Adjectives for Lan

Adjectives For Lan

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lan, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'lan' brings to the forefront a wide array of technological nuances when paired with different adjectives. A 'wireless lan' emphasizes convenience and mobility, unlocking opportunities for seamless connectivity without the physical constraints. Contrastingly, a 'wired lan' suggests reliability and speed, providing a stable foundation for high-demand environments. The adjective 'corporate' paints a picture of a lan entrenched in business operations, highlighting its role in facilitating communication and data exchange on a large scale. Meanwhile, 'same', 'single', and 'local' each add their unique perspectives, from shared characteristics to individuality and geographical specificity. These adjectives, among others, enrich our understanding of lan, reflecting its versatile role in modern networking. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that sculpt the landscape of lan below.
wirelessI need to connect to the wireless lan
sameThey speak the same language.
wiredThe company's internal communication system is still wired LAN-based.
singleThe single lan was empty.
localI like to speak the local lan
internalThe internal lan was closed for maintenance.
virtualThe virtual lan provides isolation between different devices on the same network.
smallThe small lan was a beautiful sight to behold.
privateThe private lan was closed to the public.
typicalTypical lan is a type of tree found in Southeast Asia.
extendedHer extended lan was long and flowy.
meiMei lan is a famous Chinese opera singer.
shuShu lan is a beautiful flower that symbolizes nobility and elegance.
remoteThe remote lan was beautiful and serene.
entireThe entire land was covered in a thick blanket of snow.
physicalThe physical land was mentioned in history book.
traditionalThe traditional language of the people is Kashmiri or Koshur.
chihChih lan is a beautiful flower.
shianUnder the shade of the shian lan tree, the children played happily.
broadbandThe company offers a broadband lan connection for its customers.
interX took a long look at the system table lan descriptions and inter lan connections in the new system db2 database.
bridgedThe new bridge bridged land and river.
alkebuAlkebu lan is the oldest name for Africa that refers to the people, the civilization, and the continent.
separateWe need to separate lan and wan connections.
chunChun lan a type of orchid, is highly prized in China for its elegant blooms and delicate fragrance.
standardThis is a sentence in standard language.
opticalThe optical lan is running slowly again.
departmentalThe departmental lan was a bit too narrow for the large vehicle.
hsiuHsiu lan is a beautiful name.
secureThe secure lan was protected by a firewall and IDS.
conventionalI have never heard of conventional lan
shengSheng Lan's intelligence and resourcefulness helped her navigate the treacherous waters of the Ming Court.
wakeWake lan is used to wake up a computer from a low power state.
opticThey used optic lan to protect themselves from the bright light.
logicalI am trying to create a program that can process logical lan
bengBeng lan banyak dijumpai di daerah pegunungan.
wanWan lan is a kind of orchid.
isolatedThe isolated lan was a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the scenery.
passingThe driver passed the car in the passing lane.

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