Adjectives for Labour

Adjectives For Labour

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing labour, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'labour' carries profound nuances when paired with different adjectives, revealing the varied nature of work. Describing labour as 'hard' evokes the physical and mental efforts exerted, while 'manual' emphasizes the hands-on and sometimes unmechanized aspects. 'Skilled' labour showcases the expertise and precision required, contrasting sharply with 'cheap' labour, which highlights the unfortunate undervaluation and exploitation in some sectors. 'Much' labour speaks to quantity, often in contexts demanding vast human resources, whereas 'agricultural' labour positions itself firmly within the realms of farming and cultivation. Each adjective paints a unique picture of labour, uncovering the diverse experiences and conditions of workers across the globe. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'labour' below and explore the intricate layers each adds to our understanding of work.
hardThe harsh conditions of hard labour took their toll on his body.
manualThe manual labour required for this job was surprisingly intense.
skilledWe have a team of skilled labours who guarantee a high-quality of workmanship.
cheapThe company's profits increased due to the use of cheap labour
muchThe team put in much labour into the project, working late into the night.
agriculturalThe agricultural labour was hard in the scorching sun.
humanHuman labour is a source of income for many people.
moreHe had to pay extra for more labour
freeThe company relied heavily on free labour from interns.
femaleThe growth of female labour has been significant.
productive"Productive labour" is the expenditure of individual labour-power for the production of use-values.
physicalPhysical labour demands a great deal of strength and endurance.
casualI'm looking for casual labour to help me with some gardening work.
migrantMigrant labour is crucial to many economies, providing seasonal and essential labour.
hiredThey hired labour to help with the harvest.
lessWe need to find a way to do this with less labour
unpaidDue to unpaid labour the workers were unable to make ends meet.
directThe direct labour cost was higher than expected.
indianThe Indian labour force is one of the largest in the world.
nativeThe company relied heavily on native labour to extract the valuable minerals.
industrialIndustrial labour is the work done in factories and other industrial settings.
foreignForeign labour is an important part of the Canadian economy.
dailyThe daily labour was hard and backbreaking.
surplusThe surplus labour resulting from automation can be redistributed to other sectors of the economy.
additionalThe company has hired additional labour to complete the project on time.
ruralThe rural labour force is dwindling day by day.
necessaryNecessary labour is the work necessary to produce the means of subsistence for a society's working population.
prematureThe premature labour was caused by the patient's high blood pressure.
intellectualThe intellectual labour of writing a book is demanding.
heavyThe construction workers engaged in heavy labour to complete the building on time.
honestHonest labour is the bedrock of a thriving society.
africanThe demand for African labour in export-oriented plantations led to the development of new forms of land tenure.
extraWe will need extra labour to finish the project on time.
voluntaryThe project was completed with the help of voluntary labour
maleThese jobs usually require male labour and muscle strength
usefulThe company's useful labour was acknowledged with a bonus.
immigrantImmigrant labour is essential for the growth and prosperity of many nations.
literaryLiterary labour involves the production and distribution of written works.
wageWage labour is a form of employment in which workers sell their labour power for a wage.
incessantThe incessant labour of the workers was rewarded with a bonus.
severeThe severe labour conditions in the factory led to a worker's strike.
difficultThe woman endured a difficult labour that lasted for several hours.
seasonalSeasonal labour is often used in agriculture and tourism.
emotionalThe job required a lot of emotional labour to deal with angry customers.
excessiveExcessive labour can lead to exhaustion and burnout.
landlessLandless labour in many parts of India have been facing a lot of issues related to minimum wages and exploitation
cheaperWe can produce the goods with cheaper labour
arduousThe arduous labour of the farmers was finally rewarded with a bountiful harvest.
abstractAbstract labour is the general, non-specific, non-material form of labour that is common to all human production.
patientThrough patient labour the artist created a masterpiece.
communalThe communal labour of the villagers ensured that the harvest was brought in on time.
unemployedMany unemployed labourers were protesting outside the mill.
collectiveThe collective labour of the team brought the project to a successful conclusion.
colouredThe coloured labour force is an important part of the economy.
worthEvery work is worth labour and respect.
servileThe servile labour in the fields was harsh and unforgiving.
outsideThe company uses outside labour to supplement its workforce.
mechanicalThe mechanical labour made the work much easier.
missionaryMissionary labour has been a key part of the spread of Christianity throughout the world.
continuousThe continuous labour was hard, but it was worth it in the end.
enormousThe construction workers had to put in enormous labour to complete the project on time.

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