Adjectives for Lanka

Adjectives For Lanka

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lanka, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the rich tapestry of 'Lanka' through adjectives uncovers a world brimming with geographical, historical, and cultural nuances. The use of 'northern,' 'ancient,' or 'modern' with Lanka paints vivid pictures, from the cool, lush landscapes of the North to the deep-rooted traditions and progressive urban centers. 'Indo', 'southern', and 'eastern' are keys to unlocking the geographical diversity and historical connections that define Lanka’s unique place in the world. Each adjective invites readers on a journey through time and space, offering glimpses into the multifaceted identity of Lanka. Dive deeper into exploring Lanka through the lens of these descriptive words, as we reveal the full list of adjectives that enrich our understanding of this enchanting noun.
northernIn northern lanka the situation is still tense.
ancientThe ancient lanka was a prosperous kingdom.
modernThe political landscape of modern lanka is a complex tapestry of various factions.
indoIndo lanka has been providing efficient cargo services.
southernThe southern lanka is known for its beautiful beaches and lush green forests.
easternEastern lanka is known for its beautiful beaches and lush vegetation.
contemporaryContemporary lanka is an exquisite home decor brand.
ruralIn rural lanka the villagers live a simple life.
unitedUnited lanka is a powerful symbol of unity.
colonialIn colonial lanka the British established a plantation economy based on the export of tea, rubber, and coconut.
medievalIn medieval lanka the Kandyan kingdom emerged as a dominant force.
goldenThe golden lanka was a magnificent city.
centuryCentury lanka is a leading manufacturer of high quality, affordable furniture.
entireThe entire lanka was still covered with the smoke of the war.
postcolonialPostcolonial lanka has faced numerous challenges, including ethnic conflict and economic inequality.
northeasternThe northeastern lanka encompasses the Jaffna peninsula.
nativeNative lanka is the largest dairy brand in Sri Lanka.
southTourists are flocking to south lanka to experience its pristine beaches and lush green landscapes.
westernWestern lanka is a beautiful place to visit.
lateLate lanka was home to a diverse and rich culture.
neighbouringThe neighbouring lanka also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean is a fascinating country to travel to.
urbanUrban lanka is a popular Sri Lankan restaurant chain.
tornRavana ruled his torn lanka
southeasternSoutheastern lanka is home to many beautiful beaches.
northThe North lanka province, where the civil war was ubiquitous until recently, is now starting to show signs of development.
nineteenthIn the bustling nineteenth lanka where the streets were alive with sound and color, the merchants sold their wares.
beautifulSurrounded by turquoise waters, beautiful lanka is an emerald paradise.
distantThe distant lanka with its golden spires and lush gardens, seemed like a mirage on the horizon.
neighboringNestled amidst lush greenery, the neighboring lanka emanated an air of serenity and charm.
traditionalTraditional lanka is a popular tourist destination.
eastEast lanka is a beautiful country.
nearbyThe nearby lanka was a beautiful sight to behold.
federalI will visit federal lanka next year.
precolonialPrecolonial lanka was a vibrant and diverse society with a rich cultural heritage.
twentiethTwentieth lanka is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history.
unifiedUnified lanka is a promising new nation.
premodernThe premodern lanka was a state located in the south Indian Peninsula.
20thThe 20th lanka is the last lanka of the ramayana.
democraticThe democratic lanka is a beautiful country.
southeastA beautiful beach located in the southeast lanka
unitaryThe unitary lanka is a theoretical construct that has been used to describe the nature of the universe.
historicHistoric lanka a land of vibrant culture and ancient heritage, beckons travelers with its rich tapestry of history and traditions.
mediaevalMediaeval lanka was a land of great religious and cultural diversity.
northwesternThe northwestern lanka is dominated by the Jaffna peninsula.
prehistoricPrehistoric lanka was home to a diverse range of animals, including elephants, tigers, and leopards.
peacefulPeaceful lanka is an island nation in the Indian Ocean.
todayGather around today lanka and support our cricket team.
maritimeMaritime lanka is a leading provider of maritime services in Sri Lanka.
tropicalIn tropical lanka where verdant hills meet azure skies, lies a tapestry of vibrant life and ancient wonders.
pakPak lanka is a delicious Sri Lankan dish.
postindependentPostindependent lanka embraced a socialist economic policy.
sriSri lanka is a beautiful island nation located in the Indian Ocean.
prosperousProsperous lanka is a thriving nation with a vibrant economy and a high standard of living.
modemModem lanka is a leading telecommunication service provider in Sri Lanka.
socialistIn socialist lanka the government provides free education and healthcare to all citizens
swampThe swamp lanka is a beautiful place to visit.
impregnableRavana's impregnable lanka was no match for the might of Rama's army.
sinoSino lanka is a Sri Lankan company that manufactures and exports garments.

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