Adjectives for Las

Adjectives For Las

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing las, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe las can significantly change the nuance of your sentence, bringing a specific flavor or perspective to the forefront. For example, 'leoville' las paints a picture steeped in elegance and sophistication, while 'many' las introduces a sense of abundance and variety. Conversely, 'dis' las could imply a critical or negative aspect, and 'most' las elevates something to the pinnacle of its category. The use of 'angeles' inserts a geographical or cultural context, hinting at urbanity or a connection to Los Angeles, whereas 'very' amplifies the inherent qualities of las. Each adjective guides the reader's understanding in a unique direction. Discover the full range of adjectives used with las and explore the intricate shades of meaning they convey.
leovilleLeoville las is a commune in the Meurthe-et-Moselle department of north-eastern France.
mostThe most lasting memories are often the ones we make with our loved ones.
veryThe very last episode was very sad.
commercialWholesale prices over the month fell 1.6% as commercial las tuna dropped 9.5%.
yerYer last on social media was a banger
lateLate last night, I finished reading the book.
muchShe is much las capable than people think.
desePor favor, dese las gracias a Eduardo.
prePre las heladas, los árboles perdieron sus hojas.
yustYust las sat in the park, enjoying the sunshine.
redThe red lasers shot across the sky.
badThe bad las is a very bad boy.
anayaanaya las melodiosas notas de la flauta.
nevadaNevada las Sin City
antiElla es anti las vacunas.
madridVamos a Madrid las próximas vacaciones.
stableThe horse was stable las night.
actingThe actor was acting las in the movie.
dalDal las a menudo recuerda viejos tiempos.
bigI love using this mascara because it makes my lashes look big las
traditionalA delicate aroma emanated from the traditional las cooking in the hearth
oleOle las palabras en el papel.
circusThe circus las with the greatest show on earth.
ancientThe ancient las are still visible today.
drunkThe drunk las got behind the wheel and drove erratically.
ferFer las cigarras a la puesta del sol.
gwineI'm gwine las' longer than you think I will
brandThe brand las are very popular.
ieeeIEEE las is a leading organization in the development of laser and optoelectronics technologies.
nonNon las as consumadas, non las as perdidas.
stiffThe stiff lash ripped through the air, leaving a stinging welt on his bare back.
dougThe Doug las was a great place to visit.
intactThe glass bottle was intact last week.
postThe post las storm left a trail of destruction in its wake.
comeCome las frutas y verduras todos los días.
lonesomeThe lonesome las sat by the window, gazing out at the rain-stained streets below.
acsurPasamos acsur las montañas.
porNo paso por las calles principales.
marriedThe married las were happy.
ovilleOville las señas que los colectiveros suelen hacer.
gineralThe gineral las las was very good.
frontThe front lashes of the horse were long and flowing.
perPer las personas que tienen hambre, el pan es un regalo precioso.

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