Adjectives for Laptop

Adjectives For Laptop

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing laptop, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a laptop can significantly alter the image it conjures up in one's mind. A new laptop might suggest cutting-edge technology, while a small laptop evokes portability and convenience. An old laptop may carry connotations of obsolescence, or perhaps reliability to some. Meanwhile, describing it as your own infuses a sense of possession and personalization. The term wireless emphasizes freedom from physical constraints. Each adjective paints a unique picture of functionality, age, and ownership. For more insights into how adjectives shape our perception of laptops, explore the full list below.
smallI carry my small laptop with me everywhere I go.
newI bought a new laptop last week.
ownI prefer to work with my own laptop
wirelessI bring my wireless laptop to the coffee shop.
oldI need to fix my old laptop
openShe quickly closed her open laptop and ran out of the house.
littleHe was working on his little laptop the whole day.
personalI always bring my personal laptop to work.
portableI brought my portable laptop to the coffee shop to get some work done.
windowsI love my new windows laptop
modernI use a modern laptop to do my work.
olderThe older laptop had trouble running the latest software.
typicalThe typical laptop nowadays has a screen size of 13 to 17 inches.
singleThe single laptop was all he had left.
standardI need a new standard laptop for my work.
equippedThe school equipped laptops for each student.
powerfulThe powerful laptop handled the complex simulations with ease.
poweredI brought my powered laptop to the coffee shop to get some work done.
expensiveI need to buy an expensive laptop for work.
latestI just ordered the latest laptop from Amazon.
averageI'm using my average laptop to do this task.
lightweightThe lightweight laptop is easy to carry around.
ultimateI'm going to purchase the ultimate laptop
basedI have a based laptop and I love it.
artHe worked on his art laptop for hours, trying to perfect his latest masterpiece.
mobileI forgot my mobile laptop on the kitchen counter.
damnMy damn laptop is always freezing up.
sleekI bought a sleek laptop with a backlit keyboard.
usedThe used laptop was in good condition.
heavyThe heavy laptop was a burden to carry around.
corporateI left my corporate laptop on the train.
tinyHe carries an ultrabook as a tiny laptop
cheapI need to buy a cheap laptop for my school work.
remoteI work from a remote laptop connected to the company's network.
grayI prefer the gray laptop over the red one.
decentI'm looking for a decent laptop for my work.
preciousI have to take good care of my precious laptop
madeShe made laptop sales a success.
compatibleI need a compatible laptop for my work.
miniI use my mini laptop for quick tasks on the go.
closedThe closed laptop sat on the desk, a reminder of unfinished work.
networkedThe networked laptop can access the internet from anywhere.
connectedThe connected laptop allowed him to work from anywhere.
smallestThe smallest laptop I've seen weighs only two pounds.
fastThe fast laptop is able to handle the heavy workload.
niceI bought a nice laptop yesterday.
lineI use a line laptop to connect to the internet.
inexpensiveI purchased an inexpensive laptop for my basic computing needs.
shinyI opened my new shiny laptop
heftyHe carried his hefty laptop to the conference.
workingI have a working laptop
slimI need to buy a new slim laptop for work.
fancyHe opened his fancy laptop and began working on his report.
batteredI used my battered laptop to write my report.
fastestThe fastest laptop is the one that can meet your needs and budget.
multimediaWith its high-resolution display and powerful graphics card, the multimedia laptop is perfect for watching movies and playing games.
lookingI am looking laptop to buy it.
bulkyThe bulky laptop was difficult to carry around.
sizeI need a 15-inch size laptop
ruggedWith its rugged laptop he was prepared for the harsh conditions of the expedition.

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