Adjectives for Lamb

Adjectives For Lamb

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lamb, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'lamb' evokes an array of vivid images and emotions, significantly influenced by the adjectives it pairs with. A 'little lamb' may conjure the innocence and purity of youth, while a 'paschal lamb' delves into historical and religious realms, symbolizing sacrifice and renewal. The term 'sacrificial lamb' expands on this theme, suggesting an offering or a victim. 'Poor lamb' tugs at the heartstrings, implying vulnerability and the need for protection. A 'fetal lamb' introduces a scientific and biological perspective, focusing on developmental stages. Lastly, 'shorn lamb' might illustrate themes of loss or renewal. Each adjective uniquely shades the meaning of 'lamb,' reflecting a wide spectrum of interpretations and emotions. Discover the full array of adjectives that enrich the noun 'lamb' and explore the nuances each pair brings.
littleThe little lamb skipped through the meadow.
paschalThe Israelites sacrificed the paschal lamb before the exodus from Egypt.
sacrificialThe sacrificial lamb was led to the slaughter
poorThe poor lamb was shivering in the cold.
fetalResearchers studied the physiological changes in the fetal lamb during labor.
shornThe shorn lamb shivered in the cold wind.
youngThe young lamb frolicked in the meadow.
innocentThe innocent lamb skipped through the meadow, unaware of the dangers lurking nearby.
whiteThe gentle white lamb grazed peacefully in the meadow.
roastThe aroma of the roast lamb filled the air.
newbornThe newborn lamb bleated softly in its mother's embrace.
blackThe black lamb frolicked in the meadow, its wool shimmering in the sunlight.
deadThe dead lamb was lying in the field.
trueThe true lamb of God takes away the sin of the world.
spotlessThe spotless lamb frolicked in the verdant meadow.
persianThe dish was garnished with a strip of persian lamb
dearDear lamb you are so precious to me.
gentleThe gentle lamb skipped happily across the meadow.
coldThe cold lamb was delicious.
fatThe fat lamb skipped merrily through the meadow.
lostThe lost lamb wandered aimlessly, far from the safety of its flock.
bornThe born lamb frolicked in the meadow.
passoverThe passover lamb was sacrificed on the evening of the fourteenth day of the first month.
foetalThe foetal lamb was removed for examination.
woollyThe woolly lamb skipped merrily in the spring meadow.
holyThe holy lamb symbolizes the innocence and sacrifice of Christ.
sweetThe sweet lamb skipped across the meadow.
perfectThe perfect lamb roasted slowly in the oven.
maleThe male lamb skipped through the meadow.
leanThe dish features lean lamb marinated in a blend of herbs and spices.
petThe pet lamb frolicked in the meadow, its wool gleaming white in the sunlight.
grilledThe grilled lamb was seasoned with herbs and spices.
eweThe ewe lamb frolicked in the meadow.
slainThe slain lamb lay on the altar, its blood seeping into the earth.
slaughteredThe slaughtered lamb lay motionless in the field.
unblemishedIn the pasture, grazed an unblemished lamb
freshThe fresh lamb was expertly seasoned and roasted to perfection.
immaculateHe was as pure as an immaculate lamb
sacrificedThey treated him like a sacrificed lamb
liveThe farmer brought the live lamb to the market.
goldenThe golden lamb grazed peacefully in the lush meadow.
helplessThe helpless lamb stood trembling in the corner of the field.
cookedThe cooked lamb tasted delicious.
weakThe weak lamb trembled in fear as the storm raged on.
tinyThe tiny lamb hopped around the meadow, its soft fleece shimmering in the sunlight.
pureThe stew contained pure lamb and vegetables.
sickThe sick lamb was shivering in the corner of the barn.
mincedI cooked a delicious meal with minced lamb
blessedThe blessed lamb grazed peacefully in the meadow.
prettyThe pretty lamb skipped through the meadow.
frozenThe frozen lamb chops were cooked to perfection.
orphanThe orphan lamb bleated pitifully, searching for its mother.
unbornThe unborn lamb frolicked in the lush green grass.
stuffedThe tender stuffed lamb roasted slowly in the oven.
weeFollow me wee lamb through the park and over the stile.
boiledThe boiled lamb was tender and juicy.
curriedThe curried lamb had a flavorful kick to it.
sillyThe silly lamb jumped over the moon
pascalThe pascal lamb was sacrificed as a symbol of hope for the Jewish people.
barbecuedI love the smell of barbecued lamb on a summer evening.
favoriteMy favorite lamb is the one that I raised from a baby.
succulentThe succulent lamb melted in his mouth.
baaThe baa lamb frolicked in the green meadow.
rawThe raw lamb was marinated in a blend of herbs and spices.
sinlessThe sinless lamb was sacrificed for our sins.
slicedThe sliced lamb was cooked to perfection.
strayedThe strayed lamb wandered aimlessly in the vast meadow.

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