Adjectives for Labs

Adjectives For Labs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing labs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe labs can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, painting a more vivid picture of the type of laboratory environment or research being discussed. Whether referring to other labs to make comparisons, highlighting the quantity with many or several labs, emphasizing excellence with most labs, or delineating by purpose with different or national labs, each adjective serves to refine and specify. This subtle choice can impact the reader's understanding and interest. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives suited for labs below, each accompanied by its own illustrative sentence.
otherDr. Smith, along with other labs are working on a cure for cancer.
manyMany labs are working on the development of new COVID-19 vaccines.
mostMost labs do not use specific equipment, however, they do require some of the shared equipment in the laboratory.
severalThere are several labs in the building.
differentWe conducted the experiments in different labs
nationalResearchers at national labs are working on new ways to generate clean energy.
creativeCreative labs is an American company that designs and manufactures computer hardware and software.
libThe lib labs were crowded with students studying for finals.
variousWe visited the various labs in the science building yesterday.
industrialThe industrial labs were filled with the latest equipment.
commercialThe data was analyzed by commercial labs
privateThe company has partnered with several private labs to conduct the research.
federalThe federal labs are conducting research on new technologies.
clinicalThe clinical labs are responsible for conducting a wide range of tests and analyses on body fluids and tissues to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of medical conditions.
medicalThe medical labs were working around the clock to process the COVID-19 tests.
independentIndependent labs verify the accuracy of the medical tests.
mobileThe researchers utilized mobile labs to conduct field experiments.
corporateResearchers at corporate labs are constantly working on developing new products.
academicStudents spent most of their day in academic labs working on their physics experiments.
clandestineThe police raided several clandestine labs in the city, seizing large quantities of illegal drugs.
forensicThe police sent the evidence to forensic labs for analysis.
professionalI sent the samples to the professional labs for analysis.
blackThe two black labs wagged their tails as they ran towards the ball.
biologicalRecently, another mysterious virus leaked from one of the many biological labs in the city
basedI worked as a scientist while at based labs
centralThe central labs are responsible for processing most of the specimens received by the hospital.
routineThe patient's routine labs were normal.
virtualVirtual labs offer students the ability to conduct experiments without the need for physical equipment.
regionalThe regional labs have been tasked with conducting research on the local ecosystem.
scientificThe researchers conducted their experiments in the state-of-the-art scientific labs
hourThe students worked in hour labs on their projects.
wetThe university has state-of-the-art wet labs for students to conduct experiments.
openStudents worked on their projects during open labs
bigThe big labs have the resources to develop new technologies rapidly.
followingThe cardiologist will review following labs and scans.
specializedWe have specialized labs for each subject.
smallerResearch operations, including animal care, were consolidated into smaller labs
numerousThe university had numerous labs for students to conduct research.
artThe art labs were a great place to express my creativity.
experimentalThe experimental labs are designed to test the limits of human endurance.
outsideThe scientists sent the samples to outside labs for further analysis.
multipleWe have multiple labs in this building.
secretThe secret labs were hidden underground, unknown to the outside world.
miniThe students conducted experiments in mini labs
dentalSeveral dental labs use 3D printing to create custom dental prosthetics.
diagnosticDiagnostic labs are responsible for performing a variety of tests to help diagnose and treat medical conditions.
separateThe researcher conducted separate experiments in separate labs
japaneseScientists from Japanese labs are developing new ways to treat diseases.
sophisticatedThe school had more advanced facilities including sophisticated labs
cardiacThe cardiac labs are located on the second floor of the hospital.
illegalThe police raided several illegal labs in the city.
yellowThe children played with the yellow labs in the backyard.
equippedThe university has well-equipped labs to support research and teaching.
networkedNetworked labs promote collaboration and resource sharing among researchers.
hotResearchers were required to wear protective gear when working in the laboratory's hot labs
interactiveThe students engaged in interactive labs to explore scientific concepts.
analyticalScientists are working in analytical labs to find out the root cause of extensive damage to coral reefs
pharmaceuticalThere are hundreds of pharmaceutical labs worldwide.
molecularOur molecular labs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for accurate and reliable testing.
advancedWe have advanced labs to conduct research in various fields.
techThe school's tech labs are equipped with the latest software and hardware.
accreditedOur accredited labs provide accurate and reliable results that you can trust.
overseasWe have many overseas labs for internship and work.
fundedResearch is expensive and more funded labs would accelerate innovation in biotech.
environmentalEnvironmental labs play a vital role in monitoring and safeguarding the health of our planet.
photographicWe had a lot of trouble with the photographic labs as it was very difficult to get printing done.

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