Adjectives for Laos

Adjectives For Laos

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing laos, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives such as northern, southern, neutral, central, eastern, and northeastern with 'Laos' enriches our understanding and appreciation of this diverse country. Each adjective not only pinpoints a geographical area but also hints at the unique cultural, historical, and natural landscapes found within these regions. From the rugged mountains of the northern provinces to the tranquil waters in the south, these descriptors enable us to capture the essence of Laos in all its complexity. Dive deeper into the colorful tapestry that makes up Laos by exploring the full list of adjectives below, each painting a more vivid picture of the country's multifaceted identity.
northernThe northern laos province of Luang Namtha is known for its stunning mountains and forests.
southernSouthern laos is a beautiful and peaceful region of the country.
neutralNeutral laos was formed in 1954, supported by the Geneva Accords.
centralCentral laos is a beautiful region with stunning scenery and rich culture.
easternEastern laos is known for its stunning natural beauty and diverse ethnic groups.
northeasternThe village of Sop Kok is situated in northeastern laos on the banks of the Mekong River.
westernWestern laos is a beautiful and diverse region.
ruralRural laos is a beautiful and peaceful place, with lush rice paddies and rolling hills.
modernModern laos is a socialist state in Southeast Asia.
northwesternThe northwestern laos border region is more mountainous than other areas.
upperUpper laos is a beautiful region with lush mountains and serene rivers.
contemporaryBuddhism is still the predominant religion in contemporary laos
lowerI have never been to Lower laos
neighbouringWe live in a house near the neighbouring laos
thaiA warm welcome to all the Thai laos in our community today.
southeasternThe southeastern laos region is known for its stunning natural beauty.
northThe mountains in north laos are beautiful and lush.
southThe last Laotian refugees left Thailand to go home to south laos in 2005.
landlockedLandlocked laos is a Southeast Asian country.
nearbyThe nearby laos province of Champasak is home to the ruins of the ancient Khmer city of Angkor Borei.
communistCommunist laos is a one-party state with a Marxist-Leninist government.
peacefulThe peaceful laos is a land of rolling hills and lush greenery.
neighboringLaos participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics along with neighboring laos
hautWent to haut laos and had a great time.
northwestThe beautiful scenery of northwest laos is breathtaking.
lockedThe locked laos border meant that the group were unable to cross.
tinyTiny laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia.
colonialColonial laos was a French protectorate from 1893 to 1954.
eastThe village in east laos is near the border with Vietnam.
unitedUnited laos is a small country in Southeast Asia.
tornThe torn laos flag flew in front of the embassy.
southeastSoutheast laos is a mountainous region with lush forests and rolling hills.
remoteThe remote laos village was a beautiful and peaceful place.
neutralistNeutralist laos was a period of Laotian history marked by an attempt to maintain neutrality during the Cold War.
distantThe distant laos has a fascinating culture.
haulShe helped haul laos boat out of the lake.
todayToday laos is a peaceful and stable country.
socialistSocialist laos was established in 1975 after the Laotian Civil War.
postwarPostwar laos faced significant challenges, including economic instability and political turmoil.
centuryCentury laos is the most important magazine in Laos.
nordNord laos is a beautiful region with stunning scenery.
mountainousThe mountainous laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia.
warWar laos was a dark period in the country's history.
troubledTroubled laos has long been a hot spot for drug production and smuggling.
controlledWell, ah, the United States and its allies determined they had to go into Laos and uh, basically they controlled laos
heldThe United Nations deployed a United Nations Peacekeeping Force, UNPF, in Laos in 1992 and an electoral component known as the United Nations Transitional Authority in Laos, UNTAC, in 1994, which were both terminated when free and fair legislative elections were held laos in 1997.
upcountryUpcountry laos is home to many ethnic groups, including the Hmong, Yao, and Lao Loum.
southernmostThe southernmost laos is a beautiful and mysterious land.
southwesternThe Se Kong river flows through southwestern laos
prewarIn prewar laos French influences could be found in the architecture.
nearestThe nearest laos is only 50 miles away.
dominatedBetween 1353 and 1478, it dominated laos
unalignedThe unaligned Laos's colors were so vibrant.
wartimeWartime laos was a time of great upheaval and change.
yunnanYunnan laos is a Chinese restaurant located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.
offThe off laos is a type of shoe.
farawayTourists from near and far visit faraway laos

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