Adjectives for Landing

Adjectives For Landing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing landing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'landing' can evoke various sensations and bring to life different aspects of an experience. A 'first landing' might evoke feelings of pioneering or new beginnings, while a 'safe landing' reassures and brings peace of mind. The touch of a 'soft landing' suggests gentleness and care, contrasting with the precision suggested by a 'second landing.' An 'amphibious landing' opens a realm of adventure and adaptability, whereas a 'floor landing' hints at the ordinary or mundane. Each adjective shades the noun with unique tones, adding depth and specificity to the narrative. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'landing' and the nuanced tales they tell below.
firstThe astronaut made their first landing on the moon.
safeAfter a turbulent flight, the plane made a safe landing
softThe aircraft made a soft landing on the runway.
secondThe team waited for the second landing of the spaceship.
amphibiousMarines conducted an amphibious landing on the beachhead.
floorShe was rushing to the floor landing lest she missed the last elevator.
successfulThe spacecraft made a successful landing on the surface of Mars.
goodThe plane performed a good landing
lunarThe lunar landing was a historic event that occurred in 1969.
topI walked up the stairs to the top landing
perfectA skilled pilot performed a perfect landing
upperI left my keys on the upper landing
nextWhen is the next landing on Mars?
hardThe plane made a hard landing on the runway.
moonThe moon landing was a historic event that marked a significant milestone in human space exploration.
americanThe American landing on Omaha Beach was a turning point in the war.
initialThe initial landing on the Moon was a historic event.
actualThe team realized that the actual landing location was slightly off from their planned trajectory.
thirdHe slowly made his way toward the third landing of the tower.
smoothThe plane made a smooth landing on the tarmac.
lowerThey paused on the lower landing
mannedApollo 11 was the first manned landing on the moon.
roughThe plane experienced a rough landing due to the thunderstorm.
possibleWe are seeking a possible landing near the river.
pointThe pilot performed a perfect point landing on the aircraft carrier.
badThe pilot made a bad landing causing the plane to skid off the runway.
finalThe plane made its final landing at 10:00 AM.
upstairsThere was a noise coming from the upstairs landing
unopposedThe troops made an unopposed landing on the beach.
forcedThe plane performed a forced landing due to engine failure.
easyThe pilot made an easy landing on the runway.
narrowThe plane had to make a narrow landing due to poor weather conditions.
airborneThe paratroopers carried out an airborne landing behind enemy lines.
darkHe entered the dark landing and made his way towards the lift.
immediateThe pilot instructed the plane to make an immediate landing
happyThe plane made a happy landing on the runway.
wideThe plane made a wide landing on the tarmac.
blindThe pilot executed a successful blind landing in difficult weather conditions.
broadWe enjoyed a broad landing on the beach and quickly set up camp.
difficultThe plane had a difficult landing due to strong crosswinds.
bottomThe bottom landing led to a dark and dusty basement.
intermediateThe aircraft made an intermediate landing at the nearby airport for refueling.
intendedThe capsule made an intended landing in the Atlantic Ocean.
seaborneThe seaborne landing was a success.
verticalThe spacecraft performed a vertical landing on the surface of Mars.
dayThe aircraft performed a day landing without any problems.
instrumentThe aircraft is equipped with an instrument landing system.
bumpyThe plane made a rough and bumpy landing in the rain.
opposedThe meeting was abruptly adjourned as the chairman opposed landing
fourthThe fourth landing was as chaotic as the first.
historicThe historic landing took place on the moon.
halfI stepped onto the half landing and paused to catch my breath.
crashThe spaceship experienced a rough crash landing on the distant planet.
scaleThe pilot skillfully executed a perfect scale landing on the short runway.
spanishThe Spanish landing was a pivotal moment in history.
controlledThe aircraft made a controlled landing on the runway.
automaticThe plane made an automatic landing in bad weather.
convenientThe jet gracefully descended, making a convenient landing into the stormy city.
gentleThe spacecraft made a gentle landing on the distant planet.
alliedAllied landing forces made a decisive advance into enemy territory.
northWe saw a plane making a north landing at the airport.
unscheduledThe plane made an unscheduled landing due to a mechanical issue.
nearestHe wanted to check his GPS to see what the nearest landing spot was.
tankThe tank landing was a success.
stickThe gymnast performed a breathtaking stick landing
hostileThe hostile landing by enemy forces was met with fierce resistance.
tinyThe tiny landing area was barely large enough for the helicopter to land.
uneventfulThe spacecraft touched down with an uneventful landing

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