Adjectives for Lace

Adjectives For Lace

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lace, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Lace, a captivating fabric, transforms with the adjectives that precede it. Imagine the opulence of gold lace, shimmering under the chandelier's glow, or the purity of white lace, evoking innocence on a bridal veil. Conversely, black lace whispers tales of mystery and seduction, perfect for a masquerade. The texture comes alive with fine lace, a testament to intricate craftsmanship, whereas old lace carries the weight of history, telling stories of generations past. Not to forget, silver lace that threads the line between modernity and tradition, adding a subtle sparkle. Each adjective not only colors but also shapes the narrative of the lace it describes. Dive deeper into how adjectives define and refine the essence of lace with the full list below.
goldThe general wore a dazzling uniform adorned with gold lace
whiteThe bride wore a veil of white lace
blackShe wore a black lace dress that was both elegant and alluring.
oldHer delicate hand extended out with an old lace glove.
silverThe silver lace shimmered in the moonlight.
delicateHer veil flowed around her shoulders like delicate lace
realI prefer real lace to the synthetic one.
madeI made lace out of the remains of the spider's web.
richShe wore a dress adorned with rich lace that flowed gracefully with every step.
beautifulThe beautiful lace tablecloth adorned the table elegantly.
finestThe finest lace was used to create the delicate veil.
narrowShe wore a beautiful gown with narrow lace trim.
broadShe wore a beautiful gown with broad lace around the hem.
pointThe antique point lace added a touch of elegance to the vintage wedding dress.
irishThe delicate Irish lace tablecloth added a touch of elegance to the dining room table.
handmadeThe beautiful handmade lace added an elegant touch to her dress.
yellowThe beautiful bride wore a wedding dress made of yellow lace
spanishShe wore a beautiful dress with intricate spanish lace
frenchThe delicate french lace adorned the bride's veil, adding a touch of elegance to her wedding day.
exquisiteHer wedding gown was adorned with exquisite lace making her look like a princess on her special day.
venetianThe old lady wore a beautiful dress with venetian lace
greenThe delicate green lace fluttered gently in the warm summer breeze.
blueHer blue lace dress shimmered under the moonlight.
antiqueShe wore a flowing white dress trimmed with antique lace
heavyHer grandmother sat in an ornately carved wooden chair, crocheting with heavy lace and gold thread.
costlyHer beautiful gown was embellished with costly lace
coarseThe coarse lace frayed easily.
englishThe antique English lace tablecloth was passed down through generations.
wideHer wide lace sleeves fluttered in the breeze.
redThe delicate red lace adorned the intricate bodice.
pinkThe dainty pink lace adorned her delicate frame like a soft whisper.
cheapShe wore a flimsy dress with cheap lace
belgianThe intricate patterns of Belgian lace adorned the delicate gown.
filmy"Lace" is an openwork fabric, often made of filmy lace
blondeShe wore a delicate blonde lace gown, its intricate embroidery shimmering in the candlelight.
crochetedThe antique tablecloth was adorned with intricate crocheted lace
flemishThe intricate artistry of the Flemish lace captivated the audience.
pillowThe finest pillow lace has a design that is woven completely with bobbins.
goldenThe golden lace shimmered in the sunlight, a delicate reminder of the elegance of the gown.
rareShe wore a flowing gown made of rare lace
creamyHer wedding dress was adorned with intricate creamy lace
coloredThe vibrant colored lace adorned the dress, adding an intricate touch of elegance.
blondShe wore a beautiful dress with blond lace detailing.
daintyShe wore a beautiful dress adorned with dainty lace
ecruThe ecru lace curtains billowed softly in the breeze.
bootHe tripped over the loose boot lace
italianThe bride wore a beautiful gown adorned with delicate Italian lace
malteseThe maltese lace tablecloth was a beautiful addition to the table.
expensiveThe bride wore a gown adorned with expensive lace
embroideredThe elegant gown was adorned with intricate embroidered lace
prettyThe elegant dress featured eye-catching details, including pretty lace and intricate embroidery.
worstedShe used worsted lace to knit the edging on the tablecloth.
pricelessThe priceless lace draped over her shoulders glistened in the sunlight.
netThe delicate net lace draped elegantly over her shoulders, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to her ensemble.
starchedThe crisp, starched lace of her collar contrasted with the soft, flowing silk of her blouse.
brownShe wore a beautiful brown lace dress to the party.
thinThe woman wore a thin lace dress that revealed her shoulders.
richestThe richest lace was worn by the queen at the ball.
tarnishedThe tarnished lace glimmered in the dim light, a reminder of a forgotten past.
paleShe wore a pale lace dress that floated around her like a cloud.
intricateThe intricate lace on the bride's veil was a work of art.
colouredThe young lady wore a stunning dress with delicate, coloured lace
sheerShe wore a sheer lace dress that showcased her delicate figure with a touch of elegance.
tawdryThe tawdry lace on her dress hinted at a life of indulgence.
valuableThe valuable lace was carefully preserved in an acid-free box.
magnificentThe bride wore a veil of magnificent lace
thickThe bride wore a veil of thick lace
inchThe intricate inch lace adorned the elegant gown.
transparentThe bride wore a beautiful dress made of transparent lace
frillyThe dress had a delicate bodice adorned with frilly lace
regimentalThe regimental lace on his uniform was polished to a gleam.
handsomeThe bride wore a dress with handsome lace trim.
stiffThe bride wore a stunning gown adorned with intricate stiff lace
elegantHer wedding dress was adorned with elegant lace giving it a timeless allure.
snowyThe snow fell like soft, delicate snowy lace
giltThe antique mirror had an ornate gilt lace frame.
ruffledThe wind gently blew through her ruffled lace creating a delicate symphony of movement.
fancyThe delicate gown was adorned with intricate fancy lace that added a touch of elegance.
flatThe flat lace made it difficult to tie a knot.

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