Adjectives for Lands

Adjectives For Lands

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lands, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe lands can greatly affect the perception of your message. 'Other lands' evoke a sense of shared space with unspecified boundaries, perhaps hinting at exploration or mystery. 'Public lands,' in contrast, denote areas belonging to the community, accessible to everyone and preserved for public use. 'Foreign lands' carry an exotic allure, suggesting cultural diversity and new experiences. 'New lands' imply discovery and the beginning of a journey, while 'distant lands' speak to remoteness and the challenges of reach. 'Agricultural lands' highlight the importance of cultivation and sustenance. Each adjective opens up a unique narrative, inviting readers to explore the vast and varied landscapes of our planet. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that enrich the noun 'lands' and expand your descriptive horizons below.
otherAcross the vast ocean lay other lands beckoning with untold mysteries and adventures.
publicThe public lands of the United States are vast and diverse, offering a wide range of recreational opportunities.
foreignThe traveler longed to explore foreign lands and discover their hidden wonders.
newExplorers ventured into new lands mapping the world like never before.
distantThe explorer embarked on a perilous journey to distant lands
agriculturalThe agricultural lands were vast and fertile.
westernThere were rumors of gold in the western lands
indianThe tribe received the indian lands back in 1983.
certainWe crossed certain lands in the north.
richThe rich lands of the Nile River Valley were a magnet for ancient civilizations.
fertileThe fertile lands of the Nile Valley have been a source of sustenance for centuries.
privateThe developers had to acquire private lands in order to build the new highway.
lowThe low lands were flooded during the heavy rains.
commonThe common lands were open to all villagers for grazing and gathering.
aridThe lush fields had given way to arid lands
bottomThe invaders were finally driven out and the village abandoned, leaving the bottom lands to a new series of occupants.
federalThe federal lands are managed by the Bureau of Land Management.
tribalThe tribal lands include reservations and trust lands.
cultivatedThe peasants worked hard to increase productivity in the cultivated lands
communalWe now have communal lands we have forests, we have rivers and we have minerals.
marginalThe expansion of marginal lands into agriculture has led to increased soil degradation.
arabThe Arab lands have a long and rich history.
strangeHe had visited strange lands and seen many wonders.
dryThe dry lands of the desert stretched out before us.
ancestralThe tribe's ancestral lands were once a vast and verdant expanse.
irrigatedThe irrigated lands were a verdant oasis in the arid desert.
wildWe drove through miles of wild lands to reach the remote cabin.
christianChristian lands were often at war with each other.
northernThe northern lands were a cold and unforgiving place.
flatWe drove through flat lands to reach the foothills.
easternThe traveler traversed the ancient route across the eastern lands
adjacentThe adjacent lands were once home to many different tribes.
tableThe flat surfaces of the table lands were covered in desert vegetation.
germanThe German lands were divided into many small states.
vastThe vast lands stretched out as far as the eye could see.
vacantI heard the town is planning to build a park on the vacant lands near the river.
arableIn the wake of population growth, arable lands are becoming increasingly scarce.
extensiveThe feudal lord had extensive lands in the north.
unknownExplorers set out into unknown lands in search of adventure.
virginThe virgin lands of the American West were once home to vast herds of bison.
conqueredThe Roman Empire added to its vast conquered lands
czechThe Czech lands have a rich history and culture.
southernThe southern lands were a place of great mystery and wonder.
tropicalI love the tropical lands with their lush vegetation and warm climate.
swampThe swamp lands were home to a variety of wildlife.
muslimThe Muslim lands have a rich history and culture.
broadThe broad lands stretched out before us, a vast expanse of rolling hills and verdant fields.
barrenThe barren lands stretched out before us, a vast and desolate wasteland.
mediterraneanThe Mediterranean lands have a long history of human habitation.
unoccupiedThe vast and desolate unoccupied lands stretched out before them.
offThe sailors disembarked from the ship and set foot on distant off lands
uncultivatedThe uncultivated lands stretched far and wide, a testament to the untamed wilderness.
heathenThe missionaries ventured into the heathen lands in hopes of spreading their faith.
coastalThe coastal lands were hit hard by the hurricane.
valuableThe company's valuable lands were sold to the highest bidder.
occupiedThe occupied lands were finally returned to their rightful owners.
productiveThe productive lands yielded a bountiful harvest.
neighbouringThe country is experiencing tension with its neighbouring lands
alluvialThe alluvial lands are fertile and well-suited for agriculture.
submergedThe submerged lands of the Atlantic Ocean hold many secrets.
ownedThe wealthy squire owned lands across the county.
islamicThe Islamic lands witnessed a golden age of cultural and scientific achievements.
polishThe kings of Poland ruled over vast polish lands
monasticThe monastic lands were vast and fertile, producing enough food to feed the entire community.
civilizedI've been to many civilized lands
fallowThe fallow lands stretched out before them, a vast expanse of brown and gold.
lyingThe lying lands whispered secrets.
speakingThe speaking lands are those where the people have a strong oral tradition.
habsburgThe Habsburg lands were a vast and diverse collection of territories ruled by the Habsburg dynasty.

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