, manual, cheap, skilled, and unskilled not only describe different kinds of labor but also reflect on the quality, appreciation, and economic aspects tied to work. For instance, 'hard labor' often connotes a physically demanding task, while 'skilled labor' emphasizes the expertise and training required. Meanwhile, the term 'cheap labor' brings attention to the ongoing discussions about fair wages and workers' rights. Each adjective opens up a new perspective on the workforce, inviting us to consider the various dimensions of labor. Curious about more adjectives that frequently accompany 'labor'? Discover the full list below.
hardThe convict was sentenced to hard labor for his crimes.
manualThe manual labor was intense and exhausting.
cheapThe factory outsourced its manufacturing to a country with cheap labor
skilledThe project requires skilled labor to complete.
unskilledThe farmer is not concerned about the shortage of unskilled labor
freeThe plantation owners used free labor to work the fields.
physicalThe construction workers spent the day doing physical labor
humanThe company relies on human labor to produce its products.
directDirect labor costs are expected to rise in the coming year.
muchThe project required much labor and dedication.
agriculturalThe agricultural labor force has been declining in recent years.
moreThe company needs to hire more labor to keep up with demand.
productiveHer productive labor includes writing, teaching and lecturing.
americanAmerican labor is one of the most diverse and dynamic in the world.
prematureHer premature labor was a result of a placental abruption.
femaleWomen participated in the female labor force more than ever before
lessThis new machine will require less labor to operate.
heavyThe workers endured heavy labor to complete the construction project.
foreignThe company relies on foreign labor to meet its production demands.
hiredThe factory owner hired labor to help with production.
unpaidThe workers went on strike to protest the unpaid labor they were forced to do.
mentalThe mental labor of caring for a loved one with dementia can be overwhelming.
industrialIndustrial labor is a major contributor to the economy.
blackThe company relies heavily on black labor
indianThe Indian labor force is growing rapidly.
additionalThey needed additional labor to complete the project on time.
chineseChinese labor was essential to the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad.
migrantMany migrant laborers come to the United States for better economic opportunities.
honestI'm proud of my father who raised me with the value of honest labor
indirectThe indirect labor costs associated with the project were higher than expected.
immigrantThe state has relied heavily on immigrant labor in recent years.
intellectualThe academic's intellectual labor was recognized with a prestigious award.
extraWe need extra labor to finish this project on time.
nativeThe company relied heavily on native labor to extract the resources.
dailyI need to complete my daily labor before nightfall.
compulsoryCompulsory labor practices have been widespread throughout history.
necessaryThe necessary labor for the project was completed on time.
ruralPolitical reform, however, would have to be supplemented by rural labor to bring about positive change.
difficultThe difficult labor lasted for hours.
surplusThe company is facing a problem of surplus labor as they have more employees than they need for current production levels.
activeThe mother was in active labor for many hours before she gave birth to the baby.
cheaperWe need to find cheaper labor to reduce our costs.
menialThe menial labor of cleaning up after the party was left to the interns.
africanAfrican labor was used to build the pyramids of Egypt.
arduousThe arduous labor of the construction workers had finally paid off.
seasonalMigrant workers provide seasonal labor for many agricultural industries.
availableThe company was struggling to find available labor for its new project.
usefulI highly value useful labor in my workplace.
casualJackie picked up some casual labor at the docks to make ends meet.
emotional"Emotional labor" refers to the effort put into managing one's emotions and expressions to fulfill role expectations.
maleIf someone is researching the male labor market the desire would be to find men in the workforce.
severeThe severe labor shortage has hindered the nation's economic recovery.
costThe cost labor of unskilled workers is typically low.
excessiveYour workload is overwhelming due to excessive labor
patientThe patient labor of the scientist paid off when he finally discovered the cure.
indenturedIndentured labor was a system in which people worked off their debts by providing labor for a period of time.
voluntaryThe volunteers provided voluntary labor to help clean up the park.
migratoryThe children of migratory labor often face educational challenges.
collectiveThe collective labor of the team led to a successful outcome.
nonNot working regularly for whatever reason is called non labor
missionaryThe missionary labor in Africa was challenging but rewarding.
spontaneousThe spontaneous labor began at 6 am, and the baby was delivered at 10:15 am.
immenseThe construction project required immense labor with workers toiling day and night to complete it.
strenuousThe arduous construction project required strenuous labor from the workers.
falseThe expectant mother experienced several episodes of false labor before the real contractions began.
excessThe excess labor created a surplus of workers in the industry.
abundantThe cotton plantation had abundant labor to harvest the crop.

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