Adjectives for Laptops

Adjectives For Laptops

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing laptops, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe laptops can dramatically alter the perception of their capabilities, features, and overall appeal. Describing a laptop as wireless emphasizes its portability and convenience, while modern highlights its up-to-date technology and design. Opting for new suggests it comes with the latest advancements. The quantity adjectives most and many can introduce a sense of abundance or variety, possibly in terms of features or benefits. Using the adjective own can personalize the experience, suggesting a unique or customized choice. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, shaping how we think and feel about laptops. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to enrich your description of laptops.
mostMost laptops are powered by lithium-ion batteries.
manyMany laptops were on the table.
wirelessPeople were browsing the internet on their wireless laptops
newThe new laptops with the latest processors are more powerful than ever before.
ownStudents are required to bring their own laptops to class.
modernModern laptops are sleek and powerful devices that can handle a wide range of tasks.
olderWe have a pile of older laptops here that we no longer use.
portablePortable laptops are a great way to stay connected while on the go.
newerThese newer laptops have much better battery life.
personalThe employees were allowed to bring their personal laptops to work.
mobileThe new mobile laptops are lightweight and have long battery lives.
severalI've borrowed several laptops for my friends.
currentCurrent laptops are more powerful than ever before.
luggingThe students were lugging laptops and books to class.
powerfulPowerful laptops will be available at the conference.
basedDue to the limited availability of the laptops, prices for used based laptops have also skyrocketed.
individualStudents brought their own individual laptops to class.
poweredThe students brought their powered laptops to class.
smallerSmaller laptops are becoming more popular these days.
corporateThe company provided corporate laptops to all of its employees.
recentMy recent laptops have been great.
expensiveThe students were using expensive laptops
equippedStudents were equipped laptops to enhance their learning experience.
networkedThe students' networked laptops allowed them to collaborate on projects.
latestThe latest laptops have the latest processors, so they can handle even the most demanding tasks.
cheapI'm looking for some cheap laptops for my students.
japaneseThe students use japanese laptops in the classroom.
newestThe newest laptops are equipped with the latest technology.
lightweightThe lightweight laptops are perfect for traveling.
standardStandard laptops are usually equipped with integrated graphics cards.
inexpensiveStudents can now purchase inexpensive laptops
typicalTypical laptops have a thickness of about 1 inch and a weight of around 4 pounds.
conventionalThe business's employees use conventional laptops for their daily work.
compatibleThese compatible laptops have the latest features.
hottestThe hottest laptops are the ones that offer the best performance and features.
multipleStudents and faculty brought multiple laptops to class.
remoteThe team used remote laptops to collaborate on the project from different locations.
ownedI heard that only a few students owned laptops at that time.
ruggedEngineers designed rugged laptops for harsh environments.
connectedThe connected laptops allowed us to collaborate on the project seamlessly.
techStudents require high-quality tech laptops for completing their assignments.
permanentThere are no permanent laptops only temporary repairs.
bulkyWe no longer carry bulky laptops
fancyI wish I could afford one of those fancy laptops
availableThere are many available laptops on the market.

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