Adjectives for Ladder

Adjectives For Ladder

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ladder, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'ladder' when coupled with adjectives like social, corporate, economic, and educational, transcends its physical embodiment to depict various hierarchical structures and pathways in life. Each adjective brings its own nuance, from 'social ladder' illustrating the intricacies of societal hierarchy, to 'corporate ladder' reflecting the ambitious climb in one's career. The 'economic ladder' speaks to the disparities in wealth, whereas 'educational ladder' represents the stages of academic achievement. Similarly, 'step' and 'long' signify the incremental progress and the extensive journey, respectively. Such descriptions not only enrich the linguistic landscape but also offer deeper insights into the metaphorical ascensions we strive for. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that shape our understanding and dialogue about ladders.
socialThe social ladder is a metaphor for the hierarchical structure of society.
corporateThe ambitious employee quickly climbed the corporate ladder
economicHe hoped that getting his degree would help him climb the economic ladder quicker.
educationalJohn climbed the educational ladder by completing his bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees.
stepI used a step ladder to reach the top shelf in the cupboard.
longThe long ladder swayed in the wind.
woodenThe wooden ladder leaned against the side of the house.
shortI used a short ladder to reach the top shelf.
politicalThe politician hoped to swiftly ascend the political ladder
occupationalHe has worked his way up the occupational ladder from an entry-level position to a management role.
evolutionaryThe evolutionary ladder has many complicated branches.
socioeconomicPeople climb the socioeconomic ladder by accumulating wealth and status.
footThe foot ladder helps you to improve your balance and coordination.
agriculturalThe farmer climbed the agricultural ladder from sharecropper to landowner.
hierarchicalClimbing the hierarchical ladder has always been a goal of mine.
steepHe was afraid to climb the steep ladder
tallThe tall ladder reached the roof of the house.
ricketyThe rickety ladder creaked and groaned beneath my weight.
narrowI carefully climbed up the narrow ladder to reach the attic.
organizationalHe quickly climbed the organizational ladder becoming a manager within a few years.
professionalJohn climbed the professional ladder quickly, becoming a manager in just a few years.
verticalThe vertical ladder swayed slightly in the wind.
administrativeHe rapidly climbed the administrative ladder becoming the company's CEO in just five years.
goldenThe golden ladder stretched up to the heavens, promising a path to enlightenment.
poopHe climbed the poop ladder to the crow's nest.
aerialThe firefighters used an aerial ladder to reach the top of the burning building.
bureaucraticThe bureaucratic ladder can be a hindrance to progress.
horizontalI climbed up the horizontal ladder to the top of the jungle gym.
spiritualThe spiritual ladder is a metaphor for the journey to enlightenment.
promotionalThe sales team climbed the promotional ladder quickly.
heavenlyThe heavenly ladder reached up into the clouds, promising a path to paradise.
scalingThe crew used a scaling ladder to climb the wall into the castle.
twistedThe contortionist climbed the twisted ladder with ease, his body moving in ways that seemed impossible.
portableThe portable ladder was lightweight and easy to carry.
roughThe rough ladder shook as he climbed.
managerialThe employee on the lowest rung of the managerial ladder has a lot of responsibility.
officialThe official ladder was updated with the new rankings.
lightThe light ladder cast a warm glow across the room.
executiveShe climbed the executive ladder quickly, reaching a senior management position in just a few years.
rudeThe rude ladder insulted the stairs.
outsideThe outside ladder was broken, so we had to find another way to get up to the roof.
dualThe university implemented a dual ladder system to reward both teaching and research excellence.
technologicalThe rapid acceleration of the technological ladder has transformed our world.
rungThe fireman quickly climbed the rung ladder to reach the blazing window.
straightI carefully placed the straight ladder against the wall.
shakyThe shaky ladder swayed back and forth.
doubleThe double ladder leaned against the wall.
developmentalThe developmental ladder is a theoretical framework that outlines the stages of development that a child goes through.
perpendicularThe perpendicular ladder provided a way up to the roof.
uniformThe uniform ladder rested against the wall.
makeshiftThey constructed a makeshift ladder from a pile of scrap wood.
crudeWith a crude ladder he climbed to the roof.
mysticThe mystic ladder reached to the heavens, inviting a journey of spiritual ascension.
slipperyHe climbed the slippery ladder with caution.
judicialThe lawyer had climbed the judicial ladder rapidly.
silkenI climbed the silken ladder to reach the top of the castle tower.
mysticalThe mystical ladder reached up into the clouds, its ethereal rungs inviting the seeker to ascend to higher realms.
fixedThe worker ascended the fixed ladder to reach the top of the building.
starboardThe starboard ladder provided easy access to the upper deck.
sideI climbed the side ladder to reach the top of the cliff.
platonicThe platonic ladder is a philosophical construct that represents the hierarchy of forms.
theThe ladder was leaning against the wall.
mysteriousFar up in the sky, I spotted a mysterious ladder that seemed to stretch into another dimension.
notchedHe climbed up the notched ladder to the top of the barn

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