Adjectives for Land

Adjectives For Land

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing land, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'land' is a canvas, painted with countless adjectives that add color and depth to our descriptions. Whether we speak of 'native land,' evoking a sense of belonging and origin, or 'own land,' highlighting ownership and personal attachment, adjectives shape our emotional and physical connection to it. Terms like 'agricultural' and 'arable' direct us towards its usage and fertility, while 'dry' suggests its condition and challenges. Each adjective sewn next to 'land' unveils a layer, a story, or a potential awaiting exploration. Dive into the nuances and see how each term redefines 'land' in its unique way. Explore the full list of adjectives for a richer understanding of this foundational noun.
nativeThe refugees hoped to one day return to their native land
ownThe farmer tilled the rich soil of his own land
agriculturalOur agricultural land is very fertile.
arableArable land is crucial for the production of crops to sustain the world's growing population.
dryThe boat carried us safely to dry land
moreI bought more land recently.
foreignI have always dreamed of traveling to a foreign land
cultivatedThe continuous rains washed away the fertile top layer of the cultivated land
strangeThe weary travelers stumbled upon a strange land where the sun cast an eerie golden hue upon the unfamiliar landscape.
muchThe farmer tends to much land growing crops and raising livestock.
fertileThe fertile land produced abundant crops.
wholeI have traveled the whole land
publicWe spent 50 years fighting for public land to save it for future generations.
freeThe government gave free land to settlers who were willing to farm it.
flatThe flat land stretched out before them, offering a clear view for miles.
privateThe private land was fenced off from the public road.
richThe rich land yielded abundant crops.
distantThe distant land held promise of a new life.
bestThe best land is that which is most productive.
vacantThe vacant land lay fallow, a reminder of the town's abandoned past.
openAfter class, Tom strolled across the open land beyond the school.
tableThe table land was a sight to behold, with its grassy slopes and rugged cliffs.
irrigatedThe irrigated land stretched as far as the eye could see.
availableThere was plenty of available land for the new development.
enoughWe have enough land to build a new house.
additionalWe need to find additional land to build the new park.
barrenShe was exhausted after crossing the barren land
holyPilgrims from around the world flock to the Holy land to visit sites sacred to their faith.
urbanThe urban land was heavily developed, with tall buildings and busy streets.
productiveThe fertile soil of the productive land yielded an abundant harvest.
wildThe wild land stretched out before us, a vast and untamed expanse.
promisedThe Promised land is a land that is promised to a group of people.
marginalThe marginal land was only good for grazing cattle.
unknownSailing across the vast ocean, they stumbled upon an unknown land teeming with wonder and mystery.
uncultivatedThe uncultivated land was a vast expanse of rolling hills and grasslands.
cheapThe farmer bought cheap land in the countryside.
fairyShe was a beautiful fairy with wings that sparkled like the stars, and she came from a fairy land beyond the clouds.
fairThe rolling green hills of our fair land are dotted with wildflowers that paint a vibrant tapestry that stretches as far as the eye can see.
virginThe settlers moved west to find virgin land for farming.
undevelopedA developer bought the undeveloped land to construct a new office building.
happyThe little boy ran through the happy land his laughter echoing through the trees.
bottomThe catfish like to spawn in this bottom land
vastThe explorers ventured across the vast land in search of new frontiers.
fallowThe farmer gazed out over the vast expanse of fallow land
lessThe country has been struggling with less land to farm for the growing population.
adjacentThe adjacent land was covered in crops and livestock.
sufficientThe farmer had sufficient land to grow a variety of crops.
reclaimedThe reclaimed land was once a barren wasteland, but now it is a thriving ecosystem.
ownedThe town's owned land is next to the lake.
greenThe green land stretched as far as the eye could see.
communalThe villagers were granted rights to the communal land
ruralThe rural land was full of rolling hills and lush green fields.
aridThe pioneers arrived in the arid land where water was scarce and the sun was relentless.
unoccupiedThe unoccupied land was a vast expanse of rolling hills and valleys.
suitableThe government has identified suitable land for the new housing development.
unusedThe farmer had a large area of unused land he needed to sell.
wetThe wet land of the riverbank was a perfect spot for the migratory birds to rest.
surplusThe surplus land was sold to a developer for a housing project.
forestShe spent her childhood exploring the forest land near her home.
emptyThe empty land stretched out before them, a vast expanse of nothingness.
ancestralThe tribe believes in maintaining a spiritual connection with their ancestral land
tribalThe tribe was granted ownership of the tribal land
pleasantThe farmers were glad as they walked through their pleasant land
freeholdThe freehold land was passed down through generations of the family.
nearestThe nearest land is about 1,000 miles away.
dearI love my dear land where I was born.
primeThe house was built on prime land with a beautiful view.
alienThe spaceship landed in an alien land

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