Adjectives for Lack

Adjectives For Lack

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lack, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with 'lack' unveils the depth of scarcity or absence conveyed. A 'complete lack' suggests an utter absence, leaving no trace behind, while a 'total lack' underscores a profound deficiency. The nuance shifts with 'general lack,' hinting at a widespread, though not absolute, deficiency. 'Relative lack' introduces context, comparing one situation to another, whereas 'apparent lack' points to a perceived shortfall, which might not be as it seems. Lastly, 'own lack' personalizes the deficit, making it intimately tied to the individual. Each adjective molds the concept of 'lack,' highlighting different shades of absence or deficiency. Dive into the full list of adjectives to discover more nuanced meanings.
completeThe reporter's complete lack of ethical principles was evident in his biased coverage of the story.
totalThe total lack of rain has caused the crops to wither.
generalThe general lack of opportunity for promotion was disheartening.
relativeHe had a relative lack of interest in sports.
apparentThe sudden downpour caught us by surprise due to an apparent lack of clouds earlier.
ownThe company was ultimately its own lack of foresight that led to its downfall.
certainI have a certain lack of confidence in my abilities.
veryThe very lack of evidence suggests the suspect is innocent.
similarI'm not sure about that one, but I think there may be similar lack of information about it.
absoluteThe absolute lack of support for this policy is alarming.
obviousHer obvious lack of experience showed in her hesitant speech.
consequentThe consequent lack of precipitation led to a severe drought in the region.
presentThe present lack of sleep is making me irritable.
comparativeThere was a comparative lack of experience in the team.
markedThe research team found a marked lack of cooperation among the participants.
entireThe entire lack of clear communication from my supervisor has made it difficult to complete this project.
distinctThe distinct lack of resolution left me feeling uncertain.
notableThe report pointed out a notable lack of qualified personnel.
currentOur current lack of resources has made it difficult to move forward.
simpleHe lost the race due to a simple lack of training.
fundamentalThe fundamental lack of leadership in this organization is the root of all its problems.
conspicuousHer behavior showed a conspicuous lack of concern.
remarkableThe experiment was met with a remarkable lack of interest.
surprisingThis tool has a surprising lack of features.
mereHis mere lack of confidence was holding him back.
chronicThe chronic lack of sunlight during the winter months can lead to seasonal affective disorder.
severeHis severe lack of experience rendered him unfit for the job.
basicThe basic lack of supplies made survival difficult.
allegedThe alleged lack of evidence led to the dismissal of the case.
frequentHer frequent lack of focus made it difficult for her to succeed.
initialLife's initial lack of direction led to a path of confusion and uncertainty.
possibleThe possible lack of funding could delay the project.
overallThe overall lack of diversity in the workplace was concerning.
noticeableThe room's noticeable lack of furniture gave it a spacious feel.
widespreadThe widespread lack of resources made it difficult to provide adequate care.
evidentThe evident lack of enthusiasm for the project was palpable in the meeting.
strikingThe leader’s speech left the audience with a striking lack of enthusiasm.
curiousThe paintings exhibited a curious lack of imagination.
usualThe usual lack of interest in the topic surprised the teacher.
continuedThe continued lack of rainfall has caused the crops to fail.
correspondingThe corresponding lack of seasonal workers led to a labor shortage.
deplorableThe deplorable lack of resources made it difficult to complete the project.
extremeThe team suffered from an extreme lack of resources.
appallingThe appalling lack of resources made it difficult to provide adequate care.
lamentableThe lamentable lack of common sense was evident in the way they approached the situation.
equalThe results of the exams showed an equal lack of scholarship among the students.
strangeShe complained of a strange lack of motivation that had settled over her in recent weeks.
definiteThe team's performance has shown a definite lack of improvement.
sadThe aging infrastructure showed a sad lack of maintenance.
supposedThe supposed lack of evidence does not mean that the claim is false.
characteristicHis characteristic lack of initiative was to his detriment.
temporaryThe temporary lack of sunlight stunted the growth of the plants.
extraordinaryThe book was praised for its extraordinary lack of imagination.
suddenDespite the sudden lack of funding the project was completed on time.
resultantThe resultant lack of competition led to a decline in quality.
persistentHis persistent lack of interest in her made her feel undervalued.
occasionalHis occasional lack of attention to detail cost him dearly.
fatalThe fatal lack of maintenance led to the bridge collapse.
unfortunateThe unfortunate lack of resources hindered the project's progress.
virtualThe virtual lack of sunlight had a detrimental effect on the plants.
astonishingTheir astonishing lack of preparedness astounded everyone.
mutualThe couple's mutual lack of interest in each other led to their divorce.
amazingDespite their amazing lack of evidence, they insisted they were right.
slightThe slight lack of preparation led to a few errors.
plentifulThe shelves were bare, save for only a plentiful lack
grossThe gross lack of funding caused the project to fail.

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