Adjectives for Laboratory

Adjectives For Laboratory

Discover the most fitting adjectives for 'laboratory', a term central to scientific dialogues. From 'clinical' to 'experimental', explore how adjectives like 'own' and 'psychological' enrich sentences, offering nuanced insights into various laboratory settings. Perfect for enhancing understanding or crafting precise descriptions in academic and professional contexts.

clinicalThe clinical laboratory provides essential information for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
ownI have my own laboratory where I can conduct experiments.
psychologicalThe study was conducted in a psychological laboratory
experimentalThe new experimental laboratory at the university is cutting-edge.
smallThe committee met in a small laboratory
physicalThe physical laboratory was filled with all sorts of fascinating equipment.
centralThe central laboratory played a key role in our medical research.
diagnosticThe diagnostic laboratory analyzed the patient's blood sample.
scientificThe scientific laboratory was filled with beakers of bubbling chemicals.
privateThe private laboratory conducted extensive research on the new drug.
industrialThe industrial laboratory was filled with the latest equipment.
analyticalThe analytical laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.
modernShe worked as a medical scientist in a modern laboratory
dentalThe dental laboratory fabricated the acrylic resin denture bases.
biologicalThe biological laboratory was a place of scientific discovery and innovation.
medicalShe completed her internship in a medical laboratory
naturalThis isolated ecosystem serves as a natural laboratory for studying evolutionary processes.
cardiacThe cardiac laboratory is a specialized facility that provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with heart conditions.
equippedStudents gathered in the school's well-equipped laboratory to study the properties of water.
independentThe independent laboratory conducted extensive testing on the product.
commercialThe commercial laboratory provided us with a full report on the air quality in the building.
physiologicalThe physiological laboratory contained state-of-the-art equipment for studying the human body.
nationalThe national laboratory is conducting research on renewable energy sources.
routineThe routine laboratory tests were all within normal limits.
bacteriologicalThe bacteriological laboratory was equipped with the latest technology.
forensicThe police took the evidence to the forensic laboratory for analysis.
chemicalThe high school students conducted experiments in a small chemical laboratory
mobileThe mobile laboratory facilitated on-site testing during the medical mission.
pathologicalThe patient's blood was sent to the pathological laboratory for analysis.
marineA marine laboratory is a research facility dedicated to the study of marine organisms and their environment.
vastThe vast laboratory contained state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated researchers.
idealThe ideal laboratory is a place where scientists can conduct their research without any distractions.
photographicThe photographic laboratory was filled with the pungent smell of chemicals.
secretThe secret laboratory was hidden beneath the old mansion.
undergroundThe groundbreaking ceremony for the new underground laboratory was held last week.
excellentThe university has an excellent laboratory for scientific research.
appropriateThe results can then be used in an appropriate laboratory
typicalThe typical laboratory is well-equipped with a variety of instruments and materials.
famousThe famous laboratory was home to many groundbreaking experiments.
rayThe ray laboratory was filled with the latest and greatest technology.
outsideThe results of an outside laboratory test came out negative.
virtualThe virtual laboratory allows students to conduct experiments remotely.
extensiveWe had an extensive laboratory filled with microscopes and dissection tools.
vascularThe vascular laboratory is a specialized facility that uses noninvasive techniques to evaluate and treat disorders of the vascular system.
outdoorThe outdoor laboratory provided an immersive learning experience for the students.
pharmaceuticalThe pharmaceutical laboratory was bustling with activity as scientists worked tirelessly to develop new medicines.
specializedThe specialized laboratory's novel method aids in rapid diagnostics.
organicThe organic laboratory is stocked with all the necessary equipment for conducting experiments.
regionalWe sent the blood sample to the regional laboratory for analysis.
electricalThe electrical laboratory was filled with wires, circuits, and equipment.
accreditedThe testing was conducted by an accredited laboratory
uniqueThe team worked in a unique laboratory for their research.
biochemicalThe research team used the biochemical laboratory to analyze the DNA samples.
molecularWe conducted the experiments in a molecular laboratory
basedThe data obtained from the based laboratory confirmed the hypothesis.
metallurgicalThe metallurgical laboratory was filled with the latest equipment for testing and analyzing metals.
mechanicalThe mechanical laboratory was filled with the whirring of machines and the smell of oil.
surgicalThe surgical laboratory was filled with the latest medical technology.
busyThe busy laboratory was filled with the whirring of machinery and the smell of chemicals.

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