Adjectives for Lance

Adjectives For Lance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a lance can dramatically shift a sentence's tone and imagery. A free lance evokes a sense of liberation and autonomy, contrasting sharply with the vulnerability implied by a broken lance. A long lance extends the reaches of combat or competition, whereas a strong lance emphasizes durability and force. The holy lance, infused with an aura of divinity and legend, adds a layer of mystique. Each adjective carries unique connotations, painting different pictures in the minds of readers. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'lance' and how they can enhance your narrative.
freeThe free lance writer submitted his article to the editor.
longThe knight charged forward with his long lance aimed at the heart of his opponent.
brokenThe broken lance lay on the battlefield, a testament to the fierce battle that had taken place.
strongHe charged the enemy with a strong lance
holyThe holy lance pierced through the darkness with a blinding light.
sharpThe knight charged into battle with a sharp lance in his hand.
heavyThe knight charged forward with his heavy lance aimed at the enemy's heart.
pointedThe knight charged forward with his pointed lance
shortThe knight charged at the enemy with his short lance
sacredThe sacred lance pierced through the darkness, illuminating the path to victory.
bestThe best lance is the one that fits your hand.
magicThe knight charged into battle with his magic lance at the ready.
woodenThe knight thrust his wooden lance towards the approaching enemy.
goldenThe golden lance pierced through the knight's armor.
footThe foot lance of the knight was made of fine steel.
ponderousThe knight charged into battle with his ponderous lance at the ready.
deadlyThe knight charged at the dragon with his deadly lance
toughThe tough lance pierced the knight's armor.
lightThe knight charged forward with his light lance at the ready.
tallThe knight charged forth, his tall lance gleaming in the sunlight.
fieryThe dragon breathed out a fiery lance that incinerated its enemies.
slenderThe knight charged with his slender lance pointed at the opponent's heart.
flamingThe knight charged into battle with a flaming lance
bloodyThe knight charged forward with his bloody lance ready to strike his foe.
brightA ray of sunlight refracted through a prism formed a bright lance across her eyes.
hugeThe knight charged into battle with his huge lance
stoutThe knight charged into battle with his stout lance held high.
cooledThe cooled lance was propped up against a tree.
keenThe knight's keen lance pierced through the enemy's armor.
mightyThe knight charged forward with his mighty lance at the ready.
headedThe knight charged forward, his headed lance aimed at the dragon's heart.
featheredThe feathered lance pierced through the enemy's armor.
barbedThe knight hurled a barbed lance at his opponent.
enchantedThe brave warrior faced the fearsome dragon with an enchanted lance in hand.
thermicThe thermic lance cut through the metal door with ease.
polishThe polish lance of the captain was the most prized possession of his regiment.
terribleThe knight charged into battle with a terrible lance
victoriousThe victorious lance pierced the heart of the dragon.
hostileThe hostile lance was poised to strike.
braveThe brave lance pierced through the enemy's armor.
avengingThe knight charged into battle, his avenging lance raised high.
whaleThe whalers used their whale lances to harpoon the giant sea creature.
celestialThe celestial lance pierced through the darkness, illuminating the path to the unknown.
thirstyThe thirsty lance stabbed at the vulnerable knight.
ceremonialThe ceremonial lance was a symbol of the chief's authority.
ashenThe ashen lance gleamed in the dim light, its metal forged in the depths of hell.
splinteredThe splintered lance pierced the knight's armor, sending shards of metal scattering across the battlefield.
readyThe knight charged forward, his ready lance shimmering in the sunlight.
bluntedThe knight charged forward with his blunted lance leaving his opponent dazed and disoriented.
shatteredThe knight charged forward, his shattered lance useless against the dragon's scales.
fireThe fire lance was a weapon that used gunpowder to propel a projectile.
fallenThe fallen lance lay in the mud, a testament to the battle that had just taken place.
fatalThe knight charged forward, his fatal lance poised to pierce the enemy's heart.
bluntThe blunt lance pierced the soft flesh of the foe, ending the battle swiftly.
thickThe knight charged with his thick lance
quellingThe knight charged into the fray, his quelling lance piercing through the enemy's ranks.
upliftedThe knight rode into battle with his uplifted lance

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